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  1. That is some amazing panning. I remember at the end of season three we were all like 'They make this all up as the go along' but really, I'm starting to doubt that. With a season and a half remaining everything is beginning to come together so well, yet they continue giving us more mysteries and WTF moments at a higher rate then ever before. Lost is my favourite show of all time.
  2. At least you have something to show for it, you could have wasted 5 years working for a shitty company like Gamestation with nothing to show for and nothing to work towards. You made something which a lot of people like- that's a great thing man. You must realise that you can't please everybody!
  3. 999... The whole thing is a 'funny joke' for April.
  4. Scog

    Rock Band!

    I prefer the British list but... I already have quite a lot of those songs that I paid for
  5. It seems there is not much discussion here about iPhone games so in a similar style to the PS3 owners thread, we find ourselves reading one right now. With the exception of Rolando and Bejeweled 2 the game I've played most on mine is Cube Runner. This is not only free but perfectly suits the 'few minutes spare' situation that presents itself so often. Basically you just tilt the phone to move your ship, get high scores and avoid shit. Simple graphics and gameplay, great game.
  6. You were fucking Lisa Morgan were you not? She's nothing without you!
  7. It has already turned mate, about Summer last year- GAMEstation is fucking shit now which is a real shame.
  8. Mario one in Tesco Bournemouth if anybody is interested and Shenmue in Tesco Salisbury.
  9. Actually it's about Sony charging Publishers for PS3 downloadable content.
  10. Good point, its out gaming the gamers machines! PS2 has the best this week with Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans.
  11. Scog

    Cheap AI

    Motorstorm 2 had the cuntiest AI ever created, when I'm at a PC next I'll paste my rant on it into this thread. Ruined an otherwise brilliant game!
  12. If you think Outrun loses it's appeal quickly then steer (lol) clear of GTI Club- that loses it's appeal quicker then the Wii. The Wii!
  13. Stable Framerate, support a decent Developer, looks sexier, Online with people playing, ease of having it on the hard drive, FUN!
  14. Ian Beale is a bit of a pimp nowadays, with his 'fuck you' attitude, his leather jacket and bluetooth headset!
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