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  1. disperse and recoagulate

    Examples of reviewers/adverts etc caught lying

    Evanescence in the end credits too. I loved that game.
  2. disperse and recoagulate

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Klopp should get Ryan Sessegnon off Fulham. He didn't start on Sunday, because Ryan Babel did. lol
  3. disperse and recoagulate

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    There’s probably only one game I well and truly mastered, and at the time I didn’t even realise it. My mate and I used to play Whacky Wheels loads. It was one of the few games that my first PC came bundled with. (I wasn’t about to play XCOM or DOOM, aged 8. Sensible Soccer was played a lot too). I remember we’d be “playing out” for a bit and after a while, everyday and right on cue, he’d ask if we could go in mine and play Whacky Wheels. It got to a point where I’d go in to “ask my mum” and beg her to say no, and she’d say if I didn’t want to play it today just tell my friend that. I never had the nerve to, so everyday we played Whacky Wheels. It was actually a fun game, like Mario Kart but with animals and different weapons and power ups. Anyway, we played it a lot. When I was about 10 my neighbour used to always be off school sick whenever I was, it was weird but a regular thing. She was about three years older so our parents figured we’d be safe if we stayed off together. We played a few games - mostly Amiga ones like some Indiana Jones game in Venice (Last Crusade, I guess?) and another one where you’re a surgeon. I wanna say Surgeon Master but I’m definitely mixing it up with another game we loved, Stable Masters. I’d played the surgeon game on my own and never got anywhere but she’d seen her brother Kev play it so within minutes we were in surgery. It was awesome! Anyway, we played Whacky Wheels a lot. And I mean A LOT. More than me and my mate did. We’d spend a whole day playing it, taking it in turns. It was fun, but the Amiga games were probably more enjoyable. She liked SWOS thanks to Kev, so we played that a lot. Anyway, about ten years later me, my brother @Mike, and the mate from the start of this post dug out the old PC and booted up Whacky Wheels for old times sake. All the records where still on there from when we played it, and from when me and Kelcie played it. Our lap times were INSANE!!! Like 12 and 13 second laps, whereas now we were struggling to do them under 40. It made no sense. How where we that good?! She was even better than me! So yeah it’s safe to say I mastered Whacky Wheels.
  4. disperse and recoagulate

    Greatest PS2 games of all time

    Why's nobody mentioned G1 Jockey 3 yet?
  5. disperse and recoagulate

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    Simpler times indeed.
  6. Can't for the life of me get multidisc psx (Metal Gear Solid, FFVII, FFIX & Wild Arms) to display as one entry on emulation station and actually have the game work. I renamed the .cue files to .CD1 and .CD2 and made an m3u file which was just a text file with just Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 1).CD1 Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 2).CD2 Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 3).CD3 in it, and it only shows as one entry on my game list, scraped fine, but when I click to play it's just a black screen. I can three-button reset back to the gamelist so it's not like the machine freezes, just the game doesn't load.
  7. disperse and recoagulate

    Pokemon Go

    Happy birthday!
  8. disperse and recoagulate

    PES 2019

    ^Thats great. I only play Master League and it’s always three-player. We just finished our first season, where we came a whopping 15th in the league! We would have done even worse if it wasn’t for on-loan Dominic Solanke contributing 19 goals. The team is ready for the second season and is as follows: GK Selikhov (was on a free transfer at the start, not sure if the option file caused this. Hopefully he will be replaced by Buffon in January) DR Giorza (the only original man left, will hopefully be replaced by Ivanovic) DC G McAuley DC P De Souza (these were the first two decent - 75 and 69 iirc) centeback regrns to come through so they’re locked in for life now, sadly.) DL Y Gerhardt (on loan, will hopefully be replaced by Leighton “the most attractive man in football” Baines) DM J Weigl ( on loan, our best player with 81 rating) DM D Fletcher CM C Adam RWF L Piazon (free at the start, again possibly due to the option file. Scored 2 free kicks!) LWF M Gacinovic (on loan, could be the difference between a good and bad season) CF K Huntelaar (we were hoping for Crouch but he didn’t retire, but Huntelaar seems like a monster even at 16. Not played a game with him yet but his numbers look great. Could become a club legend.)
  9. disperse and recoagulate

    Do you cheat on games?

    I used to cheat on The Sims, and I’m not making a joke about the nature of the game. Rosebud mostly for a quick windfall but occasionally I’d use motherlode and build a really good house. I also used to cheat on Counter-Strike Source. I had “cham skins” and wallhacks but it only worked on some servers - the ones that loaded materials from your local content, rather than server side. I know it was cheating scummery but it made the game so much more fun. It was so easy to do I’m surprised that loading your own textures was even allowed. I presume that’s no longer the case for Global Offensive but I never really looked into it for fear of a VAC ban.
  10. disperse and recoagulate

    The Humble Thread

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/a-story-about-my-uncle?linkID=5c36a7bc66b9297f4a61d979&mcID=102:5c3687b4f2ab4ebb2af41654:ot:58263ea2f7bb513ff1a968fd:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019_01_10_190110_winter_sale_test a Story about my uncle (not my uncle) is free.
  11. disperse and recoagulate

    Nvidia Shield GeForce Now

    No consoles or sky or cable box or anything? These do look like impressive little things, but the controller looks massive and uncomfortable.
  12. Went to play THPS4 last night (have been doing for the past few evenings) and all of a sudden it has no sound. CBA fixing it. I've a new bigger SD card on the way so think I'll just start afresh and hope that sorts it.
  13. disperse and recoagulate

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

  14. disperse and recoagulate

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

    That's what made it so good for me (it's the best Mario Kart.) The excitement when you started a new online race and someone else could snake was great - especially if you beat them.
  15. disperse and recoagulate

    PSX/PS1 rare gems

    This is the best post in the history of rllmuk.

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