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  1. YES! Passed my Certified Cicerone written exam.
  2. Think I saw a stat beforehand that said they've played each other in the knockout stages of every Euros.
  3. I'm actually Paul Pogba so I know how difficult that is.
  4. There's a couple of decent bottle shops in Morpeth, I'm sure.
  5. How come Russia are allowed to take part? I thought they were banned from everything for the doping stuff.
  6. And PJ has already confirmed that they're not planning on revisiting the contract brewing arrangement any time soon.
  7. A lot of other breweries are having their sexist and homophobic behaviours called out at the moment too.
  8. Nice one! I find mine really useful even without calibrating it.
  9. Did a spot of bottling last night. This is a 3.8% blonde ale fermented with kveik. Pilsner, wheat and spelt malts, about 25IBU of Magnum and then fermented as warm as I could get it, around 30C+. Samples were tasting alright, fingers crossed its good. If it's not then that's 0-3 on brews with my fancy new kit. Next up I'm brewing a witbier for this competition.
  10. Brew York are a great brewery, but they're definitely of that new wave of breweries that get by mostly on gimmick beers. Try and seek out their 'normal' beers if you can, they do a great American Pale and West Coast IPA.
  11. That sounds really nice! I had a bottle of my last brew, the weissbier, last night. Unfortunately it's a bit shit. Fermentation temp ended up a bit high so it's just all clove. Still drinkable at least and I seem to have done a better job of bottle conditioning this one. The last beer was flat as a fart.
  12. They don't invest millions in the club. They suck out as much as they can.
  13. Yeah, what a wanker. Did he forget about the brand they own that gets all it's names from the circus?
  14. Rent a Lindr machine and then get a few bag-in-ball type kegs. It's essentially a wee draught machine with a built-in chiller and air compressor. No gas or chilling required, you just hook up the keg, wait an hour or so, and then pour. Generally it's used with kegs that use a bag-in-ball set up as it's compressed air so it'll ruin traditional kegs, but if it's a one day event then you'd probably get away with traditional kegs as the event will be over before the beer is spoiled. https://www.nationalmobilebars.co.uk/pages/equipment-hire
  15. Does anyone know what the actual start times are? Turned on at 8pm last night as that's what the IndyCar site said, then at a few minutes past the hour a timer popped up saying something like 32 minutes to go. Turned it back on around then and still nothing. Think it was about 8.45 they finally ended up getting going.
  16. I lived in Northumberland a few years back, Rehills and Coppers in Newcastle are both incredible. I used to make the 30 mile round trip a couple of times a week to buy beer at Coppers. An incredible selection of beers and the prices were great. Could never quite believe how many beers I'd walk out with for the money I paid.
  17. Can highly recommend a proper Erlenmeyer flask for yeast starters. You can stick them right on your hob and then right into an ice bath and they'll handle it no problem. I brewed on Friday night, a weissbier this time. Pretty smooth brew this time, my plate chiller had me down to pitching temp in 10 minutes which is incredible. Ended up a bit low on volume and high on gravity, which I've only just realised is because I forgot to add some water back after the mash was done. Literally hit me earlier this afternoon, 48 hours after brewing.
  18. Given that the other 6% IPA they're putting into Tesco is £3.50, you're technically getting the low alcohol beer for free.
  19. Nope, I'm in Central Scotland.
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