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  1. Er, thanks for letting us know. Very moreish this game, so much you can do, it's very easy to pop on for a quick go and end up hours later having remodeled half your farm. I love how self sufficient the villagers are, they really help out once you set them up with rooms to work in.
  2. Pink RATHIAN is probably the first proper wall in the game that a lot of people hit, she's the first subspecies and the gateway to high rank, I think you can get the Zorah Magdaros set at that point? that is a good set to take you into highrank. Def flash bomb her, bring antidotes.
  3. Gotta be Leá Monde in Vagrant Story...
  4. Tigrex is amazing! The beta has made me go back and try for the world platinum, just need 3 elder gold crowns and some arena quests, missing all those new moves, hammer is even more amazing now as is greatsword.
  5. Good!
  6. Took down the first of the new Monsters in the beta, going in for Tigrex later, can't wait to fight the old screaming, rock chucking boy again, we have history from the dual Tigrex quests in Freedom Unite.
  7. Expansion. Did another one of these for Iceborne...
  8. Wonder if there will be any extra monsters in the beta, like how you could go off and kill Rathalos in the original beta version. Looking forward to Tigrex, one of my faves!
  9. Yes red mage is super fun, much more movement than the turret like black mage and the melee moves are a pretty fun mechanic to build up to. I am about to hit 60 soon think I am at the end of Heavensward's story, so loads to go. Will grab the new linkshell from Wev when I am on, my character is Stabasco Saurus the only other active member of the old Albion linkshell it seems.
  10. Almost 60 now, enjoying the story and some triple triad. We need to sort out this linkshell debacle.
  11. 56 Red Mage now, finally got to where I was in the story so can carry on progressing grabbed the PS4 version of Stormblood as well, was only £7 now I can play on the sofa sometimes. Need to grab the linkshell from you guys, I am in AlbionReborn which seem to be dead.
  12. Playing this a bit as well, about to try Red Mage and then level thru the rest of the story, we really should coordinate our efforts into one place.
  13. I didn't get on with this when i first played it, but gave it another go a few weeks ago, just hit chapter 4 last night and I have totally fallen in love with the game. Controls are not a problem now as I've played it for so long but I did have the thing stefcha mentioned where it swaps your equipped weapons for rubbish ones, this is really annoying at the start of a mission where it won't let you go back to your horse and swap stuff back in. I remember one of the reasons I stopped playing before was my horse randomly changed to a crap one and wasn't in the stable and I lost my cool revolvers, a lot of these bugs seem to be ironed out now, sort of glad I waited so long to play it again. Really is a stunning looking game, those misty mornings riding into town with the deer bouncing along side and the ducks noisily taking to the air are beautiful to look at.
  14. Quite a bit of swearing, think the first words are shit, shit shit and there's an F bomb, would prob leave the 6 year old at home (not alone of course)
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