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  1. Hello all! I'm currently in the midst of fundraising for a silent comedy series about a lonely zombie who's just trying to find his place in the world of the living. It's a show I'm writing and co-producing independently. We have a butt-tonne of money to raise, so I would be EXTREMELY grateful if a few of you guys took a look at it! My comedy group Casual Violence have a multi award winning track record for making comedy on the live circuit and online. We reckon this series is going to be the best thing we've ever done, so we'd be very grateful if any mukkers who like the sound of it might be interested in pledging a pound or two, and / or spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/casualviolence/shoddy-the-zombie-a-silent-comedy-series
  2. I really enjoyed this a lot. The twists work, it was cleverly put together, I thought the little dabs of humour in there worked in its favour, and I found it thoroughly captivating. Really thought it was excellent. Enjoyed it more than I did Zodiac.
  3. Loved the finale. Thought it was wonderful. Ended up .
  4. When is this available to download on PS3? WHEN1?1?1?!?1?1?1?
  5. How well do the original Splinter Cell games stand up now? Considering downloading the Chaos Theory port over this.
  6. I thought the third part of the Black Friday trilogy was absolutely astounding. Best South Park in ages, these three. The answer to the question "Some people might say that eating your child is not very... Christmassy. What would you say to them?" is one of the funniest things I've seen in ages.
  7. I love games an' all, but there really is no such thing as an essential game. Not even if you like games. Pretty much this. If Nintendo went "hey look, here's six new games you've never fucking seen before" - in those exact words - I'd be all over it. I'm a bit bored of Mario and Zelda. The GameCube was massive for me when that came out. Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin in particular were terrific examples of Nintendo trying something new, and the third party launch window games were just fantastic. Yep. And yep. GTA's script isn't awful, but I thought it was disappointing.
  8. I clicked it. It's a joke, guys. ...Or am I bluffing?
  9. Finally watching S7. It's actually pretty good. Doing what they finally did at the end of S6 created a relationship that you care about and can't predict. Plus the Big Bad of the season (Isaak) is brilliant. Season 8 trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6ckzE5vT0wc
  10. See, the trailer for this game looks incredible, *but* I've always found the MGS universe / story impenetrable. It's going to make no sense to me at all if I start MGS from here, is it?
  11. Just finished it. Really wasn't into it to begin with, but it gets better and better. Much leaner and tighter experience than FC3, which I also loved. Only downside to this game for me was how damn dark the whole thing was.
  12. Hello all, I wrote (and do my best "uncredited nonplussed man" impression) in this sketch. It'd be awesome if you could watch this - and if you like it, click "like" on the video, comment, share it - all that usual social media gubbins that's a bit cynical but genuinely helps us out. Cheers! We also have a few other sketches:
  13. Roger Nostril

    Far Cry 3.

    You can reset the outposts then up the difficulty?! WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME
  14. The second episode of this is much better than the first one. I'd encourage anyone who's dismissed this off the back of episode 1 alone to give this a chance.
  15. Is un-block.us dodgy in any way? Anything on it that should worry people? Looks vaguely illegal-ish... or does it come under "loophole'?
  16. Roger Nostril


    I went for it. It's a lovely game and a pretty game and the companion element is excellent and it's beautiful and it's not like any other game I've played before. Will definitely play it again. Don't *quite* get the people who say things like "THIS GAME MADE ME CRY" though. A bit over-hyped. But lovely. And fresh. And fun.
  17. I'm on Jan 13th now. I think I have the three letter words. Otherwise - struggling! HANG ON... EDIT - Just worked out the film title - YES. But still haven't nailed the quote. EDIT 2 - Got it. This game is very good. 12:17.
  18. I just did my first ever one in 18:13 and feel like a fucking God. Took me ages to click, but starting with the small words is a great help.
  19. Roger Nostril


    I didn't quite click with the demo - should I take the punt regardless?
  20. Seasons 1-4 are all quality. Hell, people always do down on Season 3, but I reckon it has its strengths. I haven't watched the new series since the awful Season 6, so I feel suitably vindicated in not watching this one.
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