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  1. it was the GT Sport dailies and qualifying that helped me tremendously. Suddenly seeing how far off a quick lap you are by spying the top 10 times was an eye opener after I thought I'd been quick. You can download and watch the replays of the laps of the top 10 and see how much faster they are and what they're doing. That said, I've not got that close to their godly times but battling with Marsh we've gotten with a second or two occasionally. Next up is consistency! I've bottled the lead several times on a Monday night due to rank inconsistency. Genuinely this is one of my all time favourite racing games given how it's improved my lap times and overall enthusiasm for racing games.
  2. I mean i've already finished the bow kills part of that quest, just moaning that it's such a poor choice of weapon in a Gambit game, really off meta to the extent it drastically reduces your chances of winning imo. for the record, i used trinity ghoul for ages and then the black armoury bow with rampage and so i could run Jotunn to actually be helpful to my team in some way.
  3. my mistake! i wouldn't have put it past them. Making people use a bow in Gambit for about 40 plus matches is almost the equivalent of throwing every match imo.
  4. Isn't there a triumph for invading with 15 motes? Some of the stupid behaviour is down to bad quests/triumphs making you play in a sub-optimal way.
  5. So given Cross save goes live next week, is there a PC clan we have here that needs M&K n00bs? I'm keen to try it on PC. I have the base game they gave away free and would like to experience extra frames.
  6. Is the numeric value of SR visible in game? But yeah agreed, try not to touch anyone for however long it takes to get an S rating in SR to get the best online racing, well worth it.
  7. I have Forza 7 on PC and I really dislike it. The mods, the UI, everything I found infuriating. The weird selection of vehicles and just the lack of 'sportiness' if you like. I know people love it but I couldn't get into it despite being a Forza fan in the past. Moving from 360 to PS4 also lost me a whole load of racing chums from here, like Meerman and Boozy, Karzee etc. I used to love Forza3/4 and raced online a ton. It was great. GT Sport is one of my fave games this gen though. I never thought I'd get into it like this but the Sport mode has been a revelation along with these time trials we've been doing. Doing races online with tyre wear, pit stops and the Safety Rating has meant for the best online racing i've ever experienced, plus the free content. It's been great to race with people from here again and looks like momentum is building again for some truly epic race nights to come!
  8. I would but i'm off my hols myself on Thursday!
  9. it's all about sector two. There's so much time in there as you can carry so much more speed through those sweeping corners it's almost like a straight if you get it right. I love it.
  10. I love lake maggiore! It’s a brilliant track! If you hook up sector two it’s one of the best bits in the whole game imo! Good lap fretnoise btw....I’m nervous (that’s my lap just above yours)
  11. Yeah I'd like to do that but I don't think the G29 lets you mix pedals on PS4. Think it's fine on PC though.
  12. The hell? You got divebombed by a ghost? that's annoying
  13. Annoyingly I can't do the Super Formula this week as I have the other one. I'm not gonna buy essentially the same car for nearly half of all my credits. Seems silly to lock it to one manufacturer.
  14. No sign of joe so far. There’s a couple of us online but no lobby as yet
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