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  1. Really looking forward to this and I never usually play remakes as can never see the point but this looks fantastic. And it was ages ago so can't remember most of it tbh.
  2. No. You need to come play Escape from Tarkov.
  3. I used to be all over it many years ago but not now, too old and lazy.
  4. Just about! A butchers block countertop specifically cut down and made in to a desk.
  5. I was saying to friends that it looks like the new Micro Machines we never got. Could be so much fun.
  6. Don't worry about it, was just a surprise really. Certainly no need to look in to it.
  7. I got an email saying I had three gift referrals to send yesterday. Went to have a look today and now says I don't. Was that meant to happen @Nate Dogg III?
  8. Definitely. Delicious. Can't wait. Who's got those discord stock alerts to hand?
  9. Back and definitely in for a 4090 for me, can't wait! That pricing is pretty good ($1599). Hopefully lots of stock like you say @Uzi /Signsupforalerts
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