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  1. Puyo puyo tetris for £10.49 is a bargain!
  2. Apparently there is a classified section on the main menu. Must be nearly battle royale time!
  3. Where did you hear that? Hope its true
  4. Glad to see its not just me Im really starting to consider if I'll upgrade my Xbox/PS next generation as it seems a bit pointless for my current playing habits.
  5. Out of interest - are there many people on this thread who solely game on the Switch despite owning PC/Xbox/PS4?
  6. I still think its pretty amazing what a team of 20 people achieved.
  7. What a lineup! Surely Dmx won't actually turn up.
  8. If Microsoft announced they were going to drop Xbox One and focus on Series X they would get called out for it. They just can't win.
  9. You're not getting an Xbox series X because they aren't dropping xbox one?
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