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  1. Finishing a game 0-0 when you’re clear favourites and still having 2 holding midfielders on at the end. What’s that about?
  2. Episode 8 of the New Zealand Taskmaster (season 1) was great. The keyboard task and the outfit task were both outstanding. Brynley is such a good contestant, and even Guy has grown on me. Still not feeling Leigh’s vibe, but I think I at least appreciate his angle. Guy should definitely revert to his old look (when the tasks where filmed) over his studio look though, jeez. Like a different bloke.
  3. To be fair I had no problem with Rice, more the comments of him allowing Phillips to “play on” a bit. Easy to play DM against a team like Croatia though. Phillips was great.
  4. Just watched MOTD after not really taking the match in when in the pub yesterday. Declan Rice seems to be given a lot of credit for “allowing” Phillips more freedom, but I’m not on board with that. Especially considering Rice made 1 tackle all game, the same as Phillips and the latter also made 1 interception to Rice’s 0. Rice acting purely as a water carrier, sitting in midfield, could have been identified early on as unnecessary and far too cautious. Foden non-existent after hitting the post 8 mins in or whatever it was. Shouldn't moan really, a wins a win. Well done England. I really hope we see Grealish against Scotland (and vs McGinn) though.
  5. Man, when Diaz rocked Edwards why did he just point at him? If he’d have pounced and unloaded it could have spelled the end.
  6. Calm down boys. It’s Saturday night and we’re drowning in pussy football (and Royal Ascot next week if you’re into that) while the sun shines.
  7. When is doping in tennis going to be seriously looked at? Man who couldnt do 5 sets without nearly passing out all of a sudden became capable of playing 7 hour matches 2 days straight. Don’t tell me cutting gluten out your diet gives you the endurance of Johnny Sins. No chance Djokovic, Nadal and Federer aren’t at it. Especially Nadal with all his timely “injuries” throughout his career. Gonna be Lance Armstrong x3 (on steroids, if you will) when it eventually comes out.
  8. Absolute bullshit rule. Not offside cos it was deemed a new passage of play cos the defender touched it, but the defender only touched it cos he bodged an attempted clearance, in a panic cos Lukaku was where he was.
  9. Good stuff. Hopefully it’s all positive from here.
  10. I’m all the way in on Hungary to score the fewest goals in the tournament at 5/1
  11. Nathan Ferguson better be 4.0 on FPL next season.
  12. To see if Mayweather is still the best. I didn’t realise he was fighting the worst of the two brothers, to be honest.
  13. Just watched it. Dreadful and pointless.
  14. But Jess Margera (Bam’s brother) from the band CKY, recently said on a podcast they were providing music for the new Tony Hawk game and their song “96 Quite Bitter Beings” (you’d recognise the bassline from Jackass) was on THPS3.
  15. Yeah fuck Pickford especially. Hendo should stick one on him while defending a corner.
  16. Sporting Life’s Euros preview magazine: https://en.calameo.com/read/000362465a7248affe497?authid=fRyXdYCxFqQA
  17. Weirdly, everything in my life can be traced back to Gaby Roslin.
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