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  1. makes it more difficult if he gets Danny.
  2. The director is as bad as Bottas.
  3. Putting her on the piano elevated her up and the camera angle was looking up from low. I wonder if the director saw that and was mindful of not showing too much of her personal areas.
  4. F1 once again showing how in touch they are with their audience.
  5. This is a proper war, love it. If we don’t get Master Troll and Toto nose to nose shouting at the end of the season I’ll be disappointed. We are on the right path.
  6. Big if I’m putting here. But if they go for a shift in tonality from the Bournelike violent, gritty and humourless style to say something more playful wouldn’t it feel a bit weird?
  7. Maybe. But what if he’s not? If he can hold him up for even just 5-10 laps it might be enough to keep him out of the big points. No way they would do this without VB being onboard imo. Maybe his golden handshake just got a bit better.
  8. I was thinking of getting one of these but now I’m not so sure.
  9. I’ll watch this, but only when it hits the streaming services I have. Partly it’s the Covid situation making the decision for me sure but still. When I think about it I think this will be the first Bond I’ll not see in the cinema since License to Kill. And that makes me a little sad. I want to get back to being excited to see these films. Time to wipe the slate clean, no links to the Craig films in the next one please - get rid of all the supporting cast too.
  10. He beat your boy. Couldn’t even set a time. How’s he going to win a championship with form like that?
  11. Where the hell is Martin?! I can’t deal with much more of DiResta? Sky pls.
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