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  1. Lovely latest, "clammy cyborg prototype Mark Zuckerberg" properly made me chuckle.
  2. Have you got to the main lobby yet? That's when it really, really opens up and can be tough/a slog sometimes to get there, dependent upon choices.
  3. I really enjoyed it on PS4 and can't wait for the follow up. Fantastic world.
  4. If you're gonna make it one, make it Prey. Easily the best thing Arkane have ever done (imo). Stunningly good game. I'm tempted by another play through.
  5. This is the first year in probably more than a decade that'll be in my own house for the Christmas period so gaming will be done. I have lots of secret Santa goodies along with Ratchet and Clank, RE8 and GotG which I got in the sales for PS5 to play. So obviously that means it'll be yet more Escape from Tarkov. The addiction is real. Take note @moosegrinder
  6. Wowsers, thank you beautiful secret Santa for all seven, count 'em, seven pressies! Falconeer The Solus Project Bug Fables Toree 2 Toree 3D Blazing Chrome Iconoclasts Lovely stuff, can't wait to get stuck in. A very Happy Christmas to all!
  7. I did actually make it just after this and thought I'd posted but obviously not. Like others have just said one of the most intense, grueling, painful and downright incredible bits of software I've ever played. But jesus christ, it's grim on another scale. I'm not sure I can bring myself to play it through again (completed it on hard) and definitely don't think I need another one. Just way too much at times but maybe that is I have a family and am getting older and even softer now. I did let out a number of oh god, no and jesus christ's during the second half as certain events unfolded. Amazing, amazing stuff though.
  8. Me to and far, far easier to put the ds's on than the official ps4 one.
  9. Snap! /highfivesallround
  10. Just back from short holiday, panic stations!
  11. Set mine to public, thanks for reminding me @JPR! Whomever has the misfortune of getting me, please feel free to completely ignore my wish list if needed but let's see what discounts the sale brings. No particular order to it at all tbh. And anything is brilliant. Now, on to my lucky so and so.
  12. Len

    (PS5/PC) Forspoken

    I thought it looked absolutely awful (and defo original ac vibes). Disappointing as was looking forward to this after the initial reveal.
  13. So we're errr, all still completely addicted to this and play it daily just about. Anyway, a big patch and wipe just happened on the 12th which included many changes and a new map, Lighthouse. It is still hands down the most exhilarating, terrifying, rewarding and downright incredible game out there for me. I cannot stop playing it. Come and join us if you fancy and it is definitely the more the merrier.
  14. Just saw this on Twitter and my eyes nearly rolled out of my head. Ridiculous but about right in every way. Christ almighty.
  15. AW2, ooh. Survival horror. Hopefully better than the first, yes I said it.
  16. I need to give this another go. I started it straight after finally finishing tlou2 and it just felt so clunky to me. I think I was very tired though so I shelved it and must revisit/restart soon.
  17. Totally up for this as per usual. A wonderful tradition.
  18. Down to $25, couldn't resist at that price. Looking forward to it a lot after reading all the impressions on here.
  19. Took a punt on this as down to $19 on PS5 here.
  20. Looks fantastic, can't wait for lots of jolly co-op!
  21. Finally subscribed today, sorry it took a while. Kids, life etc. Looking forward to the long read over the weekend.
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