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  1. What a way to secure the treble! This was an absolute cracker of the match, with the big guns firing on all cylinders. Rooney and Ronaldo were in exceptional form for United, and Ibrahamovic and Mancini ruthless at the other end for Inter. The first half was breathless, and I led 1-0, 2-1 and eventually 3-2 going into the interval but every time Inter had an answer and were a constant threat. I had to dig deep when Tyler turned the game on it's head to lead 4-3, and manage to snatch an equaliser from Ronaldo to set up a grandstand finale. Berbatov lived up to his nonchalant reputation by opting to go for a back heel flick when given all the time in the world in the Inter 6 yard box on 85 minutes, and just as it looked like it was going to be extra time, Tyler forced a great save from Van der Saar who could only parry for a corner. And then, inspired from the 1999 treble winning Man United side, a corner was whipped in and Solksjaer, ahem Ibrahimovic, popped up to settle matters. At that stage I couldn't quite make out whether it was Tyler or Clive Tyldsley extacticly cheering into my ear Many congratulations Tyler, you were a worthy winner of a cracking match. Although I am a little gutted by the late winner, I am pleased that I was able to put up a good fight in the showcase match. Well done on taking home all the trophies this season, it's been a well deserved haul and couldn't have happened to a nicer chap
  2. Yep sounds good to me. Is this a one-off match, or two legs do we know?
  3. Confirmed, thanks for the games sith. The score in the first leg was 1-0 to United in a really close game, decided in the 5th minute by a fifaism where sith's defender chested a cross into Rooney's path. The second match was far more open, which helped United, and I won 7-2 in the end with Rooney scoring pretty much every time he had the ball in the second half. All the best for the play-offs sith Now, for my regulation 4-1 defeat against tyler in the final! When's best for you tyler?
  4. Am I right in thinking the last 4 were all managing in the championship last season? Looks like the class of season 16 done good When is good for you to play Sith?
  5. Man United (porko) 5-1 Liverpool (mitchell) Following miserable seasons in the prem for both teams, it came as somewhat of a surprise that this game was so one sided. The FIFA gods were against Mitchell from the get go, with passes going astray for Liverpool and everything clicking for United. Each time I had the ball my forwards were making runs into space while the Liverpool players were just ball watching, which the manager couldn't do much about. Cheers for the game mitchell, from our games earlier in the season it's clear that there's not too much between us, but I think Liverpool's weak mental strength let you down a bit on this one. All the best for your great escape bid
  6. Cheers, that first match was a real lesson, especially as I didn't concede for the first 30 mins of the game. But once the goals started to flow, it was a finishing masterclass - headers, volleys as well as great passing moves. You're not wrong about the second match being a real tense affair, as the clock was ticking down the great escape was possible but alas was not to be and Bayern showed the mental toughness to push the title race to the wire. That's it for me in the prem, and I'm taking one of the relegation spots (even with United ). Cheers everyone for the games and chats, definitely enjoyed the competition and some of the matches have been classics, although not always ending in a result for me. Still, looking on the bright side I've managed to pass Baring on the way down so looking forward to a competitive Championship next year.
  7. I've not had any joy trying to catch you tonight, and am going to call it a night now. I can't do tomorrow, but Wednesday evening is suitable. Can you make 10 ish (or earlier if possible) then?
  8. I'm a bit confused - it's tonight at 10 isn't it, judging by my quote? Anyways I shall be on then if you're about (although not for too long, what with it being a school night and all), cheers.
  9. Monday at 10 is fine for me - we can play then
  10. Man United (porko) 3-1 Arsenal (humdrum) A freakish result on the balance of play, to match tonight's champions league scoreline. Humdrum took an early lead with a belting free kick from Van Persie which crashed in off the bar. There were more chances at each end before Arsenal got another free kick in a near identical position which this time went into the wall, and Ronaldo led a counter attack from which Berbatov slotted away for 1-1 right on the stroke of half time. Second half was Arsenal all the way and Van Der Saar was at his best to thwart Adebayor twice. As Arsenal pushed forward, United managed two goals in 5 minutes through counter attacks finished first by Tevez and then by Ronaldo. Cheers for the match mate, sorry for the smash and grab. I only wish this had been one of our league games, and things would be looking a bit better for me!
  11. Damn - sorry about that, completely slipped my mind - I've sent you another note to re-arrange
  12. Brilliant reports, as exciting to read as the games were to play. I don't think that there was a point in either match where either of us felt sure of the outcome until the final whistle went. You shaded the first match on chances, and I suppose the late winner was justice in a sense for the ref's involvement in starting the move for my opening goal. It's funny that in the second game I was starting to look at the clock and think that I would hold on to the 1-0 lead De Rossi stepped up to score the best free kick I've seen on FIFA, and surely a contender for goal of the season. I struggled to get much change out of the Roma back line, even with Ronaldo, Rooney et al and you've also got a nice passing game going between the forwards which is a good substitute for their lack of pace. Cheers for the matches and banter
  13. Cheers mate, a fair report. It was very even across both games, and as you say could've gone either way. Our styles of play were both very different which led to an interesting tactical battle, United pushing forward with a fair amount of possession and a slow tempo, with Arsenal going for high risk, incisive break aways. The penalty incident in the first game was a bit of a sickener for me, but you have to take in on the chin. 1 point from 2 games is becoming a familiar story for me, I've pulled off the same trick against Mitchell and pompey and in fact Tyler's the only one to have done the double against Utd so far. I'm looking over my shoulder and the next few weeks are key, after Mackenie I've got the teams occupying the 3 relegation spots one after another which will make or break the season no doubt. If the matches are as good as these two, I'll be looking forward to them. CFTGs
  14. Juventus 1-4 Manchester United Manchester United 5-1 Juventus I was fully expecting two stern tests against opposition who had shown promise in the opening few games of the season, but it seems that my custom formation seemed to pick out a weak spot in Manic's set up. His passes continually found red shirts, wheras Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez and co were able to find great passes in space with ease. The first game was relatively one sided, United raced into a 3-0 lead before Iaquinta pulled one back just before half time. The second half was nervy and the 5th goal of the match was always likely to be important; Tevez showed great technique to side foot a cross in and end the comeback hopes. Although the scoreline suggests a mauling in the second game, it was anything but. Up until 80 minutes, it was 2-1 and it was only several last ditch clearances which kept United from conceding an equaliser. However I managed to snatch one on the break with Juventus overcomitted and then the United boys' tails were up and 2 more followed in injury time. Thanks for the games mate, I think you can count yourself unlucky to have not picked up at least a point in the second match. It was nice to chat, and all the best for the remaining games.
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