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  1. When I used to have a scooter a guy in a BMW got pissed off at me for not getting out of his way. He followed me all the way down my street. I was stopped getting ready to park my bike and he gets out his car and starts screaming in my face. I tell him to jog on so to say and he nuts me really hard. I’m wearing a full face bike helmet. I have no idea how he didn’t knock himself out. It was hard enough to bend the visor enough to cut my nose. He then realised he’d just attacked someone in a street littered with cctv cameras. Jumped in his car and zoomed off. Batshit crazies are everywhere.
  2. Cheers! It was a right old mission. I'll post some pics tomorrow. You wouldn't want me to do it. I essentially turned a brand new flat into a woodworking workshop.
  3. There is also cat 6 x2 and USB all the way into the second bedroom so i could have a Mac mini under the sofa and control it in the second bedroom (where there will be a desk) and in the living room on the TV.
  4. Do you really want to know... That is an old diagram of what I've been doing over 3 rooms (old as I didn't bother getting Sky). I have a sofa that is on legs (DFS zinc) so there is decent room under there. I took off all the skirting in 3 rooms (in a new build lol) and hand chiselled out a groove in the skirting. (it was MDF so I didn't want to use the router because of the dust) I then channeled all the wires into some ducting I stuck on the wall and the skirting went over the top. Upshot is there is no TV unit under my TV (samsung frame with 20m optical power/video cable) and no wires visible. Plus I can play playstation in the bedroom - even though PS4 and the TV control box for the bedroom TV both live in the living room. I also took out some sockets under the TV so it doesn't look like a TV, just one of a number of frames on the wall. I like to have tech everywhere but tech you can't see. It was a mission but I think worh it. I recon I ran about 200m of cables in the end. Going to put all the tech on a sliding drawer under the sofa so i can easily get to it (just on the floor at the mo).
  5. I'd work out a way to fudge it! In other news I'm actually in that shot - there is a pic of me and my then girlfriend on there. Just to the left of the wing mirror and down a bit. ENHANCE
  6. Mine will just go under the sofa, hidden with the rest of the AV tech so they could model it on a old mans tadder for all I care.
  7. I've had an idea. Feel free to shoot this down. FANCY A CUSTOM LIVERY? I'll make one for you! Since everyone is looking at custom liveries I’ve had an idea. I’m doing a bit of a hike to raise some money for a cancer charity (the ICR) in a few weeks…. You can probably guess where this is going… I’ll do you a custom livery if you don’t mind sponsoring us! Some of my wares so far to tempt you: We've got a page on Just Giving: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lana-and-stephen Mods, feel free to delete this and wrap my knuckles if you think this is overstepping the mark. We would not profit a penny from this. I’m only mentioning this in here, because we race together week in week out, and I've met a number of you IRL. I'd never put it anywhere else on Rllmuk. Sorry if this annoys or offends anyone it's not the intention. Cheers Stephen (mexos)
  8. Looking sharp Pascal. A Soul Glo sponsorship would be a formality.
  9. Can we do a GR2 towards the end tonight? Recon I'll be online at 9.30.
  10. I didn’t like the film but it did get me to start watching S1 again. That was yesterday. I’m now well into S2...
  11. Couldn’t t resist a crack at the green hell in the Merc. Recon a 5.15 / 5.10 is possible.
  12. I’ve tried damn hard in the Gr2 but still missing a few tenths. Not sure where to look for them.
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