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  1. Try posting that question on the official Mame forums, and see the response you get...only then will you realise what Mame developers are like.. Talented....yes, arrogant uber l33t snobs...most definitely. According to them, Mame isnt about 'playing' the games but preserving them....bullshit, if that was the case all they need do is dump the roms and store them in Zip files. I like Mame, i really do....but its popularity has led to the dev's getting a distinct 'up their own arse' mentality.
  2. lol...pyschopathic killer one day, selling fruit and veg for Morrissons the next....funny old world....
  3. Thats if you buy it within the discount period, which im not,and if you buy it at the CURRENT exchange rate, which can change at ANY time and the 3-4hr gameplay is not a guess...its been reported on IGN,Gamespot and others... So stop trying to be a smart ass.
  4. Dammit!!!....why am i not the slightest bit interested in buying this?...i mean its more HL2, sequel to the game that got me into PC gaming in the first place... I was first in line to pre-order HL2 as soon as it was available for pre load in 2004, yet this time i just hate the idea of this rip off episodic content.. £15 for 3-4hrs game play is just disgusting...and how many more of these are there gonna be?. Sorry , but i'm not going along with this EA like behaviour from Valve. I want proper, full, self contained games ffs, not an excuse to keep Gabe Newell comfortably in pies for the rest of his life...... This Episodic content is just an excuse for lazy development....and its not as if the PC needs more of that.
  5. Ken Loach is a tosser....just another middle class leftie, who had a comfortable upbringing and for some reason takes it upon himself to bear a guilty conscience about things he has no first hand experience of... I really do despise people of his ilk....they are hypocrites.
  6. Great news...as i will finally be able to see the original theactrical release again complete with voiceover...which i actually prefer to the physco babble mumbo jumbo directors cut.... Unicorns....fuck off Mr Scott.
  7. Just about the only decent film Burt Reynolds ever made...very watchable and with duelling banjo's!!!!. Had a semi-remake 10 years later with Walter Hill's 'Southern Comfort' which was equally good.
  8. Why is there so little competition in the games console market?. I mean, the price of the consoles seem fixed, all the web sites and high street stores charge the same, unlike other electrical goods, by shopping around you can save yourself 10-20% off the price. Even last gen are still stuck at the official prices, i thought it was now illegal for manufacturers to formally set an RRP. Retailers make about a 30% mark up on electrical goods, so there is clearly some room for discounting. Now that the 360 is widely available, there should be no reason why there isnt at least some flexibilty on the £280 price tag, just as there is on the games.
  9. Dont know why they even made it...its not a story that needs telling through the cinema format.
  10. Well in the looks department, i didnt think anything on the so called next gen consoles looked as good as Crysis on the PC. This game is using graphics tricks way ahead of anything else out there. As for gameplay ,probably Zelda/Mario Most anticipated game is Halo 3, if only too see if it can persuade me to finally buy a 360.
  11. "I am your shield, i am your Sword" Love it when the birds talk tough..... Marty O'Donnell deserves a name check here....80% of the impact the trailer has, is down to his masterful score, surely in the top 10 of all time video game scores, its just so cinematic in its scope. Glad he is onboard for the movie.
  12. LOL..to somebody who is not to bothered about Halo 3 until they show in game footage i.e me, reading about your attempts to see it, is quite funny..
  13. So was the pre E3 2003 trailer, the one where he was in orbit and blows himself out the airlock, but did the game look that good come November 2004?...err no it didnt. Until you see in game footage, dont believe fuck all a game developer says. Presumably, they will launch this to tie in with the movie in summer 2007?..
  14. I cant believe their doing the same bullshit as Microsoft and releasing 2 versions.... Come November the same crap is going to happen, 90% of people will want the full spec version, with stock levels probably split 70% 60Gb and 30% 20Gb... Cue ridiculous Ebay auctions and not being able to buy a full spec PS3 until Easter 2007. Its a fuck up just waiting to happen.
  15. great...E3 week and my new MAX DSL connection is running like shit....
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