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  1. Oh cool, didn't realise that at all. Still think you should come now as that could be years away! edit: As you noted, I really need to read whole posts before replying. Deary me.
  2. I think you might be waiting a very long time then unfortunately. Can't see it ever being on steam as I understand it.
  3. Buy the game from their website and then download and install discord and come to the server we have and join us there for chatting, streaming and general hilarity. Let us know when you're ready and will send you an invite. Can also add friends ingame in Tarkov.
  4. There is only one, well only one I'm playing...Escape From Tarkov! It is the best thing I've played on pc in years. Utterly terrifying, brutally hard to begin with and ultimately, thrillingly rewarding. Absolutely love it and a complete blast with others (also be played singularly). Not really anything like it out there and highly recommended. Come play with few of us off here and others @alex3d!
  5. Sorry for delay in replying, was having a baby! I was exactky the same as you regards the ss but it does actually work. You can definitely notice a large difference in the sound field and enhances the experience hugely. Particularly with gaming.
  6. Im sure you'll like them tbh, they are definitely a step up in sound quality from your normal stuff.
  7. I had the wired ones as you get the hires audio as well with the DAC. So not wireless. https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-pro-gamedac The sound is good don't get me wrong but just not a patch on my Sennheisers and DAC imo. And the build quality just not the same. I have the Arc Mk. 2 DAC now which is just beautiful. And am waiting for the DT 1990 Pros to turn up in the post. P. S. Still not sold them as been playing on PC exclusively and not got round to it.
  8. Even more reason to get the 3080!
  9. 3080Ti/3090...incoming! Looks fantastic, can't wait.
  10. Fantastic news, can't wait to see and discover more.
  11. My finally copy finally tuned up today, hurray! Was delivered to the apartment above so had negotiate it's retrieval after wondering where it had got to but all good. Too late to start this evening but it is all loaded and ready to go. Hopefully can get stuck in over the next few days. Don't think anyone answered before but have most started on normal or hard? I'm thinking hard after really enjoying my replay of the original on that. Anyway, I look forward to coming back in here to sing praises and whatnot soon.
  12. Len

    PGA Tour 2K21

    Doesn't it just, what's that all about?! Still buy it mind.
  13. Diving it in to ask a quick question, what difficulty level are people playing on? I was thinking hard as that really brought it to life on my replay of the original? In other exciting news, my copy has been sent so should be here by 8pm tomorrow (or maybe even today).
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