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  1. I’ll watch it because end of the world / alien war etc. But it looks generic af.
  2. Ha! Trying. I have no wish to see him injured, but I’d laugh if he slipped and fell on his arse doing that.
  3. Am I the only one that kind of hopes he tweaks his ankle when doing that celebration? He is so good, but such a bell end!
  4. And it’s all kicking off.
  5. Portugal have looked pretty dull and don’t deserve the win imo.
  6. omg the button box / throttle. I HAVE to have it.
  7. The thing that gives me pause is once/if the graphics card shortages ends I'd like to PC up and get Virpl gear, which is PC only. Xbox controller and a keyboard should be ok shouldn't it?
  8. Am I going to make the same mistake again?
  9. Yeah but… I wouldn’t dump Berger in with that group. He’s not a number one for sure but he’s a very capable number two. He can bring home the points and not be 1000 miles off the number one guy. He can pick up the win if the number one doesn’t. Also the number one guy he had to contend with was… pretty good more often than not. Berger is number two+.
  10. The George to be announced at Silverstone rumours are kicking off early.
  11. For the first time the red button popped up with the UHD option. Like.
  12. Oh god I just remembered Alesi and Williams. I tried to forget. Why Frank, why.
  13. Imagine the mental gymnastics they went through to come up with that as their conclusion. Chalk another one up for the crazy choices Williams made over the years.
  14. If anything RP is Bottas. Handful of wins in decent cars - one of which is arguably one of the all time best (92 Williams obvs). One win in that car. One. Number two to a vastly superior driver. Sometimes there to pick up the pieces when the op presented itself but sometimes absolutely nowhere.
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