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  1. Is a Series X a multi region bluray player?
  2. One of the old This Is Important podcast talks about this movie a lot, which put it on my radar a long time ago. Looking forward to watching it.
  3. And applications are open: https://shortaudition.com/Big-Brother-2023
  4. He’s been absolutely terrible. I saw someone refer to him as Portugal’s best defender because he broke down so many Uruguay attacks. Was probably even worse in the game against Korea too. Laughably bad.
  5. If anyone else is collecting the stickers, let's swap?
  6. I don’t suppose you wanna sell the multitap and controllers? I’m after some:
  7. Did you get this? I did and now I've been informed I've won a raffle, giving me the opportunity to pay £50 for a bottle of beer. I'm dubious to say the least.
  8. Has anyone got any advice for where to stay for Fulham away?
  9. Anyone for World Cup Fantasy Football? https://play.fifa.com/fantasy-classic/join-league/DC49YMFX
  10. Unfortunately I'm not eligible for this offer but I've taken a similar one elsewhere on Darwin Nunez at 40/1. Also backed Brazil OR Argentina to win the WC at 9/4 on William Hill.
  11. Apologies for the shameless referral link but if anyone is into non-alcoholic beer, I highly recommend the Hazy Pale Gen 2.0 from Impossibrew: https://impossibrew.co.uk/a/refer-a-friend/redeem/bazakehurst/7991 They claim to have some woke-sounding science behind it to make you “feel the buzz” of real beer or something but to me it just tastes like delicious beer, and I can still drive/get up early with the baby after having 4. I rated it a 4.0 on Untappd.
  12. I've no idea on his political views (or anyones, for that matter) but I just find him chronically unfunny. When he does that bit on [I think] Mock the Week where they take turns telling jokes and it invovles awkwardly trying to get to the microphone first, his delivery annoys me so much.
  13. “I will shred ten grand if you don’t do what I say” is petty beyond belief, and that’s before factoring in the cost of living crisis.
  14. I enjoyed him on Taskmaster but his series had Hugh Dennis in, so I’ll never rewatch any of his episodes. This thing at the moment with David Beckham is embarrassing though.
  15. Letting your staff do a lot of stuff (training, scouting, friendlies, youth contracts, etc) in Staff > Responsibilities makes it a lot less overwhelming. I mean the game is still Outlook Simulator if made entirely in Excel, but I love it.
  16. I barely played 22 so the fact it’s basically a reskin doesn’t bother me. The fact that defending is nigh on impossible is proving a bit of a problem though.
  17. Caught up with this earlier. Very good series. I was expecting more from Munya but I guess it’s not really an ideal platform for his type of comedy. He’s still been good though, as have all of them. Greg has also been exceptional. Disappointed to hear about NZS03 not being good, cos season 2 is my favourite ever season including all the UK ones. Will probably still give it a go.
  18. I enjoyed Barbarian but so much of it was too dumb to just ignore.
  19. Has anyone been to a RLWC game? I'm going to Australia vs Italy on Saturday night. I planned on getting way into this world cup but I've just not had the time.
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