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  1. Currently 232nd. If I can hook up a lap I think there is half a second to be had but that would be a lot of work. My concern is if Gallo manages to go even faster then how many people will get a gold time. Bugger all, maybe the top 400? The 3% rule for gold has worked pretty well so far but for this one it is not enough I think.
  2. Fuck me this time trial is hard. 609th and that wasn’t good enough for gold wtf. Improved and got it in the end but damn it was hard.
  3. Have Sky F1, Have Sky Motorsport. Keep them separate imo. I hate on a GP weekend that they don't repeat the race in full again and again after the race. Like I want to go out on a Sunday (occasionally). I don't want to watch Indycar or whatever at 9pm on a race weekend, I want to be able to see the race if I missed it. Make a channel for all that other stuff.
  4. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/wolff-fia-must-take-robust-stance-if-f1-teams-broke-budget-cap/10376737/
  5. Don't do this. Don't make me hope.
  6. I know they are doing streaming to the bloody Sky Glass TVs, so I assumed they'd beefed up their live streaming tech. If they have good (better than now) quality streaming to those sets there is no reason (other than being cunts) why they couldn't upgrade the Sky Go stream quality.
  7. Just give me 4k streaming through Sky Go you cunts.
  8. It is time to move on after all.
  9. Yeah it needs to be of the level that you get results taken away from you or whats the point. Just spend like the 90's and pay your little fine, win both championships lovely jubbly.
  10. I'm guessing... a $30,000 fine and all results still stand because it's time to move on? WINKY. Ferrari have already questioned RB's upgrade progress this year, essentially saying they couldn't just bring a lightweight new chassis as RB did: https://www.crash.net/f1/news/1010959/1/ferrari-have-big-question-marks-over-f1-budget-cap-amid-red-bull-rumour
  11. You need better colleagues! Well jell, hope it’s an amazing experience. Pls post pics, keep em coming.
  12. Had half an hour with the the Mclaren. It is a handful but I'm starting to get it. Getting the braking right is key. My brain isn't wired into it yet. Got silver but still some way off gold.
  13. Super curious to find out how you get on. I'd love to use the encoders - one for brake balance, the other for fuel map.
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