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  1. Anyone else concerned at the number of times wheels are flying off this season? Good to see both drivers walking away from that though. Looked incredibly nasty.
  2. Boxes in the kitchen that my wife constantly asks me to move.
  3. So my last beer that I hate... Everybody who has tried it so far has enjoyed it! I'm 90% sure that the fermentation temp made the usually clean yeast kick out a ton of eaters which is what lead to it not tasting how I'd expected. Really need to get a fermentation fridge so I can get it under control. Currently bottling my American stout. Tasting *chef kiss* already.
  4. You can, he just doesn't have a picture.
  5. Awesome. It tastes savoury. I'm pretty certain it's not an identifiable off-flavour so I'm not sure whether it's the hops or the fermentation.
  6. I've got something like 35 bottles left. A friend loves it so I'll be hitting him with a dozen bottles or so.
  7. Had a couple of bottles of my latest batch over the weekend... I hate it.
  8. Yeah, it means that you've cooled quickly enough for the break to happen which is good.
  9. It looks like cold break material. Shouldn't be anything to worry about.
  10. Soapy flavours are usually associated with yeast dying, there's no way that's happened after 12 days. I'd get it in the bottle and give it some time to mellow. It sounds like it's just monstrously hoppy right now.
  11. You never really know until you try one. It could be absolutely vile, it could be the greatest beer ever (that you'll never be able to recreate ).
  12. Drinking one of my own while brewing.
  13. Got an American stout on the go today. Reusing some yeast from my last batch.
  14. For a double IPA of 8-10% that amount of bitterness would be relatively normal. For a 5-6% pale ale it's probably a bit much.
  15. Alonso coming back with Renault next season. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/53325412
  16. If you like lager then check out Utopian Brewing. They're a relatively new brewery from Devon who are exclusively brewing lagers.
  17. My first homebrew in nearly six years.
  18. Yeah they were awesome. Did some sausages last night that were really nice. Planning on a chicken tikka masala for dinner tomorrow night, tempted to cook the chicken on the BBQ for it.
  19. Cooked some chicken thighs today. Very tasty!
  20. I wasn't happy with this project so I ended up scrapping it and starting again from scratch. It's still a bit rough around the edges but looking a hell of a lot better than before. https://gametracking.netlify.app/
  21. Thanks all. Can't wait to get cooking!
  22. Picked up a 57cm kettle today for £40. Can you point me in the direction of a good beginner's guide to BBQing?
  23. I've been keeping an eye on Facebook/Gumtree over the past few weeks for any Weber kettle. Found one today that was 57cm and had quite a few extras with it but it was gone by the time I messaged.
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