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  1. I'm trying to start writing about beer a bit more often, just published my first attempt at a longer article here. It's a bit of a love letter to one of my favourite styles of beer, hefeweizen.

  2. 24 minutes ago, StumpyJohn said:

    Arse, I was expecting English style IPAs like they used to brew!  Do you know if Kernel still do them properly? I'll have to order from them next time.

    Yeah, Kernel are still brewing IPAs like they used to.


    If you're after a proper West Coast IPA, keep an eye out for Elusive's Oregon Trail. It was my beer of the year last year.


    Two others that I was impressed with recently are Fallen's Platform C and Top Out's The Cone. Both are great examples of that 2014-2015ish style of IPA that UK breweries used to do a lot of: bitter and hoppy on a light malt base. Inspired by the West Coast but with less malt presence.

  3. A word of warning if you're buying that BBNo pack and it's been a while since you've drank their beer: all their beer is very much on the New England, hazy, low bitterness end of the IPA spectrum now.


    I bought a box from them in October or November and was really looking forward to the mosaic session IPA as I remembered having it quite a few times back in 2015, but unfortunately it was a completely different beer.


    The whole 'all our IPA is New England style but just called IPA' thing has really put me off them.

  4. 1 hour ago, Gaz said:

    I think they pre-date the craft beer scene and that's probably why they come across that way but their beers, even the super market ones, are solid.

    That's exactly it. They pre-date even Brewdog. They're also predominantly a cask brewery so they don't need branding to compete with the likes of Cloudwater and Siren.


    2 hours ago, Boothjan said:

    Treated myself. You can never have enough Axe Edge. 


    Not the beer it once was. :(

  5. 6 minutes ago, Spacehost said:

    The Citra one? It’s superb.

    If you like NZ hops get Overtone’s Chur Cuz, it’s full bodied, fruity and delicious. I’ve also had The Kernel Brewery’s Biere de Saison Damson and it’s nice if you enjoy sour, complex beers.

    I spent about £50 in Grunting Growler and have a bunch of other mixed fermentation/ sour/ saisons to drink before Christmas. If you’re in Glasgow, or near, I really recommend dropping by, very nice people who know a lot about beer.

    Had one tonight. :D



  6. 3 hours ago, Isaac said:

    Ok, I know literally nothing about Belgian / trappist beers, but I'm keen to give a few a go from that website.


    What would you guys suggest I order, as a total newbie to the style?


    I don't even know if you drink them room temperature or chilled.

    I'd probably try a few supermarket ones before splashing out on the expensive ones.


    Westmalle Dubbel, Tripel Karmeliet, Duvel, Duvel Tripel Hop are some that are readily available for not too much money. Waitrose even stocks Boon if you want to down the lambic rabbit hole.


    Definitely have them chilled, but perhaps bring any of the darker ones out of the fridge half an hour or so before you drink them.


    Definitely pick up a nice Belgian beer glass for them as well!

  7. On 15/11/2020 at 18:58, Spacehost said:

    yone got any good Brett/ sour/ funky reccs? I'm trying to get out of an IPA rut.

    Check out Overtone. They do a few good sour beers and I don't think they're too far away from you.

  8. 1 hour ago, Spacehost said:

    Update: I had some doubts about how Mangrove Jack Cali Lager could cope at 14C ambient, but it’s absolutely powering away with a tiny initial lag. The fermenter outside temp strip is sitting at 18C so god knows how hot it is in the middle. Smells spectacular too; I’m definitely brewing with Hallertauer Mittelfreuh again.

    That sounds really interesting. Keep us posted!

  9. 29 minutes ago, Halkyon said:

    Wonder how F1 management felt about Lewis telling us all it'd be a boring race. WIll help viewing figures. :sealclap:

    Some fucking balls on him when he's directly contributed to seven years worth of boring races.

  10. 17 minutes ago, Stopharage said:

    Where do people get their beers from online? Just been on Beer Merchants, chose some beers and when I went to pay the website deleted my basket. Real issues with loading pages too. Is it normally a bit unwieldy? 

    My only experience with their site was earlier today when Craft Beer Channel had a box on there. It was definitely slow and a bit unwieldy so I think they just have a crappy site (or a lot of traffic today, to give them the benefit of the doubt).


    HopBurnsBlack (recommended up the page) is one of the best places to order a mixed case. Cracking selection of beer and it's run by a really nice bunch of people.

  11. 1 minute ago, LowCostMonkey said:

    I really hate this stupid moronic idiot fan dickhead videos. 

    'Go Verstappen' and drinking from a shoe? Sounds like that guy doesnt even watch F1.

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