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  1. Pretty sure if you're using cartridge then your machine won't have to check in.
  2. By default, your existing Switch is the primary one. Non-primary Switches need to check in every few hours so yeah the lite will need a connection every now and then. You can set your Lite as the primary using the system settings, apparently you can do this as many times as you like. Think in your situation I'd make the daughter's Lite the primary. Obviously though if she's playing a game somewhere and you want to play it on your home one, that'll kick her out.
  3. Lovely, lovely game. Very nice if you're er particularly relaxed. It's even generous enough to let you finish a level regardless of how badly you're doing - though it results in "no rank". Got a couple of those Only got 1 gold rank so far but looking forward to diving back in to get gold on them all.
  4. Sayonara Wild Hearts is such a lovely and unique thing. Getting gold rank on level 5 is an amazing experience. Some of the levels are a bit naff, but they seem to be the shorter ones? Like they knew they weren't very good. It plays like a minigame collection where each level has more minigames inside it, and it's fantastic in a dark room with the sound nice and loud. Definitely worth £11, though this month is insane on Switch...
  5. Was looking at the turquoise Lite this morning - already have a standard Switch but I was still tempted. Decided in the end to just spend the money on more Switch games...
  6. This looks great but I'm totally up to my (self-enforced) limit on Switch games this month. The reviews made it look much more than just punch/kick, with specials, some RPG stuff and a map to wander around. Looks ace and worth the price by the looks of it. Please play it and tell me it's shit. Thaaanks!
  7. If you liked VVVVV then you'll probably like Gravity Duck, only £4 at the moment. Only played for ten minutes so far but seems right up my street.
  8. Thanks, think I need to read a wiki about it or something but quite happy bumbling about unlocking stuff and being really really really shit at it.
  9. Playing this in Switch and loving it, like others though I haven't found a single secret room yet. I unlocked a guy who now appears to the right in the starting area, but the door is boarded up, do I just need to keep playing? Think it's a skip to level 3. Also there's a currency you get from bosses, which I can spend in the room to the left in the starting area. It seems to unlock stuff that I might then possibly pick up in the gungeons, is that what they're for? Also is this the only place this currency is used, as I'm spending it all in here? Only managed to get to floor 3 (maybe 4?) - how many levels are there?
  10. Yeah I'm enjoying Diggerman and I think that was 80p. Also just bought Mario Odyssey and it's downloading now. Can't wait, loving the Switch more than I thought I would.
  11. The game's never explained shit to you, why would Bungie do anything differently with yet another set of changes? It's expected that "the community" finds and gives out useful information and, of course, that every player is constantly checking in with "the community" what the fucking game is this week. I mean yeah I'd rather Bungie concentrated on making the content, but this game is baffling to me and I play a lot of it. If D3 is going to go into an even more RPG-like direction, this is only going to get worse unfortunately.
  12. Seeing and playing something like Destiny would have been amazing to young me. There's all these places I can go to at any time, not just a standard single player set of missions? And I can use whatever weapons / skills I want!? And there are other people there? And all my stuff is just "remembered" across play sessions and it's all at no extra cost (excluding PVP of course)? Incredible stuff. Still impresses me today, to be honest. The sheer amount of content and its accessibility. One thing that really stood out to me recently, when going back to my halcyon Amiga days, is how fucking shit the control methods were. A 4-way joystick with ONE BUTTON? Simply didn't occur to little me that more options would be good. Just having more buttons would have improved old games massively (as someone mentioned earlier about Xybots). I remember playing Super Cars 2 and having to... press "back" to release a special attack or something? So unintuitive. I couldn't understand why people loved Street Fighter 2 cos I'd played it on the Amiga first
  13. Arcade Classics is 20% off on PSN: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0101-CUSA15189_00-ARCADECLASSICS01 £12.79 now.
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