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  1. Will probably get shamed out the thread but has anyone had any decent non-alcoholic beers? I'm getting this Insel-Brauerei’s Award Winning Mixed Case Collection for Christmas, which sound really tasty, but always open for recommendations.
  2. Regen faces can be changed to real looking fictional people!
  3. Tom Allen was on Sunday Brunch today. Surprised he’s not been on Taskmaster yet.
  4. Wasted your time there, lad. Miles announced it as #FM20Beta (and has since deleted his tweet, but acknowledged it here:
  5. I’ve also done it before, so it’s no problem.
  6. Who’s the best current player that could play in every position, and if he was cloned 11 times would make the best team? Submit your answer here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeK9s5xcylAJ0YJMrU7-K6lPcXmQ1LoMJx-NwOSjte_zQXGDg/viewform?usp=send_form
  7. I really wish I was jumping back in tomorrow. I just can't face it. I think my love affair with WoW is done, having cancelled my Classic sub in August. Looks really nice though.
  8. X-Files, I guess. Got sick of seeing that bloody baby photo.
  9. The pipe bombs in Duke Nukem Time To Kill were a first for me. Throwing down bombs as traps, watching my dad crawl into a vent and then detonating them was really fun at the time, and the first time I experienced being able to actually choose when something exploded. Doing the same sort of thing, throwing them onto other people’s cars on GTA Online, brought back great memories. But wasn’t as funny cos it wasn’t my dad getting outsmarted by his 12 year old son.
  10. Weirdly, I just finished watching Teen Titans Go To The Movies. Funny film. I think I prefer the tv shows because of the shorter episodes but honestly anything with this version of Robin in, I just find hilarious. The Yearbook episode is probably my favourite, because it’s pure Robin-based comedy. Season 2 on a whole is pretty magnificent though. Goddamn, I love Teen Titans Go.
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