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    To be fair we were 2-0 up at half-time and as close to cruising as Arsenal ever are. Maybe Watford will get 5 back in the second half. Maybe.
  2. I didn’t mean that £200 was a significant saving, just that they can hand that out without thinking then there’s clearly lots of profit and therefore lots of potential reduction. That said, all their expensive tables are awful and look really cheap, despite the price. The Sheffield dude you put in the first post is almost certainly a better option.
  3. There was a really neat looking solution for that on Kickstarter not long ago: Might be worth keeping an eye on to see if it actually comes out well.
  4. I agree with all that, especially the arms bit, but it's the "being able to eat properly while a game is ongoing" bit that appeals to me.
  5. Ta. I thought it might be.
  6. I can’t remember which brand it was, but one company that makes them gave away a £200 discount voucher at UKGE 2018. Not helpful directly, but since they were giving that much to everyone then there’s definitely room for bartering or discounts. Maybe a Black Friday thing? I’ll definitely get one at some stage, still being able to have a table while a game is in progress is definitely a benefit.
  7. Rev

    Pokemon TCG

    I seemed to end up with a deck that was competing with the best ones, which was irritating because neither me nor my deck was good enough to really compete, but was like one that could. But after a brief dalliance with a grass deck that was a bit rubbish I’ve now got a Mew and Mewtwo/Pikachu and Zekrom, basically electric, deck. It’s not perfect, but I’m also not too sure where to improve it. Fun, though. And looking through other decks I do seem to be somewhat original, which is always nice.
  8. How much needs to be cancelled out? Do you really think someone who has an apology from their accuser would have a problem getting a job in the games industry, with it in mind people who are proven to be abusive bullies continue to work without any real repercussions? Also, while this (fictional) man may have their life ruined despite receiving an apology and damages, I think it's much more likely a man who successfully sued their accuser would become a minor celebrity and be hero-worshipped by the scum of the internet. He'd probably end up with a speaking tour. That's how the world works.
  9. I don't think they set "going rates". Do you think they should? Also, if someone subsequently calls someone a paedophile after that person has already successfully sued someone who made a similar accusation, they'll be finding themselves in court pretty quickly.
  10. They'll be awarded damages for the amount of damage done. So, yes.
  11. They take the accuser to court for slander and require an apology as part of the settlement.
  12. It’s a sequel/new version of Arcadia Quest, which is a bit of a Kickstarter darling (ie. buckets full of miniatures that aren’t reallyyyy needed for any reason beyond More Stuff) but one I keep bidding on intermittently on eBay because I like the sound of it quite a lot. Not won it yet. Starcadia Quest itself isn’t actually out yet. Backers should have got it by now, hence comic, but now won’t be getting it until early next year.
  13. Three games of three player basic Forks, each player won once by a massive swing. Don’t think we’ve got the hang of it yet. Quick and very portable, it’ll get more play.
  14. It’s pretty embarrassing that Sheffield Wednesday don’t even have a women’s team, especially when the men’s team is one of the oldest in the country, but hopefully it’ll become inevitable. And if it happens relatively promptly they’d have a fair chance of out-performing the men. I saw it suggested somewhere that having a women’s team should be a condition of EFL or at least Premier League entry and that sounds like a good idea to me. As for a team relaunching as solely women’s...I dunno. Logically it’s reasonable, but it does potentially lose a lot of historical teams. Both is definitely better than one or the other.
  15. If he likes Marvel then Heroclix might be a better place to start. Or Heroclix figures with a sort of bodged combination of the rules of each.
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