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  1. OMG. Went to have a tidy up round Limgrave before continuing through the castle. Took out the dragon and various other bits. Then found a shortcut round (hidden in plain sight, how on earth did I miss that?!) to be presented with vastness for want of a better word. Makes starting area look like a playground. This is unbelievable /incredible. I love it.
  2. Stormveil Castle is just genius. Decided to finally tackle it earlier and everything just clicked in to place even more. Got so much new stuff to go through tomorrow and crack on in to that courtyard.
  3. My pc version just updated again. Thriling I know. edit:
  4. Loved this getup: In fact, should we have a separate fashion souls thread do we think? Looking forward to playing more later after being turfed out with the maintenance last night and actually getting a good nights sleep. Can't stop thinking about it and the myriad of things to do.
  5. Call other help in, three is better than two!
  6. Bugger. Oh well, next build maybe.
  7. Anyone else just get chucked out of the servers? Can't log back in now. This probably? Just as I settling down for the evening. Bugger. Oh well, early bed will do me good.
  8. Weird, yes I did after killing the boss but he just said he had to stay!? When you say boss you mean the lioney char out on the water/island right?
  9. Also, was letter lady when you went back to her after Castle Morne? I fear I took too long to get the job down as went elsewhere for quite a while before returning to sort it all out. A big curved sword stuck in the ground next to her. Lovely.
  10. There's a spirit summons that will do it all for you and he can't do a thing about it. I was v surprised but glad after trying all and getting repeatedly twatted by him.
  11. I'm promising myself I'm going to go to bed early'ish tonight as this has ruined me with kids and work since last Thurs. So bloody tired...lol!
  12. Been trying to farm Magrit last night and today and everyone just dies. I want those runes man.
  13. I got a huge bloody sword last night (40 strength) but no where near being able to use it. I've got a Lordson Heavy Greatsword+3 which is ok but I feel I could be doing better. Can anyone point me in the direction of something a little better maybe? I have the but need more equip load to carry so maybe level for that?
  14. Warpick which I picked up nearby/god knows where. Works a treat. I couldn't do the boss so have to go back later.
  15. There's a spirit you can use for the tree sentinel (I tried them all after the umpteenth time) that means you literally have to do nothing and he just cant fight it. Very pleasing.
  16. I do this constantly and it drives me nuts. was even considering swapping it with/for stealth.
  17. is doooooown! Delicious fun, we ruined him.
  18. Just got the tastiest sword from , needs 40 strength to wield it!?!
  19. Ha, goodbye ! Hit him a couple of times, spirit did the rest and watched him gradually fade away and fall. He couldn't do anything about it. Lovely. Also some co-op for cash (so much fun, I'd forgotten) and mining for stones. So much fun. Must get back to Magrit at some point.
  20. Yep, me neither. Haven't seen a single one work since started which is a shame. Hoping to get back on this today as guests have left. Planning to strengthen some weapons and have a third go at Margit. Or just get completely distracted and wander off who knows where. Also might start a different second build on ps5.
  21. Nope! Had a battle with the but legged it as I ran out of health. Don't think I spoke to anyone in strange armour but that's not saying much with my memory.
  22. Has anyone else found a completely random mirror/portal out in the open world tucked behind some bushes that took them to a bloody ?! Just remembered that happened last night.
  23. I know this is bait but wait, what? So you're level 3?! Edit: To clarify, 3 over where you started from. Comical.
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