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  1. Given that the other 6% IPA they're putting into Tesco is £3.50, you're technically getting the low alcohol beer for free.
  2. Ingredients arrived today for a hefeweizen brew, not sure what day yet, may just do it tomorrow evening. Also had a new toy arrive that I'll get to play with next time I brew. Bottling the Citra pale either tonight or tomorrow night, had it chilling for 5 days now. Bottling it into PET bottles as I'm a bit worried about it going into bottle as the FG is way too high. They can hold 10 volumes, worst case is gushers but definitely no exploding bottles. I'm probably going to keep using them actually, they'll be perfect for the hefeweizen as I'll b
  3. Just for fun. I've already had a semi successful brewing career and I've got no intentions to go back to it.
  4. That's awesome @jimmbob! I booked my Certified Cicerone written exam a couple of weeks back. June 25th. Just over two months to study but I'm absolutely bricking it!
  5. Yeah that'll be it. I'm sure with fruit though that wild yeasts live on the skin and you've got to do something to get rid of that before you add the fruit (think a lot of people freeze the fruit). I've never been interested in brewing with fruit though as it seems like such a faff. So my latest beer fermented down to around 1.018 incredibly quickly, from 1.050. Definitely under attenuated, possibly stuck, so I gave it a good shake and chucked some Citra pellets in to hopefully get it going again. No luck though, so I'm chilling it now. Will bottle it as usual but I'm
  6. Likely something has gotten into the beer from the fruit. What sort of flavours are you getting from it?
  7. I'm not sure if anybody uses these to alter ferm temperature, they're more for the data. I'm sure you could set up something with a Raspberry Pi and a web interface, but by that point you're better off spending 30 quid on an Inkbird. The most useful part of it for me is tracking activity. I usually like to make sure the gravity is stable for three days before bottling, so with this I don't need to bother taking hydrometer samples three days in a row, I can just look at the graph.
  8. Foden and Haaland with a chummy wee chat at the end of the game there while covering their mouths...
  9. Brewed on Friday night for the first time on my new kit. Very smooth and successful brewday until I hit chilling, with my little filter in the kettle getting completely blocked up almost immediately. I had to keep scraping the hops off with a spoon... Just a few tweaks to make next time but overall very happy with the process, and even with the trouble I had the chilling time was still only 30 minutes. A five hour brewday in total, including a chemical clean at the end, so much faster than my old eight hour brewday. 15L of wort has been fermenting away sin
  10. My ingredients for the first brew on my new kit arrived today. The Malt Miller really went above and beyond to make sure I had, can't wait to get the brew going at the weekend!
  11. Just booked my Certified Cicerone written exam. Fuuuuuck, better get studying!
  12. With the abundance of low bitterness, juicy IPAs right now, that actually sounds amazing. Bitterness is all I need sometimes.
  13. A well respected brewery to release beer when it's ready to drink
  14. Got the new kit cleaned last night, so hoping to get the first brew in at the weekend if my ingredients arrive. Doing a simple Maris Otter/Citra Smash with WLP001. Been doing a bit of rearranging at home, and it looks like I now have space for a fermenting fridge and a serving fridge in my office, so hopefully that will be happening soon! Cracked open any of your latest brew @Spacehost?
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