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  1. Holy smokes, that video was cool. The dragons look amazing.
  2. anewman

    Portal 2

    Ha ha, that was pretty funny (and also right). Nice.
  3. anewman

    Portal 2

    No. But you do got a bit faster if you jump a lot. I think she walks a bit slower in Portal compared to Portal 2, as well. At least on the 360 versions.
  4. I'm trying it again sober.
  5. This game is quite hard after a few beers.
  6. Don't worry guys, it was just because I had my GameCube controller plugged into my Wii. Nice one, Activision. Thread resurrected.
  7. I can't even get past the screen that says 'Do you want to create a save file?'. I think my Wii is broken. This thread is over.
  8. I'm just getting the plastic wrapping off. Pretty excited.
  9. I just got this. I hope it's good. Reports to follow. I know there's another thread but fuck you this is different. Thanks guys. Ur the best.
  10. I think you got explored on Flickr. I just clicked on to Flickriver, and this pic was the first one up.
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