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  1. Nice job SP at protecting the Mclarens!
  2. Bottas comes along with a wrecking ball.
  3. Cheeky 1-2 for Macca? Don't mind if I do.
  4. Max was 90 degrees to the corner - he was never going to make it without using Ham as a brake or Ham just slamming on the brakes and coming to a stop.
  5. You can't drive into a wedge and expect the other guy to just jump out of the way.
  6. Nice 10 place grid pen for Max in the next race.
  7. That film is equal parts cool and scary af. Genuinely gave me nightmares as a kid. The spiders! The bullets! Gene!
  8. The best bet for a race is for Danny Ric to nick first at the start. Or it's going to be a procession.
  9. Bernie (sort of) got his medals ideal in the end eh?
  10. I have no problem with having a second race in a weekend, but I'd prefer they just make it a race and make it a little longer. I'd also like to see them mandate a pitstop.
  11. In a way you could say it's done its job by mixing up the grid. Wasn't great through was it.
  12. Max will be loving this. Ham has to get the Mclarens.
  13. Probably will get another 5 year contact.
  14. Hey if gets across the shot! I used to do some car commercials and my storyboards for shooting were basically stick men, arrows, boxes and notes. Rough af. I doubt it but the nicely drawn storyboards you see here may very well have been done retrospectively or done for the studio, rather than as an artefact for shooting.
  15. I hope that is the case but I didn't read it that way initially. From the blog: My first interpretation is we can simulate lots of different weather conditions. Hopefully 'change simulation' means weather that changes during a race, but you can read it a number of ways - like it's open to interpretation on purpose. Change could be you can change the weather for a race like you can at the moment - you pick rain, dry, overcast etc. Not that it changes dynamically mid race.
  16. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/09/09/gran-turismo-7-arrives-on-ps5-and-ps4-march-4/ Livery editor is a headline feature...? Err ok. Where are the new tracks and cars? Ooh a new cup holder! I get the feeling this is a bare bones update, a single player experience just bolted on to GTS and some spit and polish on the same game engine. If single player is to be a huge part of this then they need to build some AI because GTS has none. Having races where you start 3 mins behind a leader and it's a case of catching and passing cars that pose zero challenge doesn't cut the mustard anymore.
  17. I want this game bad but that is a crap trailer and as piece of media to get keep us going it's a let down. We get to see more recycled content from GTS, recycled moments from the previous trailers, nothing new of note apart from the CLK and the Supra and the cherry on top it's bloody ages away. Meh out of 10.
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