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  1. It’s now brimelive.com, which currently just links to their @watchbrime Twitter account.
  2. Not sure on the ins and outs of it but a Twitter account @watchbrime recently teased about a new streaming platform to rival Twitch/mixer, rumoured to be started by some top streamers like Dr Disrespect. Cue me having watchbrime.com open in a tab to try to reserve my username, although the Twitter account insisted it was just a code amen and it wouldn’t be called BRIME. Anyway, just randomly checked the tab - it was previously a default parked domain page - and whoever registered it has now put a message on saying he managed to get the domain and if there was any serious thought or effort being put into this new streaming platform, they’d have planned ahead further than just a Twitter account. It’s here: https://watchbrime.com/ Fun and games. Although there is supposedly another new one in the works called Compose, which is on Twitter too @WatchCompose. Who knows though.
  3. Reckful is dead. https://heavy.com/entertainment/2020/07/byron-bernstein-reckful-dead/ Damn.
  4. I thought this was the Bill & Ted thread.
  5. Top, boys. Now we get to enjoy seeing how many points we can get.
  6. It was 1999 so Pokemon Red, WWF Attitude and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater all got major playtime. My favourite game would have been Championship Manager 3 though. What a time to be alive! Honestly, thinking back to then, it was brilliant - I played games so much and had tons of choice cos my dad had our Playstation “chipped“ and used to come home from work with a massive list of games (and music CDs) and we could choose any we wanted. Amazing.
  7. So searching for ‘101’ brings up the live action movies 101 Dalmatians (1996) and 102 Dalmatians (2000), as well as the cartoon 101 Dalmatians II (2003). It does not bring up the original cartoon version of 101 Dalmatians (1961). Instead you must search for ‘one,’ as it is technically called One Hundred And One Dalmatians, even though the cover is basically a big 1 0 1. Great search algorithm, Disney.
  8. 15:35 Newmarket – 2000 Guineas – Saturday 6th June 2020 I can't justify betting enough to make Pinatubo's short 8/11 odds that wortwhile, but Mums Tipple could be good value at 40/1. God I can't wait to watch Pinatubo. :drool:
  9. My two year old daughter LOVES Teen Titans Go. I didn’t even know regular Teen Titans was a thing until just now but that doesn’t look like she’d like it. Cant wait to watch this movie!
  10. I got the ZG raptor mount on Classic tonight. I would have much preferred the tigers but beggars can’t be choosers! To be honest I think it looks kinda dumb and my undead rogue looked better on the AV wolf, but it’s nice to have something so rare.
  11. Anyone seen any good real ale deals, with a view to Father’s Day coming up? I’m more of a craft beer wanker nowadays, than real ale, and feel like my dad would begrudge his evening beers coming from a jazzy can and not a bottle. He always picks the gold ones in pubs, so the lighter the better. Me and @Mike are going in jointly so a good deal for sub £50 would be perfect. Also would rather not pay extra for the sake of getting a “free” glass in place of more beer, because he has plenty of them that my mum has robbed from pubs over the years. EDIT: 24 bottles delivered for £55.
  12. It was the Euro 96 ball. emphasis on the was.
  13. Official mutterings, or wishful fans? i really hope Jack Black isn’t an unlockable character.
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