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  1. That is from Pacific Rim.
  2. It stands for retrospective gamer, you know, from the dictionary definition: Retro: Involving, relating to, or reminiscent of things past; retrospective In other words, the title of the magazine is "gamers reminiscing about games", not "old games!". It's a retrospective of games, just as you can have an Orson Welles retrospective, or a Mozart retrospective. The article you've posted might have some merit if the title of the magazine were Retro Games. But it's not. The design or age of the games themselves is technically irrelevant, since the magazine name doesn't address that (and plenty of co
  3. JBD

    Dredd 3D

    Respectfully following the template set by the uni-phiz spaniard. Also, even though Judge Death Lives is probably the best black and white arttwork ever to grace Dredd, I always thought Bolland's depiction of MC1 was a bit limp.
  4. JBD

    Dredd 3D

    Bolland, Esquerra and Mcmahon get most of the kudos, but I'd rate early Steve Dillon as one of the best; Cry of the Werewolf, City of the Damned, bits of Block Mania etc; all classic gritty, dramatic work.
  5. JBD

    Gaming Fiascoes

    Although I didn't work on it, I arrived at the developer of this game just as it was being finished. Halcyon days! Of the three directors, one had basically had a nervous breakdown after making "his" team redundant a few months before and was barely in the office, the marketing director was a fun but completely irresponsible and game-illiterate guy who went on to sell paddling pools and the third, the one who was left actually running the show, was utterly sick of the company and was looking to extract himself ASAP without leaving the staff at the mercy of the other two. Generally I hesitate
  6. Spawn the movie. Dire even at the time (turn the sound off):
  7. Poor form. Does that happen much, people wanting money for interviews?
  8. Yeah, it's clearly a joke. A good one, though.
  9. That was my reading of it, too, or at least independant cells that could replace/absorb the host cells then collectivise into gestalt entities and dissipate back to individual cells at will. Sort of like a sentient slime mold: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dictyostelium_discoideum Norris begins to split into 2 things (head spider and roof-holding thing) even before Russell torches the roof thing.
  10. Agreed, the problem for me isn't that the season has a complex arc, it's just that this one is a bit of a duffer; It's muddled and tiresome and, crucially, I just don't care if they find their kid or not (difficult when they don't seem to). I've enjoyed most of the more standalone stuff this year, it's the arc that's dragging.
  11. Shame...I've always wondered if he moved on of his own accord or whether the Stampers did a Pete Best on him when they set up Rare. That's assuming he actually exists, of course.
  12. See if you can get an interview with John Lathbury, the mysterious 4th member of the Ultimate team.
  13. Exactly this. Big Russ must be suffering from an undiagnosed brain tumor or something. I'm not so much watching this as enduring it.
  14. They should just use this score FFS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUqP35FjbWE
  15. I reckon it was because ITV put Buck Rogers on in direct opposition that season. It's why I didn't watch at any rate.
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