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  1. Quite partial to Palafin esp when you call him back and he turns into super dolphin. I've been enjoying it a lot, but yeah, like you say apart from sorting out the frame rate a bit I doubt they will do much via patches.
  2. I know, sorry, was feeling argumentative hahah, all good.
  3. It sold 10 million copies in 3 days, doesn't excuse the state of the game but I don't think a couple of people not getting their pre-order from 1 Game is gonna make much of a difference.
  4. There must be Pokemon people have in home that are not in the game so they cannot transfer, they just make home a place to log all your Pokemon across every game, like a master Dex and if those pokemon are in the new rebooted game it you can transfer. I'd scrap home completely hardly anyone uses it.
  5. It's still worth a play. They back themselves into a corner Game Freak, they have this franchise which revolves around 100's of Pokemon in each game, most of which have 3 evolution states, and each of these Pokemon can learn multiple moves, then they make 2 versions of this game, the amount of work is astronomical and ends up with corners cut. If I was running Pokemon I'd reboot the whole thing, cut it back to a smaller Pokedex, only include the fan fave Pokemon (there's some terrible Pokemon now that look like a couple of pingpong balls with a smiley face drawn on them), then make future proof new models for a reduced amount of Pokemon and build from that base, but no, that makes too much sense.
  6. Yeah it’s shockingly bad how awful it looks sometimes, but then I realise I’ve been playing it for hours and enjoying myself. Had to stop trying to farm shinies tho as way over levelled.
  7. It's enjoyable but can look really ropey sometimes. And why are all the Pokemon at the start so bloody small? You can hardly see what they are sometimes.
  8. It'll be so you don't have people smashing thru the game with already high level Pokemon, which is fair enough, paid for however.
  9. I think next year you will be able to connected it to Pokemon Home and then transfer Pokemon from Go into the games.
  10. Still up for it, I like the look of those Swarovski Pokemon.
  11. Thought this was just as good as the others, some great tragi comedy moments. Every season has been great in its own way.
  12. Just finished this, thought it was excellent, a sucker for the loser character who is actually cool as fuck. Looking forward to season 2.
  13. Episode 7 was brilliant, reminded me of a few nights out I had in my twenties.
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