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  1. I just passed my Certified Beer Server exam.
  2. That's exactly it. They pre-date even Brewdog. They're also predominantly a cask brewery so they don't need branding to compete with the likes of Cloudwater and Siren. Not the beer it once was.
  3. Did you have any trouble drinking them quickly? I was really tempted as it was a great price but there's no way I was finishing six litres of beer over three days midweek.
  4. I'd probably try a few supermarket ones before splashing out on the expensive ones. Westmalle Dubbel, Tripel Karmeliet, Duvel, Duvel Tripel Hop are some that are readily available for not too much money. Waitrose even stocks Boon if you want to down the lambic rabbit hole. Definitely have them chilled, but perhaps bring any of the darker ones out of the fridge half an hour or so before you drink them. Definitely pick up a nice Belgian beer glass for them as well!
  5. Have a look for their HBC 472 dry hopped stout as well. It's absolutely fantastic.
  6. Check out Overtone. They do a few good sour beers and I don't think they're too far away from you.
  7. FUCKING YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! Can't fucking believe it. First major tournament since I was 8. Went so mental when that penalty was saved my wife rushed downstairs thinking we were being robbed.
  8. That sounds really interesting. Keep us posted!
  9. Funny, you've just scaled up and I'm thinking about scaling down.
  10. Some fucking balls on him when he's directly contributed to seven years worth of boring races.
  11. That was fun while it lasted, eh?
  12. Did a spot of brewing today. A 4.5% best bitter hopped with East Kent Goldings. Should hopefully be pretty tasty.
  13. My only experience with their site was earlier today when Craft Beer Channel had a box on there. It was definitely slow and a bit unwieldy so I think they just have a crappy site (or a lot of traffic today, to give them the benefit of the doubt). HopBurnsBlack (recommended up the page) is one of the best places to order a mixed case. Cracking selection of beer and it's run by a really nice bunch of people.
  14. Williams family are out.
  15. 'Go Verstappen' and drinking from a shoe? Sounds like that guy doesnt even watch F1.
  16. Anyone else concerned at the number of times wheels are flying off this season? Good to see both drivers walking away from that though. Looked incredibly nasty.
  17. Boxes in the kitchen that my wife constantly asks me to move.
  18. So my last beer that I hate... Everybody who has tried it so far has enjoyed it! I'm 90% sure that the fermentation temp made the usually clean yeast kick out a ton of eaters which is what lead to it not tasting how I'd expected. Really need to get a fermentation fridge so I can get it under control. Currently bottling my American stout. Tasting *chef kiss* already.
  19. You can, he just doesn't have a picture.
  20. Awesome. It tastes savoury. I'm pretty certain it's not an identifiable off-flavour so I'm not sure whether it's the hops or the fermentation.
  21. I've got something like 35 bottles left. A friend loves it so I'll be hitting him with a dozen bottles or so.
  22. Had a couple of bottles of my latest batch over the weekend... I hate it.
  23. Yeah, it means that you've cooled quickly enough for the break to happen which is good.
  24. It looks like cold break material. Shouldn't be anything to worry about.
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