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  1. Just wondered if anyone's watching this. It's written and & directed by Peter Kosminsky who was previously behind Wolf Hall & The Promise for the BBC. Already watched the first two of four episodes, which are showing night after night, rather than a new episode a week (which tends to be how dramas are usually aired). It's pretty grim viewing, but that's to be expected. Don't recognise any of the cast but that makes it feel more genuine and documentary, in style and effect. They've also opted for a somewhat novel way to explain some of the terms the characters are using, rather than have them explained in clunky dialogue. Some lighter moments though, episode one had a Four Lions joke in it.
  2. Just borrowing a Wii U off a friend while they're away on holiday and really enjoying this. Thought for a second this morning it had forgot most of the progress I made yesterday (and that was about to sour it to me) only to discover it treats saves very differently, depending if an ext HDD is attached to it or not. The HDD was attached yesterday when I was playing, attached it since to play MK8. That configuration then seemingly reverted back to an older save (my friend clearly hadn't played it much, wasn't off the first island), but by then rebooting without the HDD attached, yesterday's save was then what it referenced.
  3. This got posted yesterday. Had already heard the audio from this post screening Q&A (the DGA not put the major ones out as podcasts) but it was a really engaging chat. The bit where Nolan says he closed his eyes during the odd shot what was filmed digitally was funny, even though I believe for certain shots on the Batman films, he opt for the same thing. This being where rather than run the risk of having a $100K Arri or Panavision camera damaged or destroyed in a driving stunt, better to sub in a $5K Canon 5D.
  4. So the director is Crispian Mills, who I assume isn't the former frontman for Kula Shaker.
  5. Oh right, thought the news of Starz scrapping this attempt meant it made it as far shooting a pilot episode. Well, like it did with Spike TV in 2008:
  6. C'mon, more details if you've got them. Who was involved in this remake?
  7. I see that amongst the main supporting cast, they've got Molly from Sherlock and Cumberbatch's ex.
  8. Someone has done this excellent video, showing the car chase route (with a few portal like jumps) for the opening car chase in BABY DRIVER
  9. It's been over 24 hrs since the release of this trailer and yet not ONE comment made in this thread, about the use of RUSH's Tom Sawyer in it.
  10. I liked this video review, in that it nailed for me why the characters were not as relatable as the one's in Wright's Cornetto Trilogy:
  11. Which particular character motivations? In terms of Kevin Spacey and John Hamm ....
  12. Surprised this thread hasn't had a bump in while, given everything that's happened in the last four episodes. Am also sorry to hear that TJ Miller is leaving but maybe it's a combo of better paying film working being too hard (and/or frustrating) to turn down, him feeling constrained by the character (who's honestly not changed or evolved much) or he's been promised his own sitcom/comedy show. Wish they'd done more with Dinesh's Seeing them cast Haley Joel Osment as a more likeable, Am beginning to get sick though of Pipe Piper's core middle-out compression being used as basically a McGuffin. In a recent episode, it was used to Oh but I have enjoyed seeing Jack Barker, freaking out about
  13. Went round to a friend's the other night, he was 10 minutes into watching it. Politeness preventing me from objecting to it running its course. Oh, and to think it had the more famous guy from Weird Science, playing a character that is the now disgraced Gen Mike Flynn (in all but name).
  14. Yeah but Who Dares Wins was a bit cheesy and bordered into macho pantomime, when it was released in the early 80's. Since then it's aged about as well as an episode of Airwolf.
  15. There's been enough TV documentaries with dramatisations about this event in 1980, but I don't believe there's been a proper film until now. Been done by Mel Gibson's production company Icon, directed by a relative unknown Toa Fraser (has directed episodes of Into the Badlands and Penny Dreadful) and strikes me as having a pretty decent cast. Well if you factor in Mark Strong, the late Tim Pigott-Smith and the real life Stephen Toast that is Martin Shaw. Teaser trailer (released over a month ago that I totally missed): Full trailer released today yesterday: Oh and Abbie Cornish as Kate Adie, wonder how good her accent will be.
  16. Anyone here attending the Silverstone event this Easter weekend? I am until Sunday evening, though I'm working.
  17. Judging by that featurette, they've totally ignored the potential of explaining why Bryan, as an ex CIA field operative, has an Irish accent.
