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  1. disperse and recoagulate

    O, skier! (Mystery game out this Friday)

    What's going on?
  2. disperse and recoagulate

    The Bookies

    Trying to slag off horse racing and those who gamble, but then referring to a horse as ‘it’ sorta ruins your message.
  3. disperse and recoagulate

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    They'll get United. #fix
  4. disperse and recoagulate

    The Bookies

    Got any bets for today and Friday?
  5. disperse and recoagulate

    The Bookies

    Absolutely. He’s an absolute beast.
  6. disperse and recoagulate

    The Bookies

    Oh dear.
  7. disperse and recoagulate

    The Bookies

    My picks for Wednesday's races: 13:30 Brewin'upastorm 14:10 Delta Work 14:50 Eragon De Chanay 15:30 Min 16:10 Bless The Wings 16:50 Cracker Factor 17:30 Envoi Allen Plenty of big odds EW hopes.
  8. disperse and recoagulate

    The Bookies

    Sweet. Who you picking for the next 3?
  9. disperse and recoagulate

    The Bookies

    Anyone having a splurge during Cheltenham? Skybet doing a free £20 risk free (money back as cash, rather than as a free bet) on all four of the 13:30 races. Make sure you bet win though, as EW will only give you a tenner back. Worth doing the four £20 bets (if you've got £20 spare) even if you just back the favourite. I've not had a proper look at final decs but my four for the those would be Angels Breath, Brewin'upastorm, Vinndication and Sir Erec. So you might wanna avoid those 4.
  10. disperse and recoagulate

    How we played the game Pac-Man

    He's a she.
  11. disperse and recoagulate

    PS+ March: Modern Warfare Remastered, The Witness

    I'm one of the [very] few people who really didn't get any enjoyment out of The Witness. bought it full price too! And before you quip, yes I could do the stupid puzzles. Really looking forward to the MW Remaster though.
  12. disperse and recoagulate

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah I get that. Still fun though. I’ve got a Solrock with Confusion/Psychic so might photograph that tomorrow.
  13. disperse and recoagulate

    Pokemon Go

    Read earlier about catching Smeargle and 50-odd photos later, one appeared! It takes on the moves of the Pokemon it photobombs, so mine has Zen Headbutt and Hyperbeam. What are some good defensive moves to copy? I don’t battle so it’ll be used as a gym defender. You can encounter one a day, so you might as well do it.
  14. disperse and recoagulate

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    That's great.
  15. disperse and recoagulate

    The Chase

    There was a question the other day about a knob-headed lizard (or something similar) but Bradley kept it together, disappointingly.

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