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  1. Have we any Gillingham fans on here? A while back, through searching my own name on Football Manager, I realised they had a player with my surname. Arise, Bailey Akehurst. As mentioned in that linked Reddit post, my mates a Wigan fan and yesterday was his birthday. Next week, 5 of us are going to watch Wigan vs Gillingham. When the idea was first mentioned, Bailey Akehurst was actually playing games. He even has his own page on the club shop, so I’m now the proud owner of a Gillingham away shirt with number 27 on the back. The chances of seeing him are seeming less and less likely though. He didn’t play yesterday and hasn’t for ages. The left back who did play, scored. And was then subbed off after 76 minutes for another left back. So hopefully they both get Covid/twist their ankles before next weekend. Also hopefully I don’t get battered for wearing a Gillingham shirt in what I presume is the home end; behind the goal, six rows back. LET’S GO AKEHURST Wigan’s good for pubs too, so there’s also that. Not sure I’ll risk wearing my woolly hat with the St Helens rugby league badge on.
  2. Just played for the first time and surprisingly got it in the 4th try, after not understanding the rules (I thought eh example was the word, so I was confused cos the green letter in the example didn’t go green when I typed it. Wasn’t the same word!) for the first 2. Fun game.
  3. Wildcard done. If I'm not the top points scorer in the league every week between Gameweeks 22-38, I'll be very surprised.
  4. Just seen The Wonder Years was on Disney+, but my semi was immediately inverted when I clicked on it to see it was some 2021 guff about a black family.
  5. Tinkering is the best part. Getting games, converting them to chd, getting all the artwork, fixing all the artwork, realising what games you forgot to get and getting them, assigning the “best” cores for each system, sorting out button mapping for controllers 1-8 even though you don’t have 7 mates, thinking of more games to get, adding the artwork for the new games, etc. Playing them? Probably about 400th on the list of things to do. 399 is ‘get another machine that runs RetroArch too, go back to the start.’
  6. Recently tried playing a Smurfs game (Lost Village?) with my 4 year old and it's solid. Lots of difficult jumps and having to swing the camera around to get it right. Even on the easiest setting, there's no way she could progress without me. Spotted an advert for a Paw Patrol game in one of her magazines yesterday so gonna try playing Adventure City Calls instead. Failing that we've still got Mario Kart 8. The 'assisted controls' on that are really really good for little kids. Steers for you but not too obviously, and so she doesn't even realise she's not in complete control. Plus the GPs are 4 races each so we can alternate each and, if we're lucky, win a trophy. We've won all but two gold trophies in 50cc (both silver) and got a good mix of trophies in all the 100cc GPs. 150cc is proving difficult though - 2 GPs down and only two 4th place finishes and no trophies to show for it.
  7. Are you pronouncing obo like an oboe instrument, or like the o in orange and bo as in bo selecta? I’m the latter. sorta like chocka-bow (as in bow and arrow, not bow to your master) in my dirty north west accent.
  8. ‘Football Manager, mainly.’ Like when someone asks what TV shows I like I can only really say ‘Only Match Of The Day, really.’ I don't like much.
  9. There’s now a standalone version of Flycast that runs really well. Kinda like how Duckstation is a better standalone PS1 emulator than RetroArch. https://github.com/flyinghead/flycast can be downloaded on the same gamr13 GitHub page linked 2 posts up, on your console.
  10. Okay. He's a good lad so I'll get the Roland ones - plus that's his surname. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks @yakumo and @cubik When he said that he corrected himself and said maybe 'audio interface' instead of computer, but I was being mithered by my 4 year old when the conversation was happening. He did specifically say gold, and showed me an example that was a photo of 2 1/4 inch jack, er, ends, so I think it should be fine. It stuck with me cos he called it "one point four" (1/4) and I was immediately like ehhh I know what you mean but no. Because he said gold, I guess I'll get that Klotz one, and go for the longer version to avoid any desk problems. Would it not be worth me getting a Roland RIC-G5 Gold Instrument Cable, 5ft/1.5m seeing as you both back Roland as a brand? I don't mind paying the bit extra.
  12. Please may I bump this thread asking for help for my brother in laws Christmas present. I asked him what he wanted: A couple of high quality (gold) 1/4 inch jack cables to go from computer to speaker. A meter is long enough. He showed me a pic which had a headphone jack on either end. Any suggestions for go to brands or, even better, an exact link to a recommended cable, please?
  13. I feel old cos, Dougal aside, I haven’t got a fucking clue. Also +1 for that final live task being the best part of the series.
  14. Speaking of Mobygames, I’ve still no idea how this happened. Wasn't enough to get me a “verified” tag on ResetEra, sadly.
  15. Just revisiting the “foreign prices are better talk” I must agree. I can never be bothered faffing around properly cos my payment seems to get rejected for not matching the billing country, so I just pay a Ukrainian guy called Xbox Gates on the Xbox Now (website linked above) Discord server to grab my codes for me and I just flick a VPN on to redeem them. Easy and probably costs me about €1 extra, which is more than worth it.
  16. Series X is absolutely mega. Even before I switched it on I was in awe of its aesthetics. Absolutely lovely little unit, and the controller is bloody gorgeous too. And then it’s actually belting to use too; blazingly fast and Gamepass is an absolute game changer, pun intended. Couldnt be happier with it.
  17. I've a few books I want to read but as I've not been on holiday in ages, I've just not. So I figured I'd put podcasts on hold for a little while and listen to an audiobook in the car instead. I only get like 15 mins a day but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. Can see me listening to more once I've finished this one. First one I've gone for is an Elliott Smith biography, Torment Saint. Widely panned by fans, mostly because he used a misheard lyric (torn mid sail) as the title and well apparently he backs up Jennifer Chiba who most of us want to believe did a murder, rather than believe our sweet sweet prince took his own life, but I'm really enjoying it. Best part is, if I didn't know better, I'd say it was being read to me by Agent Doggett from the X-Files, aka T-1000, so it all sounds cool as fuck. I've never heard throwaway stories about 15 year olds recording songs onto a cassette in their mates garage sound so damn badass.
  18. My 10,000 capacity stadium doesn’t meet Bundesliga 2 requirements so they’re building a new 15,000 one. In the meantime we’re playing a season at Leverkusen’s 30,000 BayArena.
  19. Season one done. Looking forward to seeing how far we can go.
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