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  1. Same. Some cars and tracks you don't need to but generally it helps. At Suzuka I'd pop the bias backwards for spoon and forward for the final chicane for example. Massive time difference doing this.
  2. Barcode, red & white, barcode. See you in the championship next year!
  3. mexos


    Road America is like an F1 circuit from the early 80's. It doesn't look safe at all.
  4. Are you sure you want to replace: Bottas2019.exe with Bottas2018.exe? Confirm/Cancel
  5. Lando is just what F1 needs.
  6. If Norris get a podium tomorrow I might just explode.
  7. 5th for the meme lord f yea!
  8. Looks like the map has a lot of changes to the real London map. The bit around where I live looks totally different on that map.
  9. The cost is using Windows. I hate Windows. Last time it wanted updates it took almost 2 hours. I didn't get to play Assetto Corsa. Get to fuck.
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