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  1. This one must be better suited to me than usual, especially the last one. Very enjoyable and I think I can get into the mid 42:s and hopefully better. Doubt the gold time will move much though. Only like 7 people are sub 41. short shift to 3rd gear in the hairpin and the chicane, get a smooth line and man I love it.
  2. i'm interested in light gun support for GT7 actually
  3. Kie25 on youtube earlier was testing the lobbies on stream. He had a full 16 player lobby. It looked better...but it's definitely not fixed. Some jitter of cars in the corners and that tyre rubbing noise. too. Definitely better though but we'll see on Monday night I guess.
  4. haha yeah but it's the first time they've mentioned it in a while.
  5. You missed the most important bit! “1. Lobby / Meeting Place / Sport  - Improved network connectivity”
  6. So the QR would fix the creaking? Interesting. That'd be good. Aaaanyway, there's a wheel thread I guess for that. GranTurismo twitter seems to suggest there's more than just cars in tomorrows update. To be honest, if the lobby stability isn't fixed in tomorrows update, I think we should probably go back to GT Sport for Monday nights. I'm sure my lack of race craft is a big part of it but close racing is fucking awful in GT7 on Mondays atm. it's kinda insane how bad it is.
  7. I posted about how my DD pro just suddenly disconnected the other day cos the actual shaft had come loose. The collar needed to be refitted and it worked a lot better after that. Not great imo.
  8. I got to the point where i was doing low 20s relatively consistently at least. I think a mid 19 was doable. Main thing is the continued learning/evaluation of my driving skills. It takes me a long time to find confidence getting on the power early enough and catching or dealing with sudden snap oversteer. I'm also rubbish at letting cars roll, i'm either on the brakes or on the throttle too much. Thank goodness for these TTs. The rest of this game is pretty rubbish atm.
  9. Never mind that, Mexos has done a 2:18.xxx. Ban request.
  10. at this point, there must be some other reason why the car roster is like this and the 'new' cars are made up cars or very old cars that have previously been in the game. Are car manufacturers refusing to let PD use them? seems unlikely. Do they not have any staff? money?
  11. you can definitely do it. There's a ghost that Junker and Corranga found who's done a 19.3xx. He's like the 400th best time or something. Tips are basically, 3rd gear very rarely, it's mainly 4th/5th gear. Change down gears very late, change up gears early-ish. Throw the car around more than you think, try and catch it when it steps out and just concentrate on keeping your minimum speed is high as possible. It's still a fucker though. I hope I'm safe with a 20.1xx.
  12. I mean the product design doesn't scream premium to me. Looks pretty ugly imo and that's a lot of money.
  13. PS5 and PC. I've just been told I can't do sports for a while so I'll replace exercise with more sim racing I guess.
  14. So last night my DD Pro just disconnected mid-lap and then wouldn't reconnect. The power light just pulsating different colours after restarting with the wheel only turning slightly before stopping. Turns out that the actual shaft can move and had been gradually pulled out from the wheel base. I had to loosen the plastic collar, push it back in and then retighten the colour and suddenly it works again and if anything, it felt a lot better? like there was suddenly a lot more detail and so on. Anyway, yeah, that was a bit concerning. Here's the fanatec forum post that helped me out for reference: https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/24769/csl-dd-no-fanatec-device-found
  15. Obviously this will never happen but it would be nice to have the TT's available in 'archive' mode so you could keep on chipping away if you so desired. It's such a good way to improve your driving. I think I could get down into the 23s as well. I know I could 'recreate' the TT manually but still, would be nice.
  16. stop being so fast and Mighty Lord Junker the Hutt might forgive you
  17. ok cool. I'm still gold for now. I'd like to see if i can get a high 1:23.9xx but it'd probably take me all day. These time trials have revitalised the game for me. The single player content after the licenses/circuit experiences/missions has been pretty garbage imo. Mainly cos the AI is so terrible and the 'racing' so contrived and bad.
  18. What is a gold time now? I had a gold time last time I checked. Has the fastest time gone up? Sector 2 is all about cutting corners to make the car straight so you can get on the power earlier.
  19. Well this has aged poorly and quickly. Looks like a gold time will probably be a sub 24.6 by the end.
  20. Interlagos in Gr2s not Gr3s. It's good but I've done a billion laps here in race cars before. Think I've got a gold lap already, hopefully the needle won't move too far. A bit boring tbh for me at least.
  21. oooooh nice. i'm off on holiday tomorrow so I think you've got that in the bag! great time though!
  22. Yeah I should have clarified that I meant when I couldn't figure out how to get faster in a corner with braking later, that's when I need to change approach. Yeah telemetry would be pretty epic. Would love to get the Lewis Hamilton DLC updated for GT7 and be able to compare brake traces etc
  23. that is spectacular Mexos! well done! for me, i'm pretty happy with my 1:46.1xx. That's probably my best relative TT performance ever and I feel like I know where the time to be gained is. doing it is another matter of course. My big realisation is that I gain the most time by getting on the power earlier which means braking earlier/adjusting my line to set up for that more. This also helped do a PB at Bathurst. Still hard to unwind the idea that to do a faster lap always means braking later though!
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