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  1. Can't wait to dive in! Thanks for all the recommendations a few pages ago.
  2. I've got a Switch coming today with Mario Kart and Pokemon as well as a £30 voucher for the store. One of the reasons for getting a Switch was to be able to play more indie games, so with that in mind what would folks recommend I spend the £30 on?
  3. minstrels

    PS4 Pro

    Yeah the Pro was set at 4K and that telly is only good for 1080p. It was perhaps a HDMI issue as I've just plugged into a slightly newer 1080p Toshiba and it's fired into safe mode correctly on the first try.
  4. minstrels

    PS4 Pro

    Yeah. When the PS4 is off I get a no signal message but when it's on I get a black screen. It's a Philips 42PFL8404H/12.
  5. minstrels

    PS4 Pro

    I've just plugged my PS4 Pro into a new telly and I'm getting a black screen. I've tried booting into safe mode to change the display settings but the black screen persists. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. At least I know it's not my TV then.
  7. Is the YouTube stream incredibly artefact-y for anybody else?
  8. BeerBods is the best beer subscription service by far. It was pretty much the original that all the others emulate.
  9. Bud Lite in the fridge, 1.5kg of chicken wings in the oven. So excited!
  10. First time watching the play-offs.
  11. 1. The Stanley Parable (PC) (2013) - 2/1/19 A narrator in a game? Very clever and unique game mechanic, I'm going to have to go back and some point and find some more of the endings and see what the narrator has to say about them. 2. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) (1990) - 8/1/19 Incredible! Clearly a classic for a reason. Thank god for save states though, I would have never been able to complete it without them. Worlds 7 and 8 really ramped up the difficulty!
  12. So it seems that for powering the Pi back on using those pins you don't need any extra code. Managed to do the modification today, just got a switch across those two pins so when I turn it off from inside Retropie all I need to do is hit that switch to turn it back on. Played through Super Mario Bros. last night.
  13. All they're going to see is you riding into town with a corpse on your horse.
  14. I have a question about powering my Pi on and off. Is it possible to put a switch across the two GPIO pins that can be used to power it back on? It means writing some extra code so I'm not sure if the code can run when Retropie is already on there.
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