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  1. Their goal was amateur hour from Fred. Just foul him and take the booking ffs.
  2. Fucking get in!!!!! 94 mins of moaning and BAM!!! Massive thanks to @little che for the opportunity to see that! Pics when I have better signal!
  3. Yeah, I can finish at 4pm I'll PM you!
  4. Let me see if I can book the day off mate! I'll confirm in 10 mins
  5. sith


    In bed before 12! Wasn't expecting that!
  6. You 2 are like children!
  7. I arrived at my hotel in Barcelona just in time for the game and what a perfect start to my vacation
  8. He should have had it earlier and missed the Euros ffs. We all knew he was carrying the injury and it needed surgery, England have plenty of cover and he barely kicked a ball at the tournament. Horrible management.
  9. About bloody time. Bellingham for Philips?
  10. You smug prick. I'm entitled to my opinion. Anyone can see Mount has anonymous ffs.
  11. Saks, Kane and Sterling have given the ball away loads. What's your suggestion? Do fuck all?
  12. Sancho Grealish Rashford Bellingham All sitting on the bench. Only England would waste all that talent.
  13. Kane, Sterling and Mount could all be subbed but Southgate doesn't have the balls to do that.
  14. Mount off, Bellingham on. Mount is drifting a bit now.
  15. I'm worried about Pickford making an error tonight trying to play out from the back.
  16. Absolute bollocks. Never gonna start any games and he's hardly someone Ole will bring off the bench to change a game. In the League cup you'd rather the younger lads get opportunities. Waste of time.
  17. Hooray? He's a waste of a team slot. We should be getting rid of these older players with expensive wages. If he's there as he's a good influence in yue changing room then offer him a coaching role.
  18. Never a red card. Anyone who's played football will agree with me. What is the defender supposed to do?
  19. sith


    Federer? Absolutely not.
  20. They needed 1 pt more to overhaul Chelsea. They drew against Southampton who were down to 10 men for 80+mins with a relatively full strength team. They conceded 4 goals at home to Newcastle. They failed to beat Burnley. They threw away the lead twice today against a mediocre Spurs side. It was in their hands and they blew it.
  21. They bottled it. Plain and simple. Losing Evans against Newcastle should not be an excuse at all. It has to be a mental thing!
  22. Just admit you guys blew it again ffs. Losing 4-2 to Newcastle and blowing a lead twice today is not good enough! I would be furious.
  23. I have said it time and time again in this thread, my hatred towards Fred knows no bounds, we really need another CDM in the transfer window. Ndidi or Tielemans would be great buys. Fucking Fred
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