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  1. anewman


    Yeah I like them.
  2. I know nothing about the games, but it’s £4.99/month and the first month’s a free trial. Plus in iOS 13 you can link an Xbox One or PS4 controller to your iPad or iPhone. https://www.apple.com/uk/apple-arcade/ Are any old the game going to be worth it?
  3. I enjoyed this but not as much as the first one (which was an unexpected pleasure for me). I agree with the comments re CGI, sometimes it went too far and beyond the 'suspend disbelief' stage so you were just sitting there smirking at it. Was this intentional? It didn't seem like it - but then there was a heavy comedy element throughout, really helped along by Bill Hader who I thought was great in it. I really hated the scene right at the start, that establishes the return of violence and bad things to Derry. I think it was just about justified, but it was a bit close to gratuitous too - I know it's in the book as well (which I haven't read). The length didn't bother me, I was absorbed throughout. I think it was made with real passion for the source material as well, that came across. I do think it was a little bit of a missed opportunity to do more effective scares. I love horror when it gets under your skin by hinting at wider sometimes not openly acknowledged fears and scares, eg the racism/abuse/guilt stuff that's under the surface in Derry. This film went a bit too far over to carnivalesque spectacle.
  4. Holy smokes, that video was cool. The dragons look amazing.
  5. anewman

    Portal 2

    Ha ha, that was pretty funny (and also right). Nice.
  6. anewman

    Portal 2

    No. But you do got a bit faster if you jump a lot. I think she walks a bit slower in Portal compared to Portal 2, as well. At least on the 360 versions.
  7. I'm trying it again sober.
  8. This game is quite hard after a few beers.
  9. Don't worry guys, it was just because I had my GameCube controller plugged into my Wii. Nice one, Activision. Thread resurrected.
  10. I can't even get past the screen that says 'Do you want to create a save file?'. I think my Wii is broken. This thread is over.
  11. I'm just getting the plastic wrapping off. Pretty excited.
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