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  1. Rev

    Megadrive Mini

    Why on earth would you think the Metro would give a shit about the background music of Sonic Spinball?
  2. And Lucy Bronze is much more athletic than Iniesta or Cazorla. So that’s irrelevant. As I’ve said.
  3. Rev


    But we didn’t do it against Man Utd, so it can’t be that.
  4. Ah, so you brought up Polish runners because you were concerned for the structure being lost in the Women’s game. Got it.
  5. Rev


    The new signings looked great. The fact it finished at 4 was a bit of a disappointment really, it should have been much more. It’s not exactly a positive overall, but it is more fun having a League Cup match every couple of weeks rather than watching us get obliterated in the Champion’s League by Barcelona, scraping through the group in second and then going out to Bayern in the knockout stages.
  6. So your argument is that women can’t play in the men’s league because...Some women are stronger than some men?
  7. You really think that David Silva could physically bully Wendie Renard?
  8. If you mean in the heat, their winning time was massively slower than the other heat to the point of failing to qualify if they’d been in there. If you mean in the final, as I did...They lost. They came 5th of 8. The only ones that came below them were the crap ones that came below them in the heat, too. And again, they chose that formation because their women are comparatively better than their men.
  9. There’s no physical reason why a woman couldn’t play the role David Silva or Santi Cazorla or Andres Iniesta found. It’s probably telling that the examples that spring to mind are all Spanish, but that is more a problem with England than being male or female. (Also, the point of the formation that the Poles used in that race was literally having faith in their female runners having the mentality to compete with the men they’d be up against, and they did a damn good job but were let down by the men not gaining enough of a lead, so probably not the ideal example.)
  10. Rev


    ...So do we want Pochettino?
  11. A bit balanced out by the Hemlock being slower, but they’re my most reliable weapons so damage increase to both is nice.
  12. I hope that's true. One, SWORD is cool. Two, it'd be almost certainly based on sometime-forumite @KieronGillen's run which is fun.
  13. I suspect the bit at the start which felt a bit out of place might have been that for a while, until they realised that doing one without an after-credits bit might seem...Sincere.
  14. I’d go as far as saying it gets less fun with more stuff, it’s just nice to have a change. I’m pretty sure with enough practice you could get the hang of manoeuvres and range to be near-enough to not need to bother with taking all the measuring stuff to the pub too. Dice rolling on an app and you’ve got very little mess at all.
  15. I’ve only played the original version, and I think it’ll remain that way despite really liking some of the ships they’ve released from the prequels in 2.0, but I’m not sure I’d start by buying a load of stuff. It’s not a complicated game, at all, but it is one that’s very easy to get confused during. The Rebel Alliance’s numbers were quite regularly impacted by X-Wings inadvertently flying off the table and such when we were getting started. Adding in ion cannons and gun turrets and such early on is just unnecessary. The fun is from swooping around to start with. If your group doesn’t enjoy it with just the starter set(s) then they’re not going to enjoy it whatever other ships you get.
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