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  1. minstrels

    Piracy >O<

    That was my first thought, but apparantly it's 'killing the industry', whatever that means.
  2. It's the same with any ambush mission unfortunately.
  3. Pushing Y again would have exited the little mini-game. It's RT you wanted to kill him or heal him if you had a syrette.
  4. Blockbuster used to own Gamestation, then sold them to GAME. So GAME and Gamestation are the same company, but Blockbuster are seperate.
  5. Yeah that's annoying as fuck. I done one earlier in the cease-fire zone and thought I'd be all smart with my silenced pistol. Sneak up behind him, pop in the head, nobody saw obviously, but a second later I was being fired on. Kinda ruins any immersion.
  6. Probably just because I was playing on normal, but I seemed to spend a lot less time in cover than the first game.
  7. Click the right stick.
  8. Glorifying the war is one thing, but adding zombies in is a step too far.
  9. Zombie mode? Have they no respect?
  10. Just finished this. It was fucking fantastic.
  11. Don't forget the car handling. Easily the worst part of the game.
  12. Every rule has exceptions. One licensed game being good doesn't instantly mean all others will be good.
  13. And the rule that every licensed game since then has obeyed?
  14. Have you forgotten the rule? You know, the licensed game = shit rule?
  15. minstrels

    Piracy >O<

    Why would we want to stop piracy?
  16. Same engine as Crysis? This uses Dunia, made in-house at Ubisoft Montreal, and I'm sure Crysis uses Cryengine, made by Crytek.
  17. minstrels

    Fable 2

    The patch is already live, and has been for several days.
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