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  1. Ctrl+F'd for Workaholics. 0 hits. Shit list. Scrolled down to see what was #1. Absolutely shit list. Saw Atlanta at #10. Fuck off. Closed tab.
  2. Some managed to actually do RFC, according to Reddit.
  3. Camp Taurajo. Got to the inn there (died 3 times, all in the Barrens) and will finish the journey to the Tauren start area later. Also took a slight detour and got the Gromgol(? STV camp) and Ratchet flight path just because I knew they were easy to get to. Will probably be level 3 by the time I finish the journey, without hitting a single mob.
  4. Activated a 60 day pass I’ve had since MoP came out cos I’ve been itching to get back into classic. I will be playing exclusively with my mate. We played WoW since day 1 and quested together all the way to 60. He was a warrior and I was a hunter, both Taurens. I enjoyed it, he did not. This time my mate is thinking of rolling either a shaman or a druid. Tauren again. I think I'd rather be undead, then take the long journey to meet him at Thunderbluff and we'd quest together again. I was thinking mage, rogue or, most likely, priest. However I want to make sure we work well together. Obviously it depends on how he wants to spec, but generally what would go well with a shaman or druid? Both for fun gameplay and, probably most importantly, efficient levelling. I don't mind what I am, really. So long as we play together, we'll enjoy it. Also in the journey from Tirisfal Glades to Thunderbluff, where should I be sure to explore and get the flight path for? Undercity, Orgrimmar and Crossroads are the ones I know are obvious without looking it up, but my memory of the map is a little hazy! Finally, if I do go priest, can anyone recommend a spec tree? I presume maxing out wand and then spirit tap is still the first priority. Do I go shadow or holy? Don’t forget I’ll be with my mate for every single quest and instance, if that makes a difference. Oh, actual finally, what professions should I do? Tailoring and enchanting are the first that spring to mind but I’m open for suggestions there. Just after the most fun gameplay. If we can get to 60 without wiping, I’ll be a very happy man.
  5. The one I had was flimsy as anything. Like the buttons felt like they were about to fall off after a hectic game of Goal. That was always reserved for Player 3. player 1 (my brother) used the black one with square yellow buttons and player 2 (me) used the green and pink one, both in SeanR’a post. Our neighbour used to bring his own controller, one of the black and red trigger ones, but we weren’t ever allowed to try it.
  6. 2 was great. Looking forward to trying 3.
  7. This really couldn't be more true, could it. I've only been to Anfield a handful of times but everytime I've noticed the leg room is really bad. I know a few people who refuse to watch the rugby there, the few times it's been on, because there isn't enough legroom.
  8. 4072382401796577 Add me please Gameplay is pretty basic but the presentation is very impressive.
  9. That yellow player (P3) is amazing.
  10. I was poised to get Drew Brees but the guy before me didn’t realise it was his pick, timed out and ended up with him. He says he’s up for trade but not sure who he’ll want from me. He originally said Boyd but I assume he was joking. or in terms of waivers, I could get: Cousins, Big Ben, Rivers, Garoppolo, Carr, Foles, Darnold, Stafford, Dalton, Mariota...
  11. I know very little about NFL but for the past few years I’ve been in a fantasy draft league with 9 other lads, all of whom live and breathe it. Every year I soldier on, with the help of two of my mates. It’s a 0.5 PPR league. Without further ado, my bunch of no-hopers:
  12. Genuinely looking like we might skip this version due to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.
  13. Yeah you can have mine. I'll PM you. But I guess it was also a 'btw they're free in Smyths, no purchase necessary.'
  14. Anyone want a code for a free Mewto? got one from Smyths today. Obtained like this: https://www.pokemon.com/uk/pokemon-news/get-mewtwo-for-pokemon-lets-go-pikachu-or-pokemon-lets-go-eevee/
  15. Pokemon Masters, anyone? (4072382401796577)
  16. I made my friends draft league on Football Manager 2019: https://www.reddit.com/r/FantasyPL/comments/cvdawr/i_made_my_friends_draft_league_on_football/?sort=old
  17. Emre Can has apparently been told he’s surplus to requirements at Juve too. Worked out well, lads.
  18. How'd you find the forum, @Minter1986? Welcome.
  19. Did a draft tonight at the pub. 9 man league and I drafted 6th I think. Got this: Seems pretty good.
  20. Having not watched the Women's World Cup or the AFCON I've not seen any of these rules in action yet. Will that be returned to the goalkeeper in the form of a dropped ball, and are attackers allowed to stand within 4 metres of said goalkeeper? We might see a few of these:
  21. Average completion time: 3mins 19secs SUCH A WASTE. I’ve tried to fix the links to the survey. Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know.
  22. For those who missed it last week, I had an idea to use the power of the hive mind to predict the final 2019/20 Premier League table. There were teething problems at first as I used an inadequate system to record everyone’s responses and subsequently some data was lost. However, I was quick to action a fix and the new survey was up and running as soon as the problem was spotted. Some of you may have entered on the old system so please ensure you enter your submissions today to avoid missing out on being part of this experiment, if you haven’t done so already. There is still a week to submit your predictions! You can only submit one entry so please go to https://bit.ly/1920predictions and if you get a ‘thank you for participating’ message, you have already entered. Otherwise, please submit your predictions! In the first week, I received a whopping 543 responses and the predicted league is really starting to take shape. I am pleased to say there has only been a handful of “sabotage predictions,” so would like to say a big thank you to everyone who hasn’t tried to spoil this. That being said, it could only take a trickle of genuine votes to reshape the standings. The deadline to submit your predictions is kick-off time for the first league game, which is 8PM on Friday 9th August when Norwich face Liverpool. After which I will share the results for everyone to see. So far this idea has been shared on various subreddits (r/FantasyPL, r/PremierLeague & r/soccer) as well as a few forums (ResetEra, rllmuk & The Third Half) and Twitter and I encourage you to promote it among your friend and peers to help get as many responses as possible. If we can get to 1000 predictions submitted, that will be an amazing achievement. As stated previously, I intend to provide regular updates on how the predicted table is performing compared to the real league table – although it’s worth noting that we are aiming to predict the final league table, and obviously it gradually takes shape over a nine-month period. Once again, here is the link to do your predictions. If you are doing it on a mobile device, I urge you to “request desktop site” as it is much easier to complete. Thanks again to everyone who takes part.
  23. Making a playlist for my summer - family holiday in a villa in Spain. Please recommend me some bangers, bops, songs that slam, jams, anthems and summer classics. Preferably ones where the chorus isn’t too sweaty due to there being young kids there. Or if you already have a playlist for such an occasion please share it. Thank you.
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