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  1. I’ve broken my last Brewdog glass. Feel like I’ve gone through about 4 of them and even more Beerhawk ones. Can anyone recommend a small glass (for little cans, I’m alright for pint glasses) that’s a bit sturdier than these, please?
  2. Can anyone recommend a game that will help with using the analog sticks? My three year old is really enjoying Pokémon Snap but she’s hopeless at moving the crosshair around.
  3. Anyone else staying up for Trillerfest Miami?
  4. Mayweather could probably beat both Paul brothers in a 2 on 1 boxing handicap match.
  5. Today, someone told me I look like Trevor Lawrence.
  6. Couldn’t be arsed waiting so bought this digital version. That’s all I need for the upgraded version, right?
  7. Yeah. I looked into it briefly and got overwhelmed so just paid someone to do it (was an SX core so made sense for the guy soldering it to set it all up) but have now read up on it, retrospectively, and could have definitely managed. Messing about with Tinfoil et al has been lots of fun too.
  8. When your nickname is literally Money, you will never have enough.
  9. I admit to not knowing which Paul brother is which, but apparently Mayweather is fighting one of them on June 6th.
  10. Just watched it. Very confused, as I’m meant to be. I’m so confused.
  11. I’m involved with a dementia group locally. Will give this a watch and can hopefully promote watching it to help people understand the disease more. Cheers @Capwn. When is it legally out in the UK, and how is it being released?
  12. The score let it down for me. Playing that intimidating music when she “switches on” is just patriarchal nonsense. I did really enjoy the film though, and have recommended it to a few people.
  13. Pretty sure we’ve still got the cover disc with all the Championship Manager editors on.
  14. I’ve some Game credit I’d like to use to get this again, having previously having it on PS4 but now having a Series X. Am I right in thinking of I buy the XBOX ONE physical version, I can’t get the upgrade? If so, does anyone know when this SERIES X version is coming out?
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