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  1. Martial needs selling in the summer. I've had enough of him to last a lifetime.
  2. I play for 10 to 15hrs a week and I am enjoying it. I am ilvl 210 and have 9/10 on heroic mainly through PUGs. It's WoW and I am not sure what you guys were expecting. The raid is decent, M+ is fun a few times a week and I don't feel obligated to do anything which is great. I fucked off the Maw within the first 2 weeks for example. Being in a small guild and enjoying the banter over comms is an added bonus as always! I never PVP though. Never been my thing.
  3. All 3 goals we conceded were awful. The last one was AWB's fault, why the fuck did he aimlessly play the ball forward in the 93rd minute? Just keep the fucking ball you idiot. Aaarghhhhhh!
  4. Martial needs dropping. He has been awful for the past few months. He poses no threat to the goal at all. All that progress and we fucking lose to bottom of the table. Pathetic performance.
  5. Bent officials? I'm a bloody Man United fan but I think the only person who did something wrong was Tyrone Mings. Awful defending.
  6. Dreadful game. Both teams were absolute shite.
  7. That was an abomination. The only positive is that we're only a goal down.
  8. It's all about context surely? Can Cavani even speak English?
  9. I have absolutely no idea why it quoted the wrong person!
  10. How is it racist language if he's using his own language?
  11. We got away with one there. West Brom should have had a penalty.
  12. Mr Shark, you're way off here. I came back about 3 months ago and guess what? I also hated Nazjatar and Mechagon. All the the rep and gear from them is completely useless now. I realised after a few days I was simply wasting my time because the Bencic gear was worse than what I already had. The no flying should have been removed ages ago. It's bonkers you still can't fly automatically in Legion and BFA ffs. I have ilvl 470 gear and have killed N'zoth on heroic but can't fly in content from years ago. Ridiculous.
  13. How did we not get 2 penalties? Both looked obvious to me.
  14. That was abysmal. Not a single good performance. If we lose at Everton, Ole has to go surely?
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