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  1. I may finally go back and finish it off! Stopped at the hospital I think (can't really remember) and not sure why tbh.
  2. Red pre-ordered. Happy days, my daughter was desperate for a red one so all good.
  3. Right at the end of Halo 3 now and have thoroughly enjoyed it but the bloody Cortana level can piss off, just finished it. Scarab madness is still as fun as I remember though. Gravemind and Cortana prattling on gets a bit old though. And it's quite odd at the last few levels they suddenly decided to use painted backdrops for the intro and outros to levels. Looks great though. Feeling a bit of Halo fatigue tbh so not sure where I'll go next, probably ODST then Reach but might have a break before then.
  4. I started working my way through this recently (thanks again secret Santa!) Halo 1 - Still an absolute stone cold classic, I will never get bored of it. Halo 2 - Christ what a slog. I nearly stopped a couple of times but the second half actually grew on me and I began to enjoy it a bit more. Still, not going back there again. First time I've replayed it since the original release so did help clear up some of the why's and what have you's I vividly remember (or rather don't) having from the first time around. Halo 3 up next and should be a lot of fun. Playing through on heroic bar first half of Halo on Legendary. It's a nicer balance at this point in time for me.
  5. Yeh, similar here. Bought at launch, played a bit but got quite bored if I'm honest and was rushing through things to move on as quick as possible and it was a tad broken. Will wait some more and come back for another go later in the year I think.
  6. Great vid. I worked with Nicolas many, many, many years ago. Good for him and them.
  7. Tarkov, cough, Tarkov...
  8. I've got a copy but only played a few rounds as never got others interested. Be up some if I can drag myself off Tarkov and timings work.
  9. I'm only pulling your leg, just a number of us and many others have got one. Agree it's big and my desk depth is 1.1m so that definitely helps. I can't go back to regular monitors now and I had the full gamut . But each to their own of course.
  10. The new charging stand is brilliant, so much better than the ps4 one like @Quexexsays. Highly recommend it.
  11. Lol, half off one ear is the way I do it. Sort of.
  12. I think we all come to that eventually. And then you can't hear your wife, kids, significant other shouting at you to do something but can bliss out playing at the same time late into the night as needed.
  13. Len

    Dying Light 2

    Oooh, really enjoyed the original so be fun to see where they've got to with this after the delay.
  14. Len

    System Shock 3

    SS2 is a stone cold, terrifying classic. Played it so many times and still creeps me out.
  15. I'm back on now so we can be rubbish together! Don't delay!
  16. Len

    The Division 2

    Just need to redo the Survival mode from Div 1 like @Floshenbarnical mentions, best part of that game in the end once you'd ground everything else. Stunningly good.
  17. Len

    The Division 2

    Lol, oh it is so so good. Even more so in co-op. Underground is great as well though.
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