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  1. Thanks,was wondering if there was an official solution. Good to know!
  2. Is that an official phone holder out of interest?
  3. Mine did it from new and stopped.
  4. Why does it matter about Xenoblade? This is a flagship franchise for Nintendo. It deserves better. I appreciate historically there has been a focus on new monsters/features/balancing etc. Is that still the case for this game?
  5. What time are the reviews so I know if this is acceptable or not?
  6. You moaned about Blops4. You moaned about WW2. You moaned about Infinite Warfare. You moaned about Modern Warfare remastered. Maybe COD isn't the game for you.
  7. This is the only place I believe https://pandorasbox.aliexpress.com/store/937838
  8. Interesting article, didn't realise the Solar issue was ongoing!
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