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  1. Right, so much more discovered and got but I must go to bed. I can't keep track of it all. Looking fwd to all your adventures.
  2. This is absolutely nuts, staggering. Just went down to by complete chance. WTF, the scale?!?! And the whole thing is so, so atmospheric. Found a map for but nothing for the rest so far but have an idea. So much I want to talk about. My wretch now has a sword, shield and raggetaggedy outfit but it'll do for now.
  3. This is, utterly, utterly magnificent. I crumbled and started on pc, runs really well for me so far (may be the 3090 brute forcing?) No shield is a complete mare as a wretch but sod it, trying to get enough cash for one from that first ncp merchant you meet. Dinner, kids to bed, coffee and specific gummies () chosen then back at it. No idea where I'm going to go and absolutely love it.
  4. I'm going in, I can't wait any longer. And I'm even Wretching it up as well, god help me!
  5. Has to be coffee for me if on any menu. They don't bloody do it over here, if you ask for coffee cake you get cake that goes with coffee, usually fruit. WTF is that all about?!? Aaaaaaaanyway...
  6. I've lost my mind so much I've dbl dipped already! Basically due to my daughter being on tele during day (ps5) so got on pc as well. Was going to do two diff builds but thinking about it, it will slightly ruin discovery as knowledge will feed actions in each other. So might wait for first play through then do after that. Or not... And also wanted first play through on ps5 (pickup tomorrow) but pc will be available in just over two hours and I'm so so weak.
  7. My god I'm excited. I think i might even double dip so PC and PS5 , diff builds depending on what I'm doing and sat infront of. We can do NZ steam trick right? Eeeeeeek!
  8. I'll take forever to read and way over think my starting class and then be totally undecisive for far, far too long. Then choose a big bloody knight...again.
  9. Love it. The ER hype has properly got you @Uzi Hackers definitely a fear as well like you say and I've haven't got my pc hooked up to living room as too far and I'm too lazy. And need a bigger, newer tele in there (this Summer!)
  10. PS5 for me, I was toying with PC (machine could easily handle it and more and to play with a friend) but it just feels right slumped on the sofa, bigger screen, ds pad and on a console. Can't wait...
  11. Finally stuck my pre-order in. Pickup on Fri morning hopefully, or over the weekend at some point, with some steel case gubbins and a pre-order dlc of some sort which I can't read. What's that then? A thrilling map or similar rubbish?
  12. The moon?! Somewhere in CA I would hazard a guess which means I should probably order from them as well asap.
  13. I'm sitting on a lounger watching the sun come up in Mexico so can't join in but looking forward to reading everyone's impressions. What a gaming week ahead for us all.
  14. Tbh, no but that doesn't mean much with my memory these days.
  15. I've just realised I have no idea if I played Frozen Wilds or not. I just can't remember at all. Surely I did as I loved the first one? Aah well, I'll watch a recap and see if that triggers anything before this.
  16. Maybe a stupid question but does this have cross play (of sorts) between PS4 & PS5? Just I have some mates who want to get it and only have a PS4 at the mo.
  17. This'll be out just after I get back from holiday, nice. Now, PS5 or PC? Feels like should be PS5 but depends who's playing.
  18. Just (finally) finished this (trying to wean myself off Tarkov) and it was absolutely brilliant. It's just a superb video game and has so much soul (thanks @Herbalizer). It's so, so well made, I loved it and just feels so joyous at times. Totally astonishing and totally amazing! Oh and NYC at Xmas, absolutely nailed it.
  19. God I used to love Winter Games by Epyx on the C64 but that doesn't help you much, sorry.
  20. Never seen it like that, great stuff. Anyway, on with the show...
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