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  1. I think Prey is a much better game than Dishonored (liked the first, bored rigid with second) but that's subjective I suppose.
  2. Same for me on first go. I think you have to be much more careful, for want of a better word, and it is very tricky at the start. Definitely not an all guns blazing fps and those bloody mimics are hard to hit at the start. Maybe have a look at best powers to go with guide if you try again.
  3. Highly recommend you do. I think I did similar first time round. If you make the 'wrong' choices right at the start before getting to the main atrium/offices it can be really hard work but once clear, incredible stuff.
  4. Everyone get and play Prey, it is an absolute masterpiece. Stunningly good game.
  5. Len

    The Division 2

    Survival was absolutely brilliant and felt a bit ahead of it's time, in the console space at least, in a big budget game. Played it to death, great stuff.
  6. Len

    The Division 2

    Sigh, just take us back to NYC in the Winter and the rest of the five boroughs please (for Div3). Good on 'em for continuing support though.
  7. Another good read today but this elicited a proper LOL from me in More: Summer Game Fest returns in June 9, Everywhere’s Geoff Keighley has confirmed. You can go and watch it at your local IMAX if you’re so inclined, and are insane. Lovely stuff.
  8. Yeh I put it down as well a while back (was enroute to the Giants). Just got a bit bored and didn't go back, as always seems the case with Souls games for me. BB only one I've ever completed. It all just became a bit of a chore. That said, I still think it is an incredible achievement and filled with wonder. Hopefully has industry wide ramifications.
  9. Len

    Alien: Isolation

    Oh man, was praying for new game news or even a remake (not that it needs one), it's never coming though as we all sadly know. Still looks and feels amazeballs. Brilliant, brilliant game.
  10. Absolutely spot on. I had been getting it for years and years but the overseas subscription was poor to start with just got worse and worse to the point of farce in the end so after over a decade I stopped renewing it. It would take a minimum of 4/5 weeks or more for an issue to arrive in NYC (new thread would appear on here and I would get the previous months issue if I'm lucky!) which is just ridiculous imo. And each time I complained they promised they would investigate and resolve whilst replacing any missed ones only to never hear from them again. Then they moved accounts/companies(?) during pandemic, I spoke with them after five months of nothing being delivered. Once again, new lot full of apologies, we're sending all the missing issues and extending the sub... /tumbleweed It's such a shame as I used to love getting it (and pure geekily had just about every issue) but it was so s l o w that there was just no point in the end so just let it run out.
  11. Yeh, it's really, really good. Proper smile on your face stuff.
  12. Yeh, my daughter loves it and we play through together (harder fights for me, exploring and rest for her). We have the PS5 version ready to go once we finally finish the PS4 remake (on the last level now!) Can't wait!
  13. I need to do the very same thing (started on ps5 after finishing TLOU2 and it just felt so clunky after that so stopped to come back later) at some point.
  14. Excellent read today, like @Thor says. I never made it to E3 and now I live here they've gone and bloody cancelled it, typical!
  15. I'll have to make one which is just annoying. I get it's simple but why would they require they have to have one?
  16. Maybe not the perfect place to ask but seems about right. I'm trying to add my daughter to my psn account so she can have her own profile. Paid the taking the piss 50c charge, put all her details in and then it's asking me for an email address for her and create a password. She's five ffs, she doesn't have an email address and why would she? Why cant I just use mine with this account? Anyone know if this has to be done or I'm being stupid which could well be likely?
  17. @HarryBizzle It sounds weird but I think its size and scope can actually fatigue or overwhelm after a while playing. I definitely have had many highs and lows with it so far. It's still amazing but it's a serious investment of time and effort. I'm very much looking forward to finishing and letting it settle for a while in my mind.
  18. Ha, who was I kidding! Another 4 hours disappeared last night and went back and finally, finally beat bloody Radahn. A massive F@@@@@@@CK YOOOOUUUUUU was shouted! Was literally my last attempt, had said if he doesn't go this time I'm moving on and just not doing it. Halllelujah! Right, off to the TLOTG and try and get it done. Well, after I've sorted that big hole out. Never ends...
  19. Finally made it through there Capital and now have to bugger off somewhere else. Jesus. Definitely nearing had enough now, it's almost too big which seems crazy. Might play something else for a bit and come back to it.
  20. Yeh, I was summoning but thought for some reason you couldn't be invaded unless certain criteria but obviously not. Happening more and more as players get to grips with it all suppose.
  21. I keep getting invaded regularly. Have I done something wrong or just been very bad? World tendencies? Saying that, one player invaded and dropped a humongous dragon sword for me then left so not all that bad!
  22. Beat the Manor boss, v easily last night, second go. Was a bit shocked tbh. Jelly did most of the work distracting whilst I battered them. Most pleasing. Onwards... Quick rllmuk password qu, is anyone on pc using it?
  23. Got to the manor, god you're right. Proper nightmare fuel. /shudder
  24. I did some farming last night and then just wandered North of Stormveil...for hours and hours. Magnificent. It's funny, I seem to fall in and out of love with it at times during play sessions but the open world relieves the pressure perfectly. Banging my head against something, aaarrgghh I hate it etc etc , it's winding me up. Stop, reassess and just go do something more relaxing/exploring and level up. Aaah, I love it again. Genius.
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