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  1. If they're going to do it then they should own it completely. None of this doing it and then acting like they know it's wrong bullshit.
  2. So what's the best/easiest/cheapest way to watch NFL in the UK?
  3. I'm only 20 minutes in but that hot dog discussion was classic Bombcast. Amazing!
  4. I'm absolutely loving these. Anyone know of any similar series?
  5. Not only has Hamilton won but Coulthard is doing the interviews. Have I not suffered enough?
  6. Watching Hamilton try and push his broken car was absolutely beautiful.
  7. I can't remember exactly but it was probably something unsavoury about Benson's crush on Hamilton.
  8. If anyone in this thread likes their beer and is price-conscious, the new IPA by Stewart Brewing in Lidl is tasty as fuck and only £1.49. Hell, the whole Lidl own brand range is actually pretty decent but this one is genuinely fantastic. Yellow Belly fans, keep an eye out for Northern Monk beers. The head brewer from Buxton who is responsible for Yellow Belly is now there.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks the new logo looks like it's for Force India?
  10. The Unreal 4/C++ course on Udemy is very highly regarded. I haven't used it though and I'm not a developer but I'm planning on going through it sometime soon.
  11. I generally just mix up 20% fat mince in a bowl with an egg and whatever spices take my fancy. Usually paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, garlic. Then I like to make big patties, fry them and add the cheese when they're flipped. Brioche bun, some sauce and job done. I usually overseason though so I should really do one with just salt and pepper.
  12. I don't like em. Hopefully soon when I'm a much more competent cook I can start adding them in to try, but for now I'm just trying to learn to cook by doing stuff I like.
  13. Picked up a pork joint on Saturday for about £3, girlfriend made an awesome pulled pork with it on Sunday so had it with some mash and a homemade bbq sauce. Then last night used the remainder for burgers with another bbq sauce.
  14. Sausage, mash and onion gravy. All made from scratch. Yum.
  15. And the chicken is one of those 'roast in a bag' ones.
  16. Hopefully the cunt retires now.
  17. I've heard they're pretty shit.
  18. Just had a super weird bug in this at Spa. Running in about 5th or 6th after my pit stop with the guys ahead still to pit. Should be 2nd or 3rd after they've pitted but the lap after I pitted a car limping back to the pits has yellow flags following him all the way round the track, sector by sector with a large procession unable to overtake him. Got stuck in this procession for half a lap and ended up 30 seconds behind the pack that should have been behind me. Ended up 5th. Very strange.
  19. Was in my local one yesterday and noticed they had a Bafta display up advertising all the games that won. Thought it was pretty cool until I noticed that all the games on the display were preowned.
  20. When did that appear? Don't remember it being there six months ago when I lived near.
  21. Aye, it's part of a beer festival that Aldi do up here. In other home brewing news, I've just started making soda at home. Super easy, you just heat up some water and sugar and then when it's cooled add whatever flavouring you want, cool it in the fridge and stir a wee bit into some fizzy water and you've got soda. Did a cream soda last weekend that was delicious and I've got a limeade on the go right now.
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