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  1. I should think I'd be interested in getting a few, obviously Jackson can have first dibs. What era PC parts are you after?
  2. Honestly, I'd say you'd be better going for games that he knows. Backgammon and Chess would be obvious examples, maybe traditional card games. For modern games I'd recommend anything that has a clear theme. Flamme Rouge is always a recommendation for simpler games because it just makes sense, you're trying to get to the end as fast as you can and I think it'd work here. There's a bit of planning ahead to play really well, but you can mostly just react to the cards in your hand. I'd also always recommend Baren Park above Patchwork. There are a couple of fiddly rules, but mostly it's just a jigsaw for bears. Best wishes for it though. Keep being involved and trying to help, but don't beat yourself up if and when things don't land as expected.
  3. Flick 'em up: Dead of Winter is a very strange crossover that is definitely different to anything apart from, well, Flick 'Em Up. Very 8 year old suitable, but good fun. Especially the weapons.
  4. Rev

    Pokemon TCG

    Boosters are not *necessarily* a waste of cash, but they're definitely not the best way to build a deck. They are a fun thing to open and a good way to come up with deck ideas. I think she's learning to give the cards value from them in a way that a job lot from eBay probably would miss. But yeah, if you're actually looking to get value they're shite. It's about £20 to get one rare these days.
  5. Rev

    Pokemon TCG

    Have a whizz back through the thread, because I asked the same question last year. But, basically, there are two flavours of playing Pokemon. Theme decks, where you get 60 cards and basically don't alter them at all, and just boosters to then construct a deck from scratch. My gf's daughter has been playing for almost a year now and when she's not being a tired grump she's basically nailed the theme deck side of it. She's got quite a lot of them now, too. As a rule they're seemingly getting more powerful with each release, so very recent ones against older ones is a not-bad quite-invisible handicap if you want to play against them without having to fiddle it. Compared to a well-made deck, every theme deck is crap. So obviously that is a very different kettle of fish, but I've not tried moving onto that stage with her yet, because I'm not sure she's really got the luck/controlling luck aspect of the game yet. Variance isn't exactly an easy concept for grown-ups, otherwise deck-building games wouldn't be much fun. But theme decks are fun, and she gets a few boosters every now and again. So we're building towards that stage. I never looked for Pokemon TCG stuff while I was in London, but I think Leisure Games is probably a decent shot, although they don't seem to have any events. The big Forbidden Planet on Shaftsbury Avenue must sell them too. You can look for authorised events on the Pokemon website: https://www.pokemon.com/uk/play-pokemon/pokemon-events/find-an-event/?country=175&postal_code=&city=london&event_name=&location_name=&address=&state_other=&distance_within=6.2137&start_date=&end_date=&event_type=premier&product_type=tcg&sort_order=distance&results_pp=25 Non-obvious stuff I've picked up: - Get something that they can lean their cards against. If you're getting a pile of cards in your hand and you have very small hands, it's easy to drop them. - You can get great deals from people who sort of started getting into it and then stopped on eBay. BUT the number of fake cards is ridiculous. A very notable percentage, including common ones. If it was just the rarest and most powerful ones it wouldn't be too bad, but it's literally everything. - The app version on tablets/PC is great. You can scan in the code cards you get with boosters, but you can also buy codes on ebay to feed in. Older sets are less valuable so you can get a ton of cards that way, or newer sets are basically the currency for trading for specific cards. Amazingly/wonderfully there is no in-app purchasing apart from the currency you build up by playing the game. So it's completely safe on that front. It encourages you to join a forum and there is a chat bit in there, but both are very easy to avoid. - They literally never realise that you're making them read really complicated words and do maths. It's genius. - Also genuinely good fun.
  6. Rev

    Megadrive Mini

    Why on earth would you think the Metro would give a shit about the background music of Sonic Spinball?
  7. And Lucy Bronze is much more athletic than Iniesta or Cazorla. So that’s irrelevant. As I’ve said.
  8. Rev


    But we didn’t do it against Man Utd, so it can’t be that.
  9. Ah, so you brought up Polish runners because you were concerned for the structure being lost in the Women’s game. Got it.
  10. Rev


    The new signings looked great. The fact it finished at 4 was a bit of a disappointment really, it should have been much more. It’s not exactly a positive overall, but it is more fun having a League Cup match every couple of weeks rather than watching us get obliterated in the Champion’s League by Barcelona, scraping through the group in second and then going out to Bayern in the knockout stages.
  11. So your argument is that women can’t play in the men’s league because...Some women are stronger than some men?
  12. You really think that David Silva could physically bully Wendie Renard?
  13. If you mean in the heat, their winning time was massively slower than the other heat to the point of failing to qualify if they’d been in there. If you mean in the final, as I did...They lost. They came 5th of 8. The only ones that came below them were the crap ones that came below them in the heat, too. And again, they chose that formation because their women are comparatively better than their men.
  14. There’s no physical reason why a woman couldn’t play the role David Silva or Santi Cazorla or Andres Iniesta found. It’s probably telling that the examples that spring to mind are all Spanish, but that is more a problem with England than being male or female. (Also, the point of the formation that the Poles used in that race was literally having faith in their female runners having the mentality to compete with the men they’d be up against, and they did a damn good job but were let down by the men not gaining enough of a lead, so probably not the ideal example.)
  15. Rev


    ...So do we want Pochettino?
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