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  1. Depends on the car and circuit. In the Merc at Interlagos yes . In the Mazda it’s to the front.
  2. If we must have those low profile tyres at least the hubs cover the ugly wheels. I associate overly large low profile spiked wheels with the type of people that drive tuned Overfinch Range Rovers.
  3. If your not trail braking round half the lap, you’re leaving loads of laptime on the board. It’s essential here imo.
  4. I have the beard but I need to work on the luscious flowing locks. And the talent.
  5. I tried a different car in the time trial. Put in the laps to get used to it! Shaved off another 0.05! Totes worth it! I did one lap where I was up a full 0.4 in the first sector but ballsed it up in the second. I'm not sure I am getting any faster, plus I'm away for the long weekend so that time is not changing. @marsh let's see what you got!
  6. 2021 car. It looks good but I can’t unsee:
  7. I don't think the current gen has the oomph to do races in VR. We'll need to wait for PS5 unfortunately.
  8. I'll be there I'd like a little Super Formula if we can.
  9. Nope, I had similar times in the bug, f-type, Aston and 997. The Merc I found just a teeny bit more stable for my driving style. No special set up. I can’t be arsed with that. Will tell you what it is in about 11 days.
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