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  1. Let's argue what defines immersivenessnessness until release!
  2. Len

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    I really enjoyed it, especially once you got access to the dragon. Hop on, cause mayhem, hop off.
  3. Link for Coliseum if needed: https://youtu.be/pwCuWyq0fHQ
  4. @Pob Don't say/think that!
  5. I cannot bloody wait for this. Just sounds more and more amazeballs.
  6. YouTube seems ok,
  7. This is really poor. I can't be bothered to watch it all, just catch the videos tomorrow. /continueswatching
  8. That was bloody great. Holding my breath at the end but christ it's brutal.
  9. Len

    The Division 2

    Yeh, that's defo DC then. Aah well, sure it'll be ace. Look forward to fighting up the Mall and being based in Union Station (which is an amazing building).
  10. Len

    The Division 2

    Yeh it had but i was just hoping not. Bit boring geographically apart from Mall etc but sure if it is it'll be fun.
  11. Len

    The Division 2

    Please don't be DC! Chicago would work or or maybe West coast, San Fran I suppose? I look forward to finding out.
  12. Len

    The Division 2

    Exciting! So which Internet sleuths have sussed out the location by that pic then?
  13. Len

    Buying games on release in 2018

    Which days do you have lunch?
  14. Len

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    I'm really looking forward to founding out more about The Division 2, got a real soft spot for it and booted it up the other day. Music/sfx is ace and I love the setting. Amazing what they've done to it since launch.

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