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  1. Yeah still voxels, trying our hardest to make it look anything but your typical voxel based game tho, more and more low poly bits, pixel art textures and depth of field effects are creeping in.
  2. Latest screen shot from the strat RPG I am working.
  3. This one is going to have an offline story like the old ones apparently and then an online multiplayer hub, but it also have the SoS, not sure how it's all going to work.
  4. I wouldn't worry about that, they tend to move the series forward rather than back, so I expect this to be all the best bits of World with some new ideas on top, all your fave parts of world will still be there.
  5. Melon_Bread

    NIOH 2

    no it was on PS5, it did cross my mind but they just did nothing really, just messed around.
  6. Melon_Bread

    NIOH 2

    Had an odd coop game the other night, was the second boss in region 4, 3 of us joined and the player with the yellow name didn't actually help they kept doing this emote where they would fall over and roll around on the floor. Next thing I know they had teleported to the boss door, me and the other guy had to do the whole level by ourselves, I could see that the yellow player was in camera mode taking shots as the icon changed to a camera above their name, but they were miles away waiting for us to reach them. Got to the boss and they just stood in the corner while we somehow ki
  7. Melon_Bread

    NIOH 2

    My tip for him, run around a lot, you’ll spot his openings, this game has a reverse difficulty curve therefore he’s bloody hard.
  8. haha did cross our minds but think we'll leave that one for Vandal Hearts, never gonna do it better than that game, which somehow looks terrible and awesome at the same time.
  9. I am actually making a strat rpg spiritual successor to FFT, Vandal Hearts, etc at the moment in Voxels, gonna be interesting to see what they do in this modern take. I sort of agree with the about about Octopath was all a bit too clever, I like it tho.
  10. Melon_Bread

    NIOH 2

    you get the DLC which is about £20
  11. Dunno about that, if there's anything this thread could do with it's some lively discussion, it's been a dying thread for years, such a shame for a once great game.
  12. You said it's the best it's ever been? or some aspects of it. It's totally fine you enjoy it, I enjoyed my first play thru and sort of enjoyed going thru on an alt but it's got nothing to keep me playing and that just disappoints cuz it's a massive part of my gaming history.
  13. Not sure I would say the solo stuff is best ever, it's enjoyable to go thru once or twice, after that you'll get sick of it as it's very linear this time. I did find that even with the quest locations on the map this time around there is a hell of a lot of quests that are hidden away in a cave or underneath the ground somewhere and I spent quite a bit looking online for where the hell the quest wanted me to go and that's never happened to me before in WoW. Lets face it, none of the last few expansions are the best ever.
  14. Melon_Bread

    NIOH 2

    Went and helped a few people kill that boss that gave me so much trouble, did quite well, felt good to give him a good thrashing. It's the snake next tho, oh god.
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