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  1. Giraffetastic

    Quick fire poll: will the PS5/XB2 have a disc drive?

    What if the machines come without a drive but you can buy one as an add-on? I don't see that happening (I expect they'll have internal drives) but it would be a way for platform holders to test the water.
  2. Like you I was tempted by the annual pass, but in the end just pre-ordered Forsaken itself for £30 (got a £35 voucher for £30 through HUKD). They've said the annual pass will be new guns etc but there won't be any cutscenes or narrative stuff. No details further than that though. Was a bit hard to jump in at this point with so little information - and the first one isn't out till winter anyway so I figured there was no point paying for it now.
  3. I can't be arsed faffing around like that Specially for stuff like Graviton Lance that all three of mine use.
  4. Yeah if you have more than 1 character.
  5. Giraffetastic

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Mine's very loud sometimes but it seems to depend on the game. Far Cry 5's map screen and a lot of Mass Effect Andromeda made it go crazy but Destiny 2 is fine.
  6. Giraffetastic

    The worst crimes in music

    Don't know why comments are disabled???
  7. Giraffetastic

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    The slow load times in Destiny 2 are more to do with server syncing, instancing, validating local files and so on aren't they? I mean I hope so, cos they're pretty slow otherwise. I'd imagine all these GaaS type games will have the same issues in the future, probably worse so. Imagine Destiny 12 where you can have 100 players in the same instance...
  8. Giraffetastic

    Far Cry Primal

    Yeah I liked Primal, there isn't really a central story, just your people vs a couple of other tribes but it feels different enough to the other Far Crys to be great fun.
  9. Giraffetastic

    Far Cry 5

    The more expensive one has all the DLC too, except for outfits I believe.
  10. Giraffetastic

    Far Cry 5

    No probs guys, hope you don't all absolutely hate it I've updated the proper thread and added in some help in case you get stuck on something I did.
  11. Giraffetastic

    Homefront: The Revolution

    Just bumping this thread cos I'd recommended this in the Far Cry 5 thread and I don't want to derail that any further!. It's had recent updates for PS4 Pro and for One X so could be worth a pop! On PS4 you have to enable HDR in the visual settings, not sure about Xbox/PC. It's about £7 - £8 on disc, still quite expensive (£25) on PSN though. It's also on Game Pass if you have that. I encountered what I think was a bug on the third or fourth area - there was an outpost that you can to try and free but you can only do that after clearing out all the enemies (you have to activate a computer inside the building), but the enemies just kept respawning so that there were always at least three of them. If you try and activate the computer it just tells you to clear out enemies. Anyway what I did was Also I couldn't work out how to switch to the proximity / RC versions of the grenades. Apparently it's R1 but I haven't actually tried that yet. I'd recommend giving the game a punt. Anything that has the line "Get over here there's norks everywhere" can't be bad. I'm playing the game on Easy and I was fine up until the fourth or fifth area and now I'm getting fucked over trying to liberate bits of the area instead of going for the proper mission objective which is But then I'm pretty shit.
  12. Giraffetastic

    Far Cry 5

    I replayed 3 a few months ago and I do think it holds up - it's a better balanced game than 5, I'd say, meaning there's no extra crap crammed it where it doesn't need to be. I know people slate your character's friends but they're not that intrusive, and Vaas is better than the Seeds. I liked the idea of tracking and killing animals for upgrades too, the system in 5 just felt really arbitrary. Oh I got a number of kills with a specific weapon that's... an achievement? Is it? I'm also a fan of the tower climbing to reveal the map. I think 5 tried to change things for the sake of change, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - but it's a bit like when you hear a cover of a song - if the changes they made to it mean it's no better than the original you wonder why they bothered.
  13. Giraffetastic

    Far Cry 5

    The AI is a bit wobbly, as is how the alert system works until you get used to it. Still really enjoying it though. It was massively reminding me of another game and I couldn't put my finger on it - I worked out it's Infamous. It's in the design of the enemy bases and the general feel of a taken-over city. I'll leave this thread alone now
  14. Giraffetastic

    Far Cry 5

    I was pretty disappointed by FC5, but over the weekend I picked up Homefront: Revolution, which is a game I'd never even heard of somehow, and it's way better at being the game I hoped FC5 was going to be. I actually feel like I'm in a world that's been taken over by someone rather than just like a bit of wilderness with occasional bad guys dotted around. The first area guides you into the worle pretty well and then the 2nd one really makes you think twice about opening fire because things can go south very quickly and you have to really weigh things up. The silent protagonist thing doesn't help (in particular at the start) but the actually gameplay is good. The gunplay is fine and the toolkit you have and the sandbox you're in are all fun. There's a lot in here that feels like Far Cry, like it has strongholds (outposts), hired help, prepper stash equivalents, weapons upgrades & mods and so on. I'm playing on PS4 Pro and its graphically pretty great (even supports HDR which is pretty impressive for a game that's a few years old). Playing on an LG B7. There's a thread for it on here but it kind of petered out as the reviews came in. I paid £8 for it and for that it's definitely worth a look. I did a quick search and it looks like you can get it on disc for just a fiver which is a steal. It's still £25 on PSN tho unfortunately. So yeah if you're disappointed that FC5 didn't really push the series forward at all, get this and just pretend it's Far Cry Future. And get ready for norks. Oh lord the norks.
  15. Giraffetastic

    Far Cry 5

    Yeah that sounds right to me. I actually managed to fight my way out of being hunted (hid in one of those huts by the river and had 2 guns for hire helping me out), but then fast travelled and got taken down pretty much straight away. So you can delay it but then you get captured. Hope you like pointless monologues where nothing of consequence happens!

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