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  1. The Mighty Ash

    Nintendo Switch

    Go on Amazon live chat and say exactly that. Hopefully they will offer an advance replacement, they will send you a new console for you to transfer your account to and then have 30 days to send the faulty unit back. Amazon recently swapped an out of warranty camera for me that was faulty.
  2. The Mighty Ash

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    Landfills everywhere maybe.
  3. The Mighty Ash

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    VR isn't big.
  4. The Mighty Ash

    Nintendo Switch

    I charge mine with a £5 USB cable.
  5. The Mighty Ash

    Battlefield V - Reveal May 23rd, hosted by Trevor Noah

    Why not? You can ignore it?
  6. The Mighty Ash

    PS4 Pro

    I don’t think the stand will make much difference. It’s just how the pro is unfortunately I’m tempted to sell it and get a slim.
  7. I'm not saying that its bad news. I'm saying the figures represent a flat (roughly) 2% of console owners bought the game. If Captain Toad was a "budget" release on Wii U and is £35 on Switch, why does the same not apply to Donkey Kong? Anyhoo bought it and love it
  8. So it sold twice as much to more than twice as many console owners.
  9. The Mighty Ash

    Nintendo Switch

    20 Nes games is not the incentive that they think it is.
  10. The Mighty Ash

    Nintendo Switch

    If they have to charge, I would prefer they charge more and made it a decent offering. They missed a trick by not keeping a free option. Why not just have a service like game pass on Xbox for retro stuff and charge for that?
  11. How many copies were sold? All I see are percentages. An extra 50% on tiny Wii U sales isn't going to amount to much. Perhaps it would have been number 1 if the price was more in line with the Wii U version.
  12. To a higher install base.
  13. I don’t think that proves anything.
  14. The Mighty Ash

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Captain Toad on Switch is £35, so they do tiered pricing.

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