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  1. You should check if that bug where it gives you road tyres is affecting you
  2. I didn’t do 100s of laps to beat you at bathurst to be mistaken for Junker!!!
  3. Welcome aboard! and that was me who ran into you in the second race! no worries, these things happen! I had a mare on Monday night in the races. From 2nd to last on the first lap of that race. Ian did a false start which made me do one and then the famously lightning mclaren launches I'm famous for finished it up nicely. Annoying cos my race pace until I weirdly binned it with the old GT Sport one wheel touches not the tarmac spin out physics moment, i was only a tenth off FL. Great battles at the back though with Ian and I think Kiroquai until I did my spin. Still getting used to the new loadcell brake pedal and not entirely dialled in with the rig setup. More discussions with Mexos are in progress with additional supervision from Corranga.
  4. i doubt there's cross play between GT Sport and GT7 if that's what you mean but I think it's cross-gen for GT7 on PS4/5.
  5. There's like what, 2 more mondays before GT7? We're defo still racing GT Sport on those Mondays AFAIK.
  6. Sorry, I don't wanna kill anyones buzz. What I'm looking for in the game is almost completely about the multiplayer racing part of it aka GT Sport 2 is what Mexos and I are really after. Also I'm disappointed about no RTX in gameplay. Had the PS5 for a year and only Ratchet and Clank has given me the whole 'oooh' next gen shineys. Tbf it looks good in gameplay but I guess i had unreasonable expectations for what they could achieve on the hardware at 60fps 4k. (Personally, 4k isn't important for me but I know for some folks it is). Also, 400 cars is a lot but I hope there's some more recent cars in it? I saw all the usual Gr3 suspects in the footage but like no new Aston etc. In conclusion, will only play it for 500 hrs this year. worst game ever.
  7. Meh. this is sounding more and more disappointing.
  8. Is that right? I could see raytraced reflections on the cars during gameplay. Maybe there's no proper reflections of other cars? Disappointing if that's right. EDIT: https://www.psu.com/news/gran-turismo-7-reportedly-has-ray-tracing-mode-for-actual-races-not-just-replays/ This suggests a performance mode and a higher fidelity mode...which couldn't target 60fps...
  9. I was going to order the McLaren GT3 rim anyway but Junker made me use the 650S in our mini GT3 championship and now I can't bring myself to (so bad in GT Sport). What other Fanatec rims are any good? I want the formula style rim but Mexos reckons they bring out a variant every year and is waiting on this years one...
  10. I didn't even do 1 lap of practice. Glad I didn't now!
  11. absolute classic of a night. everyone in Gr3s meant for consistently close racing throughout! loved it
  12. thanks for the detailed replies. Plenty to think about. That does fold up pretty nicely Dudley.
  13. that the Playseat Challenge? I should look into those. They're what, about 200 quid? What's the Rllmuk hivemind got to say? A few of you have them right
  14. I had to double dip with BL. Started on PC then my pals came back on PS4/5 so I "had" to buy it again to Raid with them. It's likely the same with the Pay2Loot DLC.
  15. very impressive! Forgot to mention the difficulty setting is "Renting a flat in London"
  16. This is all too manly for me. I don't even own a drill. Spraying contact cleaner into my pedals was bad enough.
  17. Its way off before I get the DD Pro but I'm starting to think about stands/rigs etc. I'm currently on a wheel stand pro and G29. it comes with a table clamp (lol) but I kinda don't think i've got the space/setup for a more permanent rig. I take it i'd have to drill holes in my wheel stand pro plate to get it to fit to that. any thoughts? i presume @mexos you've thought about all this too?
  18. Jeez that’s brutal. I think Capp in our raid team is on 19 clears and no drop. Points towards a guaranteed drop on the 7th when the nerf patch hits.
  19. @marsh I did my time here on controller FYI. Couldn't hook it up to beat your time! Didn't feel too bad on the shorter tracks/slower cars but no idea how I used to play this game on controller in Gr4/GR3!
  20. Cool, good spot. I’ll likely keep the rim but defo want either the F1 rim or the McLaren GT3 rim I think. All sci di looking with loads of buttons
  21. I really hope so. It's a great racer. Had some good races with the PC mob off here!
  22. I have it on PC and it's great. Could double dip if the PS5 version is good.
  23. Isn't there a 'next gen' version of ACC due in the new year as well? I might have made that up.
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