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  1. disperse and recoagulate

    PlayStation Classic

    Can anyone who has played PS1 games on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (retropie) say how much different the games perform on a PS Classic?
  2. disperse and recoagulate

    Pokemon Go

    Cool. Are the new eevee evolutions considered good?
  3. disperse and recoagulate

    Pokemon Go

    Just noticed Glaceon and Leafeon in a gym. When did they come out?! Looked up them. Back to the naming trick to get them:
  4. disperse and recoagulate

    Minecraft Earth - mobile AR

    I've never played Minecraft (beyond a five minute blast to see what the craic was, about 9 years ago) but might give this a go.
  5. disperse and recoagulate

    Football Kits 2019/20

    At least they got an early dart.
  6. disperse and recoagulate

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Tyler The Creator’s new album, Igor, is out today. Perfect timing cos I’m in the office on my own today so it’s a headphones in kind of day. Hopefully nobody phones. Anyone else been looking forward to this? Was gonna make a thread but don’t know how popular he is on here.
  7. disperse and recoagulate

    The Bookies

    I'm here again to bore you about horses (the one two posts up came 6th I think, soz) but I assume some of you took advantage of the "money back as cash upto £20" that Skybet did over Cheltenham? They've an offer one at the moment for first race everyday of the Dante Festival (York) that isn't quite as good, so I've not made use of it all week until tomorrow. The reason it's not as good as you only get your money back as cash if your horse comes 2nd or 3rd. Tomorrow there is a horse called Lady Kermit running, who is way ahead of the pack in terms of Racing Post Ratings and speed figures. Obviously the favourite but 4/1 could net you one hundred smackers, off a £20 win bet. I just can't see it coming 4th or worse. (If you fancy a bigger gamble, Might Spirit 10/1 looks pretty good to me.) I've backed Lady Kermit £20 to win @ 4/1 Also worth noting that some Skybet accounts have the same offer but upto £50, rather than £20. tl;dr if you've got £20 to spare, it's worth betting it on Lady Kermit to WIN in the 13:50 race at York tomorrow.
  8. disperse and recoagulate

    PlayStation Classic

    Does this perform better than retropie on the raspberry pi 3B+?
  9. disperse and recoagulate

    The Bookies

    Feel free to take it with a pinch of salt but the owner of Indianapolis in the 13:50 at York tomorrow placed a £1000 EW bet on his own horse earlier today. 28/1 on SkyBet, EW 4 places. 33/1 in some places.
  10. disperse and recoagulate

    The Bookies

    Annoying innit. depending on Ronaldo, this one could be a killer:
  11. disperse and recoagulate

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

  12. If I want to get audiobooks from an illegitimate source, what’s the best way to listen to them on my iPhone so that it will remember where I am upto when I get in and out of the car, like it does with podcasts? As far as I know they will just be one long mp3 file, although I haven’t actually checked yet. (Myanonamouse)
  13. disperse and recoagulate

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Got this season-long bet hopefully coming in tomorrow:
  14. disperse and recoagulate


  15. disperse and recoagulate

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Still buzzing.

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