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  1. You're picking Lindelof because he plays a good pass every once in a while. He's too weak! Atalanta had that great chance in the 2nd half because Lindelof was bullied yet again. He's also shocking in the air for a CB. If Varane and Maguire are fit, they should always start.

  2. He should have had it earlier and missed the Euros ffs. We all knew he was carrying the injury and it needed surgery, England have plenty of cover and he barely kicked a ball at the tournament. Horrible management. 

  3. 1 minute ago, David Heath said:

    I think we should let the manager of the team who has spent 1000s of hours with the players and has studied the opposition decide when to bring people on rather than a man on an Internet forum with an anime avatar.


    You smug prick. I'm entitled to my opinion. Anyone can see Mount has anonymous ffs.

  4. 1 minute ago, Gabe said:

    When have we had the ball long enough for them to make a difference, exactly? 

    Saks, Kane and Sterling have given the ball away loads.


    What's your suggestion? Do fuck all?

  5. 1 hour ago, GamesGamesGames said:

    Positive influence, proper footballer, all the young lads look up to him, plus he's had a full summer off. Well worth keeping hold of for the coming season.


    Absolute bollocks. Never gonna start any games and he's hardly someone Ole will bring off the bench to change a game. In the League cup you'd rather the younger lads get opportunities. Waste of time.

  6. Hooray? He's a waste of a team slot. We should be getting rid of these older players with expensive wages. If he's there as he's a good influence in yue changing room then offer him a coaching role.

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