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  1. yep, shit basically, I am two thirds thru the game now and I still have my shit moments, switching characters and enemy weakness is crucial, the characters not under your direct control seem a bit rubbish at times so you gotta micro manage it all. It's very fun when it clicks tho.
  2. Around 10 hours in and agree with Sprite, loads of materia to mess around with and scratch that RPG system itch. The last two nights have flown by playing this, and it's pretty much followed the original so far apart from some expanded sections and a few bits that seemed obvious padding, but when it's good it's really good and prob the best Final Fantasy we have had in a long time.
  3. Nope but its gonna be interesting.
  4. Still loving it, tho I have a high tolerance for Square. However, minor spoilers...
  5. Played about 3 hours last night, loved it.
  6. Some clothing designs from me, posted these on twitter but thought I would collate them here for you all...
  7. Melon_Bread

    NIOH 2

    This is very good, did the second proper boss last night as my heart was racing. Great stuff.
  8. Melon_Bread

    NIOH 2

    Played a bit last night, loved it, tho I am still creeping around the first level scared of everything and trying to get used to all the moves.
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