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  1. For me, as much as the gameplay is streets ahead of FIFA, the sad fact is that if it wasn't so easy to patch (option file) and make all the kits and names right, I reckon I'd end up preferring FIFA. That sort of stuff really adds to it to me, and having Merseyside Blue in a plain blue shirt, for example, would just be rubbish.
  2. The new appraisal system gets confused if a Pokemon has been traded. This is a Pokemon that was originally hatched from an egg obtained in Warrington and then traded for a Pokemon caught in Brussels.
  3. I only favourite those with three stars and at least one of the bars maxed out, as this is the equivalent of the old “amazing/wow” appraisal (or whatever the blue/yellow version of that was).
  4. I’ve just watched Detective Pikachu. What a dreadful movie. The CGI absolutely sucks, the story is just dumb and boring, and if you don’t like Ryan Reynolds there is literally nothing to enjoy.
  5. Cycling betting? Sure! Adam Yates to win stage 6. 10/1
  6. Yeah. I just feel like anyone who wanted to play PES, bought PES.
  7. Double for tomorrow, both at Newcastle 3:30 Theatro 4:05 Bowerman Both the favourites but for a very good reason. Double is about 6/1 at the moment. I’m just waiting for Sky to price up cos that’s where my money is.
  8. Yeah you can preorder ready for release on the 28th. I doubt I’ll bother getting them but I guess a profit could be made, depending on how many sets Zavvi have for sale.
  9. Being able to right-click to bring up a context menu in Championship Manager 4.
  10. Just has an email that caught my eye: https://www.zavvi.com/merch-memorabilia/marvel-vintage-original-1984-trading-cards-complete-set-of-60/12129389.html?utm_source=23062019-zuk-marvel-trading-cards&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=23062019-zuk-marvel-trading-cards&affil=thgemail&ecrmcid=wkMo1KEyL68xQ4ylPVlrN9dAbjBPl57G&shae=%2FgaVgkH1zRi3MJuM4T6%2F2ons9H9Y%2FI910gDPYnWg32Y%3D&sendTime=1561309200&widget_id=1392352 Are the genuinely from the 80s, or am I missing smallprint? I don’t have much interest in comics but could these end up valuable?
  11. What made you back that prior to Space Traveller winning?
  12. Good luck. Just the one today, here. Johnny Drama in the last. Apparently King Power bought the horse specifically to win this race. Meant to be well handicapped. Hard to ever really know though. Probably worth a go. Paddy power doing 5 places 11/1, or sky is also 5 places 10/1.
  13. Frankie Dettori absolutely flying today.
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