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  1. Sure, they're all great but it's been slim pickings since they released.
  2. Graphics aside, thought this was pretty mediocre. Too much stealth, crafting and bullet sponge soldiers for me to enjoy.
  3. I can't play as my phone number isn't allowed
  4. Anyone know - If I buy the battlepass on Xbox will I be able to use it on Switch?
  5. Really enjoying invasion mode. More games should add AI enemies alongside real players.
  6. Modern warfare 2019 was a reboot - Modern Warfare II is the sequel to that.
  7. Played an hour or on Switch and I'm pleasantly surprised. Looks decent enough and no glaring performance issues.
  8. I don't, I buy games, read about them and listen to podcasts about games but never find time to play them.
  9. Another price increase, going to £16 for the 4k package.
  10. Just say when the patch is coming, I don't care if the car does Donuts.
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