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  1. Let us know what they are like as I have as steel series with dac which has never really made me happy and would be interested in this.
  2. I managed to nab an official charging station from Gamestop as well so happy with that.
  3. Yeh, same. I can't see it happening, From have moved on a long time ago.
  4. Len

    The Division 2

    The Division > Division 2. Take me back to that snowy, desolate, haunting Manhattan please and just add the five Boros.
  5. Oh no, I'm going to have to platy it in RT Ultra 4K as well. Shame...
  6. Oh I'm so with you. Very close to sacking it off if I'm honest. It just (still) winds me up. I love the settings and lore but the actual gameplay just makes me seethe at times, interspersed with joyous moments. As my good lady wife said, why do you play something that makes you so mad and she, as always, is correct. Tbh it's been same for all of them bar BB. I know I'm hugely in the minority mind. Elden Ring next then...lol!
  7. Pitch bloody black (oops) so yes, that is who it is. I looked him up. Must have been all those failed AJD runs last night in human form so I could summon others. Skellies are not a problem at all, he is. Oh dear...
  8. @Chadruharazzeb Yeh I know that though, I'm in soul form! Appears next to the first skeleton every time.
  9. Some bloke just turned up at the start of 4-1 and chops me to pieces in 1 shot, every time now. Oh good. Another area to avoid then.
  10. Was having similar with FI last few days. Drives me bloody mad. Know what I need to do but keep ballsing it up. Infuriating at times and not in a nice way. Then cleared it easily earlier and on we go. I'd recommend taking a break and coming back fresh. Maybe summoning some help as well? That said, not sure I'll see or have the perseverance to see the end although jolly coop should help.
  11. Think I got my key last year from them with @Thor at same time as was really cheap then as well. Always been good for me but hopefully don't have any of the new issues as will be a whopper dl no doubt.
  12. So, as I mentioned previously, this game really takes you up and down. I had a wonderful evening and following morning exploring Prison of Hope (remember this scaring the bejesus out of me first time round!) and getting most of the secrets I think but still not quite done. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable and had a great time. The atmosphere is incredible in there. Then played last night and couldn't have been more frustrating, just doing other levels to explore and getting nowhere. I opened up a lot but zero souls and would always die in the end pushing too far. Luckily I'm away for a few days so happy to leave it till come back but really not sure I'll see the end again (like all of them bar BB). Hopefully will though as when it works it's magical. Few questions: 1. Playing as a temple knight and currently using a bastard sword+5 and huge steel shield. Shield is good but bloody heavy, am I better with something else maybe? Soldier, heater+2, kite maybe? 2. I did the too much strength to start with like others I think so now sat on 23 which is fine but I am constantly fat rolling. My plan is to keep increasing stamina which should resolve this shouldn't it (via equip burden)? I always seem to be around 80/90% though. Best get rid of the steel shield maybe? 3. One other, drop my stone but never, ever seem to get summoned. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but my memory is rubbish. And lastly, people who invade and then stab you in the bloody back whilst you are looking for a gesture before beginning are utter, utter b@stards. Just not cricket.
  13. Can I choose two please? (PC and PS5).
  14. B00 to all the doom and gloom merchants. Roll on Dec 10th I say! I'll be playing on a turbo pc so I do appreciate the difference though. Can't wait to get utterly stuck (jacked?) in and overwhelmed by it all (hopefully).
  15. I have been doing exactly that this evening. Many, many f@ck offs have been shouted. The wife has even asked me to not play it. I forgot how rage inducing these are. It was the same for me ten years ago with the original on import. I totally get where @MardiganXis coming from and question whether I can actually be bothered to slog on at times. But then defeat a boss and learn a level and it is fantastic. Very delicate balance at times.
  16. I thought that's what he was referring to! Like you say, a lovely Easter egg.
  17. Yeh, mine to. Whisper quiet doing anything tbh.
  18. As I was saying a few days ago. I finished it off last night and it really is absolutely brilliant all the way through. Love it. The GPU song which it sings to you is hilarious. The more you play the better the whole game gets imo. Looking forward to diving back in for all the extras I've missed.
  19. Loving all the excitement in here. Now get astrobot on asap and be amazed (once it arrives)!
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