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  1. Mario Kart 8. Played it with my boyfriend a massive amount but then we went through a weird and messy break up. I found that I couldn't bring myself to fire up the game again. I even got the first DLC pack when Nintendo were doing their offer on getting it for free for so many gold coins but it was never touched. I think the fact I'd made a lil Mii of him as a character also led me to want to avoid from playing it. I fully intend to get the Switch version though, fresh console and all that. That said when I was going through all the fallout I could really only be bothered to pick up my Vita and I got addicted to Binding of Isaac which I pretty much played constantly. Looking forward to that coming Switch bound, too.
  2. I'm watching this too so we may get to double figures come Season 3. It reminds me a lot of Brothers & Sisters.
  3. Ryan Murphy has revealed the theme of Season 7 will be....last years US Election.
  4. I've come back to Bloodborne while I wait for the Switch to tackle the Chalice Dungeons in full. Currently on the Cursed and Defiled Chalice. Trying to defeat Watchdog of the Old Lords on half health is bloody tough. Almost got him down last night, had him at a sliver of health only to be one-shot killed by his dash attack. It's making me crave a sequel though.
  5. I've played a few Tales games, Symphonia 1&2, Xilla and picked up Abyss and really enjoyed them. The skits between the characters had some really quite funny moments which made up for the sometimes RPG by-the-numbers stories. I bought Zestiria in the PSN sale but gave up on it about 8 hours in, just wasn't clicking and the open world kind of design they were trying out didn't really work. Glad Berseria is sounding a lot better, really want to get into another Tales again.
  6. I think it's only getting a physical release on Switch in Japan.
  7. There's been a couple of mentions on Twitter via some game journo's that I am Setsuna will also be a day one launch title (digital only).
  8. The Switch at the beginning of March and the final Dark Souls 3 DLC at the end. What a time to be alive!
  9. Game Collection have the standard edition for £49.95. Slowly coming down to sensible levels.
  10. Constructor, remember that? Building sim by System 3 is apparently a launch title. Switch saved! Mind you I did play it quite a bit when it was out on PC years and years ago.
  11. Well, least it hasn't gone to ITV for Ant and Dec to do more of their moronic hosting.
  12. The dot has the price inside it, they're obviously leaving that as a surprise. The random line usually has the Reviews featured the normal monthly Edge magazine.
  13. Was all excited about Amazon finally dispatching the guide today until I glanced back at the product page. Seems the jump from Futurepress to Prima has seen a significant dip in quality. Bit of a shame if it really is as bad as people are making out.
  14. Ahhhh the sinister cackle of NPCs after their bit of dialogue. It's good to be back.
  15. Have little clue what's going on really, up to Chapter 3 so now I've got a bit more freedom I think I'll be running round the first area for a while to get to grips with it all. But bloody hell the text size is sooooooo small even on my 48" screen. It's Dead Rising all over again.
  16. My folks bad at all either. I ask for a game every Birthday and Christmas and they don't bat an eyelid. Since giving my DSLite to my Mum (and subsequently now she has my old 3DS) she does spend quite a fair bit of time playing games, favourites are Prof Layton and the like. Tried to get her into Phoenix Wright but she couldn't get on with it. We all got her a Kindle Fire a couple of years back and she always seems to be on it. Don't think my Dad could turn on a 3DS if he tried though.
  17. Anyone else had their sub copy come through with a massive rip in the pages of the Destiny preview? Doesn't look like it was done in transit, the way it was ripped seemed like it was a printing error.
  18. Dungeon Keeper 3 and not it being riddled by IAPs. Though I guess we did get War for the Overworld.
  19. Thanks for the tips on switching the view on the Batmobile to help out with the last Riddler subquest race. Made thing so much easier (especially the last bit with the crushing blocks seeing as I didnt have to tilt my head at an odd angle as I was doing beofre) managed to get it done first time
  20. Had a bit of a rage quit last night. Was doing the last Riddler race in his subquest missions (bloody hell it's a pain) and after so many attempts at the final lap I was finally getting somewhere only for the game to crash. Holy annoyance, Batman. Other than that little blip I'm enjoying the hell out of the game.
  21. Ranked Battle seems to change the mode you're going to play so it'll either be Splat Zones or Tower Control. I'm guessing it changes every two hours or so when the stages get swapped. Let's hope we actually get the choose what mode we want to play in the August update.
  22. Bugger, when Reggie was talking about transformation at the end I was hoping the presentation we just saw would transform into something decent.
  23. Luckily my two weeks off work coincided with Blloodborne being released so most of the time has been spent shunning the good weaher we've had and exploring the lovely gothic type world of the game. Completed it last night and loved every minute of it. Going to echo what others have said about the sense of accomplishment you get for deafeating some of the bosses in this game. Thanks to the Beckoning Bell system being a bit wonky I downed all bosses on my own bar one where as before in other Souls games I kind of gave up after a few goes and just called in help by default. Only bad thing about it is, like what happened when I played Dark Souls, it's going to make other games pale and uninteresting in comparison for a while.
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