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  1. Only one way to find out was the conclusion I came to. Amazon doing returns till end of Jan, just saying.
  2. Nice, tell me more. Well, more specifically how are you connecting your pc to your tele.
  3. 24/9 for 3090 FTW3 Ultra's is the only one I'm watching. Jacob said a few today then lots more this week. I've managed to drop well over 50 places in the queue since Fri. B00! I think it'll move quickly myself but have no idea why.
  4. I would think so, definitely. Just the usual launch hype to get people to buy. I'm planning to pick one up around then and don't foresee a problem at all.
  5. You are me, I can never be bothered to setup and install stuff I've bought. It's terrible. I entirely blame kid's tiredness and me obviously being a lazy git.
  6. The EVGA queues are moving slowly but surely so hopefully will speed up some more.
  7. I may have ordered a CX48 as well. Fight/watch to the death with the G9 next week. The loser gets returned.
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