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  1. Len

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Aah, fair enough. I get the same tests as a T1. Anyway, back to HL.
  2. Len

    Half-Life: Alyx

    How much am I shelling out for a full fat Index then? edit: $999 it seems. Goddammit, the atmosphere, the setting, the visuals. Not sure I can resist.
  3. God, I still LOVE IT! Goes off to install it for the millionth time...
  4. I never stopped b3li3ving! They're gonna force me to buy a VR set now aren't they?
  5. It's a tough cookie up until you make it to the main lobby and up to your office. Then it really opens up hugely.
  6. Wait for those Black Friday sales it is then for me I think. This and DS please at a knock down price.
  7. Oh you're in for such a treat. Tis brilliant.
  8. Len

    Google Stadia

    Anyone follow the AMA on reddit, this bloke did, it didn't, err, seem to go well?
  9. Aah yes the classic plan it all, smoothly go in and oh shit, oh shit they're seen me/I've fallen out of a bush/walked in to a door/whatever...GO LOUD, GO LOUD and kill every last mutha. Or was that just me? Ahem...
  10. Len

    The Division 2

    Totally agree. Keep hoping they'll announce its follow up but not a whisper.
  11. Yeh, another here who is definitely coming or rather come round. I held off on DS (will get in a sale or something) so this could be right up my street for all the above.
  12. Same here. Looking forward to everyone's impressions.
  13. Just caught up with all this and have same feeling as many in that I like MGS and V but the rest bore me to tears so am fearful of this (cut scenes over gameplay) but but but I am still intrigued enough to absolutely want to play it and just experience the world. Buy on release or wait for the inevitable (by the sound of it) returns and price drops I suppose. I'm also slightly concerned I may just nod off at times if the cut scenes are crazy long. /oldman
  14. I've given up on this sadly. I tried but just not for me.
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