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  1. New nvidia drivers just dropped, no idea if help but give them a go.
  2. Absolutely. Kiddywinkles and silly real life things like work do not help!
  3. There he is back right, the cheeky scamp. I was like is that...it is...lol! May have been discussed already.
  4. Oh yeh, he was following me about earlier but seems to have disappeared atm.
  5. Ha, I've just got there (kiddywinkles and real life getting in the way). So many deus ex vibes. Absolutely loving it.
  6. I restarted I was so sickened by my knackered attempt in the char creator after getting a shock in the mirror. Much, much happier now. And finally got a bit more stuck in after pissing around. On my way to the Plaza after that chaotic meat fest oh and a BD to have first. Love it, the atmosphere is off the scale and looks just astonishing at times
  7. Stop flogging yourself, it was the greatest decision you ever made....till the next one! /highfive3090club
  8. No idea what I did there, I'll try again.
  9. Have we mentioned the ambient sound and effects in this are bloody amazing. Really makes you feel the city. Foreboding at times also. I restarted as was unhappy with my V look after a knackered attempt at it last night. Much happier now and back at the apartment again so time to venture out in to the world soon.
  10. It's already down to $39 but I know what you mean.
  11. Ha! That's exactly what I was thinking, just gives off that buzzing Tokyo city vibe when you look about. Also getting same perf, looks astonishing.
  12. Got started earlier (that intro 6m bit is just wonderful) and just finally got to my apartment and, wow, in every way, it's overwhelming. Can't wait to get stuck back in tomorrow.
  13. How much longer is this on, I want to start Cyberpunk (or probably just go to bed)?
  14. That was so weird but amazing at the same time.
  15. So anyone want to add me up on GoG for Cyberpunk suff?! I seem to have no friends (I know, I know) as only played W3 years ago via it. Anyway, if you fancy (or not), LenHug.
  16. I'm too tired to play this tonight. Gonna have to wait till the morning I think.
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