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  1. Tho I would have a hard time choosing which one...
  2. I should love this game but I also find it hard to play and drift off or get disinterested. A big part for me is the terrible music, it gives me a headache.
  3. Absolutely loved this but then Evil Dead 2 is my fave movie. So many Evil Dead references, I love that there is a Marvel movie out there like this and we even get
  4. Are you doing the 3 endings for the plat? I did the same as you and it was fine, I only beat EB once then save scummed all the endings.
  5. Brilliant stuff with an incredibly satisfying final episode. and who would of thought
  6. It does waffle on a bit at the start but the story gets pretty good and shit does indeed hit the fan. Really enjoying it.
  7. Will def be sharper but it runs fine on Switch.
  8. Same Triangle Strategy is legit. A great SRPG.
  9. haha I thought this as well, no way could you get a space that big in London on those wages, they made the block he was in look all rough and dirty but his flat was an amazing studio flat in central London, whoever designed that set has never been there.
  10. Think the mimic has a bottomless bag of consumables and he/she never runs out of FP.
  11. I hardly ever bother with Achievements but you might as well as this games trophies sort of happen organically, the only other Platinum I have is the PS5 Astro Bot. I wasn't going for the Plat but when I had a quick peak at the trophies and saw how close I was I just went for it. Did plenty of natural exploring as well.
  12. Beat the boss, save, upload save to cloud, do Ranni's, download save, do the second one from the statue, download save, go off and find the 3rd ending. That's what I did, then I downloaded the save again and finished off the rest of the plat.
  13. I beat him once and got all 3 of the trophy endings.
  14. Yep, it’s easily done, just upload save after final boss.
  15. And done! 120 hours, got Platinum. If there's a better game out this year then we've reached peak videogame. I could do with my life back now tho. Started out Faith/Strength with longsword, then went Dual scythes, got seduced by the sword of night and flame, when that got nerfed I went rivers of blood build which served me well up until the last boss when I went back to faith and the blasphemous blade with a side order of prawn silly string for the final boss form. Loved it, one of the best games ever made.
  16. Say goodbye to the pinball high scores thread for at least a month, have fun!
  17. Are you dual wielding Katanas? I found her fairly easy with Rivers and the Mimic, it stun locked her quite a bit, still had at least 10 goes tho. I was way lower level than you and don't think Rivers was maxed yet. What part of the fight gives you the most problems?
  18. Whole combos while not even touching the controller tho, thats a busted pad or a ghost.
  19. Not seen it myself, apart from the usual ‘commit to animation’ souls thing.
  20. Sounds like your joypad is haunted.
  21. About 75 faith and I had to upgrade the Erdtrees Seal, then got close and let rip with the string. You still have to do some dodging, its not total cheese.
  22. Thanks for this, killed the final boss with prawn silly string. Blood build just wasn’t doing it so a quick respect to faith, blasphemous bladed the first form and silly stringed the last guy. Peasy. Not seen the ending yet tho, will tidy up some lose strands tomorrow and see if I can platinum it.
  23. It's the appear from nowhere beam or swipe you to death move I hate. I had him about 2 hits from death one time. Mimic seems to do very little in that fight, think all the teleporting means it's constantly running after the boss.
  24. I know he's optional but he is total bullshit, 1 shot moves all over the shop.
  25. Will also come back, Elden Ring taking up all my time at the mo.
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