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  1. I love Ringing Nail too, it's great at a bit of distance so it pairs well with my Trackless Waste (another gun people never seem to mention, though I mostly play PvE to be fair).
  2. Have you seen Juicy Realm? It's similar to Enter the Gungeon except the difficulty is kind of inverted from that - I finished Juicy Realm the first time I played it (and I'm not that great at EtG) but that's just normal mode; finishing it then unlocks hard mode and there are apparently other kinds of modifiers on top of that that can make it more difficult / interesting. It's more relaxing than EtG though maybe not as satisfying. It's £10.79 at the minute. EDIT: The controls confused me at first but I remapped them to be the same as EtG and that was much better.
  3. Just watched the SwitchUp review after your recommendation and bought it, only £12 something.
  4. Yeah I'm (not) hoping for a Black Friday sale too! Bought a new winter coat for £300 last week though so money's a bit tight this month. Katana Zero is on my list as well - if you want a kind of 2D demake of it then Akane is a fun distraction for less than £2… As is Jumping Joe & Friends. Was hoping to be playing Breath of the Wild but they'd run out when I got my Switch Lite so really hoping it comes down a little for BF (not likely I know).
  5. Comes out 20/11 on the Switch so think I'll wait for that one, looks great though.
  6. I haven't played Banana Blitz but to be honest I like the sound of it being easier I played the originals on the Gamecube too and I know they're objectively better. Not worth anything like £35 to me tho, more like £15ish. Too much competition on Switch for that.
  7. I tried to like it, but it always felt like a much naffer Polaris Lance to me, so I just started using that again.
  8. Love that white case I'd have to get that one Just waiting for a parcel to appear in my nearby Amazon locker and then I might have a see-if-I'm-tempted wander...
  9. It's a tiny, tiny bit of of a faff undocking it and putting it in its case and taking it to work / on trips and then putting it back again when I get in. That's it really. Bit bulky to play on a train I guess? Yep the Lite is just smaller and lighter, though I can just keep it in my bag. Oh and it means I don't have to quit a game I'm playing on my main Switch if I fancy playing something else. I really genuinely don't need one, I live alone so it's not like I'm ever unable to play the main one. I'd also have to get another memory card & case...
  10. Yeah, like you I don't think I'd have bought a Switch if it didn't have the account system. I'm working from home today and I made the mistake of a) checking my bank balance which isn't as bad as I thought it'd be and b) looking at Lite deals at Currys which is 10 minutes away from me. I have a normal Switch already and I really really don't need a Lite. But also I definitely do. You get 6 months Spotify free as well so that's like actually saving me money right since I already subscribe? Right?
  11. It's account-based so you'd just buy a replacement console and re-download everything you've bought through the store. If you get a Lite alongside your main one you can't play the same game on both at the same time, but if the Lite is your main machine it won't have to do the online check thing. So yeah as long as you know your store login details you're good
  12. There's the main campaign (Red War), as well as the campaigns from Curse or Osiris and Warmind, which all together must be about a dozen hours of content. So yeah, for free, there's more than enough. You start with nothing and the game, really, is picking up newer and better stuff over time and improving your character.
  13. I got in after about a 20 minute wait (about 6:30) and started on one of the quests you get from the tower, doing a lost sector on the EDZ and then a Heroic event and... feels about the same to me? Trackless Waste (SMG) felt better and snipers feel a bit more powerful but scouts don't seem any better I didn't get SK since I'm mostly PVE and didn't think it was worth it, but regardless I didn't get the impression there were swathes of changes to the sandbox. Might need more play but I'm a bit underwhelmed. Got an Armour 2.0 piece and I like the changes there? And the updates to the weapon upgrade systems seem good, being able to plug in a mod for a bit of glimmer and not lose the mod is great. Maybe I'm just a bit bored of the game, but I don't really feel like diving back in.
  14. No joke, just had to delete stuff from my hard drive to download this. Will be great to try out the first major thing that's all their own direction though. All those damage increases in PVE should be really fun to try out tomorrow
  15. My tactic for the eShop is to buy £30 of credit (or multiples) from CDKeys for £27, try and tell myself that's all I'm allowed this month, spend it all, then a week later see a game I absolutely must have and so repeat the cycle. What I'm saying is, you're fucked
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