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  1. Len

    The Division 2

    Lol, oh it is so so good. Even more so in co-op. Underground is great as well though.
  2. Len

    The Division 2

    And Survival is just the cherry on top. Absolutely phenomenal game mode, if not my favourite part by the end of it.
  3. This, totally. I went back and forth between them as chronicled a few months back and ended up with the CX. It is truly beautiful and never going back. Though about to move in to a new house (after apartment) so now have space so could maybe be tempted by both for a complete work/play split but not convinced...yet.
  4. Been there, further and back. They do and you'll soon get used to it.
  5. I've got a lovely custom made desk for mine, absolutely fine for PC use (work and play). Just over 1m depth and delightful. Highly recommend it. Had a CRG9, G9 and other ultrawides which I thoroughly enjoyed but nothing comes close to the CX.
  6. Cannot wait to see more of this. Loved if terrified by 7 up until the last parts at least and more of anything 4 related turned up sounds good to me.
  7. Yeh, I got to the hospital, I think, and stopped for some reason. Now waiting for upgrade news before continuing.
  8. Yep, it's bloody brilliant and actually made Zen interesting!
  9. Len

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all 'mukkers. Hope you all have a lovely day.
  10. Wonderful game. Warthog trick is stop thinking you're 'driving' them and just point the crosshair/cursor where you want it to go and it follows. All of a sudden a world of fun appears. Super slide skid jumps and swinging the back end round all over the shot. I got this in secret santa so can't wait to start once again.
  11. Secret Santa rules!!! Thank you so, so much, really bloody generous. All hail Halo: MC Collection. I have had it on my list for so, so long and love me some Halo. Happy memories of original fatboy Xbox Halo onwards. Really looking forward to playing through at my leisure on PC. Thank you again and Happy Christmas all.
  12. Away again as per usual so no actual Xmas day gaming for me as per usual. But back much earlier this year so hopefully a bit of newly wiped Tarkov, some more Cyberpunk and a bit of Ghosts or MM maybe.
  13. All sorted, thanks @JPR. And a very Merry Christmas to one all secret Santa's.
  14. Eek, just came to do all this and sounds like a right 'mare. So best plan to hold off on gift cards at the mo? I'll send my list of games and wait to hear best way to pay. Thanks again @JPR
  15. I did that as well but am so far behind I imagine will take ages to get there. 30m here or there does not help playing this game. Try and get a bit more over Xmas.
  16. I've still got dum dum following me around, nothing I do will rid me of him. But on the bright side he adds quite a bit of firepower when I get in to a ruck though.
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