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  1. What’s he on for the rest of the week?
  2. Heinz’d it for £5.70 Looking at the weather (cos I'm sad) Raising Sand looks a very good bet for Wednesday. Ladbrokes pay 6 places, 12/1 I’ll put my winnings on it!
  3. Only get paid on Friday, plus it's my wife’s (30th) birthday this month so gotta be sensible/boring with my money. But for fun: 14:30 Hazapour 9/1 15:05 Guildsman 11/2 15:40 Mabs Cross 7/1 16:20 Shaman 9/1 17:00 Buildmeupbuttercup 5/1 17:35 Magic Wand 9/2
  4. I said earlier I’m not gonna bet on it (I won’t) but make a spreadsheet of what I would bet on if I did. Then thought why am I doing this it’ll just depress me if they all win so stopped. Will still keep my eyes on it all day at work, mind. May post some selections later.
  5. If there is ever an Amiga Mini and I can play Multi Player Soccer Manager and Stable Masters on it, I might just die of happiness. Screw getting a mouse and keyboard for my Pi, mind. Plus I could never figure out how to get the Amiga emulator to work on it.
  6. Hopefully we’ll have completed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 five times by the time this comes out in September.
  7. Same. already loving this season too. i liked Callum early doors but he’s turning into a letdown. Curtis and Sharif are probably my favourites at the moment.
  8. Good thread for pics from last night:
  9. Enjoy it, lads. Gonna be a fantastic night.
  10. Can anyone who has played PS1 games on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (retropie) say how much different the games perform on a PS Classic?
  11. Cool. Are the new eevee evolutions considered good?
  12. Just noticed Glaceon and Leafeon in a gym. When did they come out?! Looked up them. Back to the naming trick to get them:
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