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  1. Good shout. The other half works in theatre and so has dragged me along since we got together and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it and have seen a lot of stuff down the years (particularly at The Almeida in Islington) which I would never have even considered previously. And there is something magical about a live performance when they get it right. That said it is still prohibitively expensive sometimes as you can't afford to take a risk on expensive tickets for something you might not like which is why I think many ppl shy away from going but there are definitely bargains out there. Try the Travelex sponsored tickets for The National for example - £12 which is a bargain. http://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/48590/production-seasons/travelex-12-tickets-2011.html And many places do cheaper tickets if you sign up to be a 'friend' or suchlike which is usually free or very cheap. Best thing I've personally ever seen was this but there have been many others: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Days_of_Judas_Iscariot
  2. That can't be right, VDV was using the wrong brand name! http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/941470/inter-star-wesley-sneijder-hints-at-unofficial-talks-with-man-utd?cc=5739 Pls let it happen!
  3. It's so gutting, I want more. Even considering a purchase of MoH to get in the next phase or an early pre-order on Origin (I never do that). Or do we reckon if you were in the alpha we'll get invited back - lets hope so?
  4. Went to the game on Sat and as said previously Welbeck, Cleverley and De Gea looked good. Owen's goal was class and there was a bit of spice in the air once Barca scored. Crowd was overhelmingly UTD (would say 70/30 at least) which surprised me. Good game, now bring on the proper stuff...
  5. Got mine last night out of the blue whilst getting pissed, what a nice surprise. Absolutely loving it so far, a few niggles but this is an alpha after all. Add me to yr lists pls (I'm stateside so will be late most nights for UK ppl): LenHug
  6. And try the Sun Song, it works in the Shadow Tempel at one point. So I reckon just play them all and one should work.
  7. And remember you can always go through areas without the 'correct' water level which may give you access you didn't have before. I got back to this at the wkend and got halfway through the Spirit Temple and couldn't get any further as couldn't pick up one particular silver rupee in a room. Took me ages to realise I needed the and I hadn't even been to the Fire Temple and or Shadow Temple...d'oh! And I'd been ignoring Navi (doesn't everyone?) banging on about Death Mountain for ages...lol! Things are moving again now...
  8. Did my head in the other night for ages as well!
  9. Len

    The Valve Thread

    I'm so jealous of you, you're in for a treat.
  10. Len

    The Valve Thread

    Just have to say those 2 videos were bloody brilliant each in their own way!
  11. Len

    Website critique

    Fair enough, it's the work conn, I'l try from home later. Maybe take that into account as not everyone has the latest browser versions?
  12. Those last 2 dates aren't right. We're playing 27th in NY and 30th in DC. I've got tickets for the Barca game which is good...and bad. Can't wait...
  13. Len

    Website critique

    Sends me here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/products/ie/home after clicking the link. Am I doing it wrong?
  14. Yes and no for me. I agree the controls and slider etc work brilliantly but I can't play for more than an hour, sometimes less, before my hands just get numbing pins and needles but maybe that's just more a probolem with my giant hands and the need for a bigger machine/beter holding style.
  15. Same here, mines still in the packaging/box. I just plug it in to the lead when I get home.
  16. This is so good I'm getting really bad pins and needles in my hand whilst playing, a sure sign something has dragged me in and I'm playing too long. Saying that it doesn't take them too long to appear. Any solutions other than uncramp yr hands and wait which tbh is just annoying as I want to keep playing? Or wait for the 3DS XL to come out?
  17. Got my copy finally and as everyone else has so nicely said it is truly wonderful. Like seeing an old friend after many many years apart. Just makes me happy... p.s. Just got to the castle.
  18. Off out to finally pick my copy up later today...v excited.
  19. Very jealous of you sgm, you have such an adventure in store! Sun for me unless I can get somewhere to sell it early. Loving everyone's impressions and keeps reminding me of bits I've totally forgotten. I can't wait to do the 'dive' in Zora's domain for the first time again. I remember that was the first time in any game I'd actually felt my stomach flip when jumping from a great height. Hopefully it'll be even better in 3D...
  20. Wonderful read and wonderful result finally. Like they say, how he didn't get done for contempt of court god only knows. Happy days...
  21. It looks bloody lovely too. You've only just scratched the surface, if that.
  22. Why oh why do they release games on a Sun over here...? I know why I'm just gutted not being able to play it over the wkend. p.s. Love the ads, he's got the beard 'cos he's currently doing Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo over here which is bloody good actually. Top man. http://www.bengaltigeronbroadway.com/ http://theater.nytimes.com/2011/04/01/theater/reviews/bengal-tiger-with-robin-williams-review.html
  23. I got 5 whilst wandering around the bbq thing in Madison Square Park on Sat afternoon so you were just unlucky. I'm amazed you got none at NW, I never fail to pick up a few there.
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