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  1. Speaking of Mobygames, I’ve still no idea how this happened. Wasn't enough to get me a “verified” tag on ResetEra, sadly.
  2. Just revisiting the “foreign prices are better talk” I must agree. I can never be bothered faffing around properly cos my payment seems to get rejected for not matching the billing country, so I just pay a Ukrainian guy called Xbox Gates on the Xbox Now (website linked above) Discord server to grab my codes for me and I just flick a VPN on to redeem them. Easy and probably costs me about €1 extra, which is more than worth it.
  3. Series X is absolutely mega. Even before I switched it on I was in awe of its aesthetics. Absolutely lovely little unit, and the controller is bloody gorgeous too. And then it’s actually belting to use too; blazingly fast and Gamepass is an absolute game changer, pun intended. Couldnt be happier with it.
  4. I've a few books I want to read but as I've not been on holiday in ages, I've just not. So I figured I'd put podcasts on hold for a little while and listen to an audiobook in the car instead. I only get like 15 mins a day but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. Can see me listening to more once I've finished this one. First one I've gone for is an Elliott Smith biography, Torment Saint. Widely panned by fans, mostly because he used a misheard lyric (torn mid sail) as the title and well apparently he backs up Jennifer Chiba who most of us want to believe did a murder, rather than believe our sweet sweet prince took his own life, but I'm really enjoying it. Best part is, if I didn't know better, I'd say it was being read to me by Agent Doggett from the X-Files, aka T-1000, so it all sounds cool as fuck. I've never heard throwaway stories about 15 year olds recording songs onto a cassette in their mates garage sound so damn badass.
  5. My 10,000 capacity stadium doesn’t meet Bundesliga 2 requirements so they’re building a new 15,000 one. In the meantime we’re playing a season at Leverkusen’s 30,000 BayArena.
  6. Season one done. Looking forward to seeing how far we can go.
  7. If I buy old 360 games with backwards compatibility, if I insert them into my Series X will they be added to my library and playable without the disc? ie can I borrow old games off people for a day and get to keep the games forever?
  8. I'm really enjoying this so far, although doesn't feel any different to FM21 cos I'm not really utilising the data hub. I'm managing Viktoria Koln cos I liked their badge, and it turns out they have some really good youth prospects, namely a defensive mid called Kai Klefisch and a winger called Youssef Amyn who I'm moulding into a striker to basically be Cristiano Ronaldo. I think my enjoyment comes from making a realistic tactic that is winning me enough games for me to enjoy it, but not steamrolling everyone making it boring (and not losing every week making me want to delete the game, I guess). Going out the cup early doors has certainly been a positive too. Hopefully I can whizz through the league campaign and get promoted (expected 9th iirc) and build from there. I've not signed anyone and I really like my core 11 players so will be interesting to see who gets replaced first, if any!
  9. Could I be a pain and ask for another red wine recommendation please? No stipulations this time.
  10. 11, was it? Didn’t even get annoying cos I didn’t know any better.
  11. Clifford the Big Red Dog. Bizarrely the main characters mum is English. While that’s not bizarre in itself, the confusion comes when you also discover Englishman Jack Whitehall is in it, playing said English mums brother, with an American accent. And on more than one occasion he puts on a very bad English accent. The CGI is also laughably bad. 1.5/5
  12. Do it. NZ Season 2 is the best season of Taskmaster, including all of the UK ones.
  13. Do you still use this regularly? My dad normally gets one of those mini 5L kegs in every Christmas so I was thinking of upgrading this Christmas and buying him one of these. One problem is we normally get two kegs - a lager for @Mike and some “proper beer” for me and my dad. Not sure if there’s a happy middle ground perfect draft keg, considering they’re a) bigger and b) more expensive, plus wouldn’t fancy switching between two.
  14. From my experience it seems like if your game doesn't have bugs from the very beginning, you're safe. I've since managed to restart, on hardcore mode, and successfully collect stuff so I'm sorted. Navigated my way through day one without game overing - although had one very near miss when swapping a jacket with +1 endurance to one without, and nearly keeled over. Switching back in the nick of time saved me. So daft.
  15. Is this game buggy af or is hardcore mode more than just “if you die you can’t reload”? Items just flat out don’t appear in my inventory. Ive restarted countless times (thankfully can check the cassette one fairly quickly) but can’t get the inventory to actually register all items. EDIT: Quitting the game (as in closing the app on my Xbox) and starting a new game seems to have fixed it. Wish I’d realised stuff was missing earlier edit2: maybe not. I started again so I could pick the selections I want in the opening bit and then when I picked up the cassette case it vanished. Will try again tomorrow. Literally been playing for 2 hours tonight with nothing to show for it. Fuck sake.
  16. Okay so it seems I’ve been thinking about this game a lot despite game overing last night. I’ve no inclination to reload a save so I’m gonna start again, and because I’ve been doing it anyway, I’m gonna use hardcore mode. Lesssgo!
  17. I died after having a heart attack from knocking on a door anyway.
  18. I played about half an hour on my dinner earlier. Game overed once already and thinking of restarting again cos I missed something I did in the first and I wasn’t pleased with the outcome. Honestly feels like I’m reading about a different game seeing people wax lyrical about it. Hopefully it clicks eventually, but at the moment it feels very lumbered and not not particular fun to play. The controls are clunky, ragging the right stick around trying to get the A to appear on the thing I want, and movement is janky. Still super early days though, will definitely stick with it.
  19. Started to catchup on this after stopping after episode one. Probably my least favourite series ever, but Guz is decent so I’ll stick with it.
  20. Can I play this with a 4 year old watching? I literally know nothing about the game and don’t wanna spoil it. Is it fucks and guns and tits?
  21. I’m going to keep my preorder and when it arrives, keep it sealed and mint in the loft, and in 2041 it will be worth over £300.
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