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  1. Race C has been a great eye opener for me, I've learned loads. Hoping I can apply it to other races. Throttle and brake control, when to turn in...
  2. I'm feeling positive that it will launch on time now. We are so close to the launch now, surely they would have already done it if they were going to?
  3. Also please note posts need to 100% serious at all times. And yes fuck Max. Am I doing this right?
  4. I think it's really bad plastic surgery.
  5. tryin not 2 let things get 2 me but melbn will B :(((
  6. What is the sentiment in the thread? Does anyone think Hamilton is going to no show this year?
  7. Oh yes, I am building myself up to it. A long time ago I had to go to my sisters wedding very shortly after breaking up with a long term partner (who I'd just bought a flat with). I imagine it will be about as fun as that was.
  8. I think that is probably a computer glitch. I don't see a 1 on the list for next year.
  9. Worried? Are you kidding? I'm already on the 63 boat. As well as 10, 5, 3, 14 and of course 44. 4, 16, 55, 31, 22, 6, 47, 23 and by the end of next year probably 77 I am very happy for when they get a result. 22, 18 and 24(?) are pretty much invisible to me and 9, 11 and 33 can get in the sea.
  10. Proper Bond villain vibes:
  11. Aston: Feb 10th McLaren: Feb 11th Ferrari: Feb 17th Merc: Feb 18th I love this bit... the excitement to see the new cars. Usually crushed by liveries hardly ever changing. But this year is different. I wonder if the regs throw up any zingers like the old dong nose...
  12. mexos


    Ha, our nickname for him was 'the machine', since every time we saw him play irl he just destroyed.
  13. Stars and their ridiculous, ugly cars.
  14. It still pisses me off if I think about it but yeah bring on the 2022 launches. What the hell else am I going to do? Go outside? Talk to people? I don't think so.
  15. This is when we find that a current employee has been playing 4D chess and saw all this coming from a mile away. Bad results because of the regs harming the pink Mercedes Stroll senior getting frustrated and looking for the door. Stroll Jr. losing interest in something (racing) he was probably pushed into anyway. Who would this employee be? It's time for SebF1. As AM's road car business failure accelerates and Daddy Stroll is looking to offload he steps in with the offer in the summer break. Driver / TP in 2023 before retiring to run the team full time in 24.
  16. Albon will be at the back, yes.
  17. Imagine what it’s like working for Stroll. I bet he’s got a new gig.
  18. Did they mention anything about compatibility with other games - specifically GT7?
  19. Far Cry 6. I’ve had a lot of fun with these games over the years. Clearing bases in interesting ways, using the wildlife to my advantage to take down baddies. It’s not cutting edge but it was fun. This turd of a game breaks all of that. And the guns… they are just not satisfying at all. Enemies with health bars that are not bosses can gtfo too. Shoot guy in head and he’s still chatting to his mate lol. It felt totally broken and unfinished. Graphically it’s gone backwards and the enemy AI is laughably bad. Worst big budget game I’ve bought in years and years.
  20. Pretty similar in price to Silverstone.
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