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  1. Rinsed this on mobile many, many times and then start all over again each time I update my phone. And you're spot on about the upgrades system. Great stuff.
  2. Can't wait to play this with my daughter once we finish up the PS4 remaster. Nearly there!
  3. Loved this and played it to death on the Saturn, it really was excellent. Not sure I need to play it again now mind but sure will be good fun.
  4. Endless Tarkov for me..still. It's just the simple quick raid or five that does it. Absolutely love it, particularly with the new patch. Nothing comes close to the thrill it gives even though I'm still pretty rubbish. What a game. Then Cloudpunk when I want to just relax. Looks beautiful, stunning soundtrack and zooming about the city is a lot of fun. Even some good and quite funny social commentary and conversations if you care to invest. Other than that it's really just a take a from point b to point c which I normally get very bored of but not with this. Then there's tlou2 which I'm not sure I'll ever finish tbh. Got about half way through and it's just so goddam bleak I can't muster up the enthusiasm to play it any further. First is one of my all time favourites as well. I think a new kid and eternal tiredness has robbed me of the ability. Oh and the Ratchet and Clank remaster (?) with my daughter, nearly finished then on to the new one.
  5. This should help. https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5165/~/nvidia-resizable-bar-firmware-update-tool
  6. It's really simple, just follow the instructions on geforce site and your mobo manufacturer. Think they have an app thing that'll check and talk you through it.
  7. Loved 1 and 2 so hoping they can go to town on this. Great, scary memories. And I'd totally forgotten about that bloody turret @Vemsie
  8. Len

    Dying Light 2

    Looks brilliant fun.
  9. Nice. Got one arriving in next few days as well.
  10. Can't wait for this, been such a long time coming.
  11. Cannot wait for Streets, gonna be amazeballs. Tarkov forever!
  12. Len

    Battlefield 2042

    Absolutely loved that. Had all the classic BF moments in it and then some. Can't wait to see more, should be great fun.
  13. I've not finished it yet so yes please, whatever it is!
  14. I'm still a little way in to Seattle Day 1 but haven't been back as each time I think of playing I just don't want the stress/bleakness after a knackering day. Which is amazing one way but also a bit rubbish! Might just have to start something else in meantime on the ps5 (I never do that).
  15. Len

    Dying Light 2

    First was great fun, particularly at night when getting chased. Proper F E A R at times. Looking forward to this.
  16. Yeh, I was asking about this the other day. So are you just setting to stereo or surround for the headphones after setting up the 3d audio 'level'? I think it should be stereo then it does the rest for you but am happy to be corrected.
  17. Can't wait to see more. Thoroughly enjoyed the original.
  18. Not looking as not finished. I seem to remember a similar vid from the original as also so good at the time.
  19. I've got a qu! If I want to take advantage of the ps5 3d audio business do I need to change anything in the settings? There's a stereo or surround headphones option, which should I be using? Got the Audeze Penrose so I think stereo but just want to make sure. Playing tlou2 and sounds amazing but want to make sure taking full advantage etc.
  20. Got to Seattle day 1 last night and finished off the aquarium. Jesus christ. I literally let out an, oh god, no. Sheesh.
  21. I can't even notice if I'm honest but been a while since I played on ps4. All updates welcome though. It's just a great game so who really cares?
  22. Well, it is a worry it has to be said! Like I said, at times you're like, sheesh, this is heavy going but still fantastic at the same time if that makes any sense?
  23. Out of interest, not that it matters, how far through am I? Lots to look forward to?
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