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  1. Rev

    Crysis Remastered

    Deus Ex and Dishonored are probably above it, but you could probably shuffle those into a different sub-genre that involves puzzles. But even just being in the same conversation as them is enough to show how good it was as a game.
  2. Rev

    Crysis Remastered

    I was thinking about this earlier, and I think that Crysis might well be the best “big” game that a lot of people haven’t played, apart from where there are mitigating factors (such as rarity, price, etc.). I think it quickly got a reputation as “just graphics” which meant even people who have booted it up haven’t gone far in it, and obviously most people haven’t got that far. It really was an utterly, utterly magnificent game at the time. I’m not sure it’s quite better than Halo, and probably Goldeneye, but it’s very very near my list of top FPS games. Assuming this version is good and that it’s aged well, I hope a lot more people will get to play it.
  3. That’s how Argos usually works. All their offers theoretically launch at midnight but never actually do. Usually about 45 mins later.
  4. There will be another £10 Epic voucher next week via installing Rocket League, if anyone doesn’t know that.
  5. I am aware this is obvious, but you are going to have to wait much, much longer for games to be in a sale that brings them down to the price you are used to paying. A 50% sale is still £35. Coming from the PC side of things, it’s utterly mental. £72 is 6 months of Humble Choice, and while that hasn’t been as good as Humble Monthly it’s still 60 good games for the price of PS5 Destruction Derby. I just can’t understand why anyone would pay that.
  6. Probably nothing, which is a shame. The Series X is really hard to justify when I’ve got a PC and an Xbox One. Watching the show, I was pretty sold on the PS5 and the price was a little below what I expected...But if the game prices are accurate, then lol no.
  7. If they are you can just buy the Xbox One version.
  8. They were more expensive in non-real terms, too. But “We” were buying second hand games from Electronics Boutique and Whizz Kids because of those prices and “we” certainly weren’t buying a machine with the cartridge slot sellotaped up so we couldn’t buy second-hand ones.
  9. I think that’s basically the plan, yeah. There is a lot of gaming on Gamepass.
  10. A huge thing is that joypads and such work on the Series S too. Local multiplayer on the cheapest PS5 is...Not cheap.
  11. It’s just what Sony do, and it works. Games keep leaking out too, like FIFA 20 came out on the PS3. It’s a revenue stream that Sony have encouraged ever since the original PlayStation found a second-life via Dancing Stage and such. Small cheap consoles are a different market and Sony have had complete ownership of it with the exception of the Wii.
  12. On the actual show itself, Deathloop might actually be the best game ever. The first few showings didn’t really make it click for me, but it now looks like a mix of Groundhog Day, Dishonored and Hitman and I suddenly have very, very high hopes for it.
  13. As I’ve said a few times in this thread, the second-life that Sony consoles have after nerds like us think they’re done is what generates a lot of their profit. They can make the machines efficiently, the parts aren’t expensive, they still make money from the games. If they do what they’ve done in the past well enough, the PS4 could easily outsell the PS5 next year, and that’d be great for Sony. By putting next-gen games on the PS4 they’re not going to stop many people from upgrading, but they could well stop a few people from going to the cheap Microsoft option.
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