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  1. Rev

    vinyl lovers

    Was a display and a box full. I should think you'll be fine.
  2. Rev

    vinyl lovers

    Argh, if you'd posted about an hour earlier I could have grabbed you one. There were dozens in Nottingham Rough Trade, so if you can find someone there they'll very likely be able to get you one. Shoes - no Bibio I'm afraid. Was one I was looking for too. Didn't expect that to be too limited, so a bit odd. Unless I just didn't see it. I got the Ben Kweller, Alex Sommers and Michael Kiwanuka ones for myself, which is a pretty good success rate. Considering I turned up at about midday I'm extremely impressed by that.
  3. Rev

    vinyl lovers

    I'm not sure it's any different now to when it started. It's always been strange. For a casual wander towards a record shop, as you are, it's good and basically always has been. I just don't like how vulnerable it is to scalpers, who generally get their records on eBay before a reasonable person has woken up, but again it's always been that way. If you go assuming you're not going to get anything you want, it's a nice day. Especially with the weather on side.
  4. Rev

    vinyl lovers

    If you are in London, you'll have a much nicer experience burning through too much money going to the Indie Label Markets that happen every now and again at Spitalfields: http://independentlabelmarket.com/ Those are lovely events (and basically the only thing I miss about London). In terms of actual RSD, Sister Ray tweeted their whole list. Probably worth a look. The more obscure stuff tends to be available a couple of weeks later at least in Rough Trade East. They start selling it online a week after the physical event too.
  5. Those are ace. In terms of the game, it got a bit better recently. The "Awakening" (emaxes being able to be combined to make a stronger again) was a bit rubbish, because the old cards were still worse than everything newer but recently they've started adding new skills/stat boosts when cards were awakened that made older/cheaper cards more playable. But trading collapsed entirely, which was my favourite bit so I never really improved my formation much in the last couple of years. They almost had a really good game, but they never really tried. Regarding the general crookedness, the last couple of months have been awful. They were really pushing to get people to buy crystals, barely doing anything for the new film and in retrospect it's clear they were just wringing the last few quid out of people. Awakened cards semi-regularly sold on eBay for £150ish and there are a few businesses that are going to have lost thousands overnight in stock that is suddenly worthless. I'd not say I feel sorry for them necessarily, but Konami knew what they were doing. I don't know if I'll play something like it again. It was complicated enough that it was genuinely interesting to play with strategies. But the structure that was in was fairly awful, the reliance on the work experience kid to keep it running. An odd, but interesting experience overall. May the force be with SIO BIBBLE.
  6. Long-time no post. Thought some of you might be interested to know that Star Wars Force Collection is closing down in April. http://www.theforce.net/story/games/Star_Wars_Force_Collection_Shuts_Down_This_April_179708.asp I've basically stayed playing it since joining here, got three decent level accounts. I'm not sure how much I'll miss it really, I certainly don't constantly play on it but I've certainly spent lots of hours on it. C'est la free to play title.
  7. Rev

    Christmas Game

    Titanfall is way too brief for that. It's fun, and it has a handful of brilliant moments but it isn't the answer in this case.
  8. Rev

    Justice - Audio, Video, Disco

    Having listened to it a few times now, Random Access Memories 2 is really likeable. But it is very much Random Access Memories 2.
  9. I missed that entirely. Will track down.
  10. Rev


    If there's any doubt, don't start him.
  11. Rev

    Kfc's Secret Recipe

    I think you're thinking of KBC.
  12. Rev

    Gaming soundtracks on Vinyl

    It's a shame they didn't offer a range of colours for the Mass Effect 3 content.
  13. Yeah, New Frontier is great. He just drew them like a memory of early comics would look, even though they were nothing near that. It's not super-amazing literature, but it does a very, very good job of what it does. His "these aren't actually that bad" Before Watchmen bits were good too, and if you can track down Solo issue 5 (literally just one issue) it's really, really good. I know I read Superman Confidential, but I can't actually remember it. Probably was good. I think that's everything I've read by him to be honest, not much at all.
  14. Rev

    The SNES Sony Playstation

    If they weren't on sale, they weren't a competitor. And literally no-one who would have bought a Dreamcast didn't because Microsoft might be releasing something in a few years, almost everyone expected the Xbox to be a bit shit if nothing else.
  15. Rev

    The SNES Sony Playstation

    By "suddenly become a direct competitor" you mean "released a console 7 months after the Dreamcast was discontinued", yeah?

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