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  1. I've preordered this on Steam even though I have Gamepass Ultimate cos I can't get the Xbox app to load on my laptop for love nor money.
  2. I was wondering this but ended up just emulating the Amiga versions of Monkey Island and PS1 versions of Broken Sword, as those were all I was really interested in. would be good to have ScummVM working proper though.
  3. I googled her and have never seen that lady before in my life. What’s up with her?
  4. I did already get the 19XL (well, 2 actually) but thanks for your input. Got them off eBay in the end for about £15 each because I couldn't be arsed going to Ryman. Not done anything with them yet but they seem perfect for my needs.
  5. There was a girl who won a TV competition in like 2000 to be a character on Byker Grove, that I used to fancy. I wonder what she looks like now.
  6. I’m a massive gambler - well, bettor - but have absolutely zero inclination to every play a fruity. Even less so after this thread. Annoying cos one of my mates loves them, and standing with him while he wastes money is so boring. Wanna put some of my quids in? No thanks, mate, I’m not a child.
  7. My daughters just turned 4 and we sometimes play Mario Kart together on the Switch. She saw me playing it on a SNES emulator on my Xbox and wanted a turn, so I got the Switch out and we gave it a bash. You can set it to be really assisted, including acceleration and turning. I’d have previously laughed at this and asked what the point is, but hey if it makes little kids have fun playing games then I’m all for it. MK8 is perfect too cos each cup is 4 races so she goes first, then me, then her and then I try to finish with a win to secure a trophy. She’s actually won a handful of races too and we both went crazy with genuine excitement everytime.
  8. Probably West Ham or, dare I say it, Everton. All the auld blue noses round here love their “black watch” kit.
  9. I hope this time next week (new series starts 9pm on Thursday 23rd September) I'm more excited, but at the moment I'm just sad there isn't gonna be another NZ series for ages, cos season 2 was sooooooo good.
  10. That is weird isn’t it, considering the family were so heavily involved in its creation. The reason for the low rating, I mean, not the lack of “here’s an unrecognisable comatose man.”
  11. I wish there was a way to share saved games between my Xbox and Steam versions of RetroArch.
  12. Shame we can’t play Milan every game.
  13. If anyone’s struggling for a stream for champions league games you can watch them on the LiveScore app if you use a VPN to spoof your location to Ireland. I pay for SurfShark but you could try using Windscribe free. Yes they’re referral links, but they’ll give you 30 free days / extra monthly bandwidth respectively. There’s also codes for Windscribe KOMPUTER and EXPAND20 and BAKTA420 but may have expired now so apologies.
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