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  1. Sky showing the same game on two channels while all the other EFL Cup and Scottish football on tonight goes without coverage.
  2. As far as I'm concerned that's worth 5 so it was technically a draw.
  3. The best one you'll get is the Hop Burns Black advent calendar, but it sells out and is quite expensive. Well over a hundred quid I'm sure but the beer will all be incredible.
  4. What's up with the Vegas race being on a Saturday?
  5. Teams often run cars in positions like that because it provides valuable data. Or because anything could happen, like when Hamilton told the team to retire the car from 19th in Spain only to finish in the top 5. If there really was a conspiracy why did AT bring Yuki into the pits from a 100% safety car position and send him back out to stop in a VSC position?
  6. You would though, wouldn't you? If I was Formula One World Champion you can bet your bottom dollar I'd always introduce myself as "Michael McGrorty, Formula One World Champion". I'd probably have it printed on my pants. Maybe petition the local council to get one of those brown tourist road signs with directions to "Home of Formula One World Champion, Michael McGrorty".
  7. minstrels


    On the other hand the red flag gave me time to have another beer... Shite to see Grosjean in the wall though, I think he had a decent chance of a podium and maybe even the win.
  8. minstrels


    So considerate of them to schedule a race when there's no F1 on.
  9. minstrels


    I don't think anybody is suggesting that, but surely there's something they can do to let people know it's moved to another channel?
  10. minstrels


    While they did show it, it's absolutely ridiculous that the F1 show didn't mention it or call out the fact that it was showing elsewhere. Frankly your Sky Q box should be smart enough to know what's going on as well. I tuned in on my phone a few laps from the end after needing the TV for my daughter and clicked on 'Live Indycar' to be greeted by the F1 reaction before backing out and selecting the other channel. Can't be hard to adjust the channel guide to what is actually showing! They've done this with NFL in the past as well. A 6pm kick-off runs over so the 9pm is nowhere to be seen, despite them having a free channel they could start showing the 9pm kick-off on.
  11. minstrels


    It was on another Sky Sports channel. I watched the whole IndyCar race.
  12. IndyCar starting now if you want some more racing, folks.
  13. I'm assuming it's because of how much other racing is on. F2, F3 and Porsche Supercup are all on today as well.
  14. Not bought any vinyl in a while, so I popped into the local record store while off work on Friday. Spotted a couple of my favourite albums and just had to bring them home.
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