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  1. Didn’t someone warn you about the R8?!
  2. It’s ok Mika! It’ll be ok! My emergency espresso kicked in just in just in time. Sleeping will be interesting. so I just got shouted at because I left the fridge open and the front door unlocked
  3. mexos

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    Pacino in Heat. Yeah he’s way over the top at times but I don’t care. I never get tired of watching that film. Bale in AP is another excellent shout but already picked.
  4. Anything exciting / F1 based?
  5. Rest up! (Remembers you are pretty damn fast... ) Work harder and longer!
  6. If we have enough people then surely we race the championship? Maybe we should have a rule where if there are less than X (5?) people turn up we don't run the championship that night but if there are then we do. We are all going to miss nights at some point when life gets in the way but (if there are enough of us to make it a race) the show should go on imo. Or we get into a situation where we don't know if we are running or not.
  7. Deffo lets up the fuel usage, I'd say the tyres at x6 are perfect. Looking forward to it.
  8. I seemed to recall Interlagos being extreme on the corner cut penalties so I did a few laps to test. Within 3 laps on with corner cut set to strong, I had 15 seconds of penalties. This was mainly by running a little wide here and just running on to the dark green - not even the light green. This is SUPER easy to do. More so if you have worn tyres I imagine. In the interests of having good racing and not ending up like modern F1 with multiple draconian penalties can I ask we set corner cut to weak, please. For ref I did the same number of laps driving the same way with corner cut set to weak and got 4 secs of penalties. You still get a penalty so it is way faster to keep to the track but any lockups or botched overtaking moves won't totally kill your race. I'd prefer us to feel like we can have a go to overtake rather than tippy toe around. Life is too short for that. Any thoughts?
  9. I watched the last race and a half, good stuff.
  10. Dalton was far better bond than Craig. It’s a pity he didn’t get more outings. The Living Daylights is pretty much perfect.
  11. The Interlagos N100 on Interlagos. 100 lap race.
  12. mexos

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Timely: The betting ads will be virtual, added in real time so they can be localised. This means they can also be switched off if legislation prohibits them.

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