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  1. Remember when that joinery programme got scrapped after one episode aired cos they’d inadvertently cast a massive racist as a contestant? He was identified as such by his white supremacist tattoos. Well Love Island seem to have done the same. He was originally criticised for dropping the N word on Instagram but bow it’s been spotted that he has 13 and 28 tattooed on his hands. He claims they’re his and his mums lucky numbers, but they’ve also been adopted by neo nazi skinheads so, yeah, boot him off. From Leigh as well. Dirty cunt.
  2. Date issued:16 Jul, 2021 @ 6:19pm BST Not too bad.
  3. I’m so excited for FPL this year that I’ve put the app on the first page of my phone. Not sure why there’s 2 different leagues running but (one in OP, one in first reply) but I’ve autojoined the usual one and ready to take it by storm. I looooove FPL Twitter.
  4. This thing looks great. By my maths you can "reserve" (is that preorder?) one tomorrow at 6pm UK time. I might just do that, you know.
  5. I swear Pickfords got whatever condition the bloke in Memento has. Just “wakes up” confused and suddenly someone’s kicking a ball at him.
  6. When I made this thread 193 pages ago, I certainly didn't think I'd have written 'ENGLAND' in one of the final boxes of my wallchart.
  7. You've gotta approach Love Island as mindless entertainment before bed, rather than anything relatable to real life. Putting it bluntly, none of the contestants would ever shag me, and I don't get attached to them in any way at all. Basically Faye is clearly a nasty person but if you completely dissipate any kind of empathy and just watch her as if she's not really interacting with real people, she's hilarious. And that's what I want to see on TV. I don't want to watch some bozo constantly talk about taking his relationship to the next level, but then doing absolutely nothing beyond having the exact same discussion two days later. Seriously, I thought I was watching Groundhog Day or that this calls for immediate discussion scene in Life Of Brian when watching Toby. Thankfully he's fucked Kaz off and hopefully she doesn't get dumped later (Not that anyone in the country will be watching it as it airs cos, you know, it's coming home!) cos she definitely has potential for solid entertainment, plus she's a babe. As for Liberty, I hope Jake "mugs her off" because it will be good TV. When that Meghan was in it a few seasons back and went through shags like I go through dental floss, it was good TV. I want drama, I want fallings out, I want shagging, I want to be entertained. I don't want to watch boring happy and content "couples" talking about whether they will get on with eachothers family. The only pass recently was Paige (and Finn) because my god, something about her was just 11/10 gorgeous. Also, anyone dumping Rachel is a certified moron. And Brad definitely qualifies for that certificate even without that cherry on top. I saw people moaning about Aaron on Reddit for his reasons for not wanting to be with Sharon (she's so negative, and will likely be dumped soon unless they find some turbo toff tory cunt to come in) but he's probably my favourite Islander at the moment. Decent entertainment, no cringe, and potential to win. Plus:
  8. Why's Alberto Just a plot device or am I missing something?
  9. Anyone else playing Retro Goal? From the New Star Soccer/Retro Bowl creators, I believe. First 10 games are free and then it’s 99p, although I’m not sure if it’s 99p per save/career. I’ve just played my 11th game with Blackpool, normal difficulty and full season. Spending all my money on upgrades for the club rather than players, but no idea what’s for the best. I am bad at it, I know that much. So many times I try to change running direction and instead just wallop it out for a throw in.
  10. Anyone else enjoying their drink with a little less tension?
  11. Apparently seeing a sports psychologist regularly is the reason for this. I’m probably “psychology”’s biggest critic, but something has certainly changed his attitude.
  12. Watched this yesterday afternoon and my 3 year old daughter has since told me she’s a sea monster about 900 times. I imagine I’ll be watching this a lot more times. Thankfully it’s actually quite enjoyable!
  13. Incoming call from Rupert Pupkin ‘Ah, that’s just Vinny Chase.’
  14. Had this on my GOG Galaxy for a while now and forgot but it updated yesterday and reminded me. Thinking of giving it a go after the Euros are done. Quick question: keyboard and mouse or Xbox pad?
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