  18. FTW !!!! If it was flawed as a studio show format before, it now looks like a Jason Bradbury level recipe for terrible. And by that I mean the level of these two shows he made for Bravo back in the day:
  19. Just thought I'd flag this up, as I just got reminded about this by a writer/researcher friend of mine, who had contacted me late last year. He wanted to know if I could put him in touch with indie game developers, he explained why and that this show was about guys who've become super rich really quickly. Said it was not normally gaming companies - with a small number of exceptions like MOJANG, King, ngmoco, DeepMind Technologies (who don't actually make games) and NaturalMotion - that end up being bought for hundreds of millions or more. Most indie devs I know just wouldn't have much to bring to this pre-pitched setup of a narrative, in terms of their own personal experiences. I did tell him the whole story of Notch and how he'd been making it public that he sort of regretted selling his company for billions, and that he felt very isolated and how most of his former colleagues at Mojang hate him. Anyhow, here's how Channel 4 were pitching this to the press earlier this year, before they'd even started filming it: Channel 4 has commissioned Loaded (8 x 45’), a hilarious new comedy-drama series written by Jon Brown (Fresh Meat, Peep Show, Misfits) that follows four life-long friends who become multi-millionaires - overnight. Josh, Vinny, Ewan and Watto have just sold their start-up videogame company for a clean £246 million - the culmination of a billion man-hours of blood, sweat, toil, coding, shouting, swearing, fighting, hugging, pitching, grinding, and, occasionally, showering. Overnight, the four friends are transformed from “people who play games” to “serious players in the game...” – or are they? Almost immediately, the sweet smell of success takes on a bitter, slightly unpleasant tang. Josh, hyper-sensitive and riddled with “millionaire’s guilt”, finds himself crippled by the burden of his wealth and its “wider socio-economic implications.” Vinny lets his most extravagant desires run amok and buys a bespoke golden Viking helmet, but can a Nando’s Black Card buy him the one thing he truly desires – respect? Straight-edge ex-junkie Watto finds past mistakes come back to haunt him and threaten not only his own fortune but that of his friends too. While tragic beta-male Ewan is eyeing up spending some of his money on reinventing himself, starting with “an ear-job and nice new pair of chinos.” Loaded is a comedy-drama about friendship, ambition, gluttony, the peculiarly British distaste for other people’s success, and what happens when you’ve got £11.5m in the bank but the cash machine has a £300 daily limit. It’s about four friends trying to cling onto the slats of their relationship in the eye of a raging hurricane of money and excess and personal butlers and gold-plated Nordic headwear. Jon Brown, writer, says: “I’m very much looking forward to mining the experience of being an instant millionaire in 2016 to find the most difficult, painful, socially uncomfortable experiences imaginable. For this is how it must be to be Loaded—a rollercoaster of pain and mistrust and confusion and guilt and isolation. A rollercoaster with really comfy seats.” Piers Wenger, Head of Drama at Channel 4, says: “Loaded is a hilarious and prescient comedy drama from one of the funniest young writers around. Exploring what it means to be rich beyond your wildest dreams at a time of life when your friends are almost certainly poor, Loaded is a truthful but comic portrait of a problem most of us can only dream of.” There's yet more press release guff below, if you want it: Anyone here ever watched the original Israeli show Mesudarim, that this comedy/drama is based on? I imagine this might also be Channel 4 thinking that they should do their own take on HBO's very funny Silicon Valley, but I can't say I have massively high expectations about this.
  20. Thought I might include some YT clips, for those forumites elsewhere in the world, unable to fool iPlayer with the IP/DNS hack and or service. Also, did people think when this guy - "the posh boy" - first appeared: That the BBC had traveled back in time and kidnapped a 25 year old David Tennant? Also, anyone remember the guy who played the frustrated actor, when he was in this advert yonks ago: About 13 years ago, a friend of mine wrote a sitcom script about mini-cab drivers. Though it never got made, it did have a provisional cast read through at a theatre. He was a main character and it and it bugged me during the whole read through where I knew him from, and then it clicked.
  21. Nope, the lead voice actor in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was Bill Hader. The actor who plays Richard is Thomas Middleditch, who had a small role in Wolf of Wall Street (the guy who gets fired for cleaning his goldfish bowl at work) and used to be in College Humour videos for years: And also played a certain Street Fighter character in this (in the UK at least) little known sketch show:
  22. A friend of mine said he saw some filming of the new series in his part of Stockton/Oval last week, said it was a SWAT team doing a raid. Turns out that Kill Your Friends director Owen Harris is helming the first episode, with Joe Wright (Atonement, Hanna) due to direct a later installment, with his featuring Bryce Dallas Howard and Alice Eve. Plus Dan Trachtenberg (who was behind both 10 Cloverfield Lane the short Portal: No Escape) and Jakob Verbruggen (directed episodes of House of Cards and The Fall) are lined up for an episode each also.
  23. A friend of mine was at screening Wednesday night of a one-hour mockumentary of Alan touring the UK, while investigating the social divide. It's called Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle and is due to air on Sky Atlantic at the end of the month. Said the audience loved it, was introduced by Coogan as Partridge before the screening. Then he transformed back into normal Coogan for the Q&A afterwards. Plus there was a special cheesecake presentation at the end: Oh and Miles Jupp is in it and plays against type, supposedly.
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