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  1. Cool, good spot. I’ll likely keep the rim but defo want either the F1 rim or the McLaren GT3 rim I think. All sci di looking with loads of buttons
  2. I really hope so. It's a great racer. Had some good races with the PC mob off here!
  3. I have it on PC and it's great. Could double dip if the PS5 version is good.
  4. Isn't there a 'next gen' version of ACC due in the new year as well? I might have made that up.
  5. Boosted Media dude said no games support those yet. Seems like a GT7 only thing currently.
  6. oh interesting. Whats the short version? I havent' driven ACC on PC in a while.
  7. ha I think Mexos might have a DD Pro Rim for sale on March 22nd...
  8. Cheers and have done the same!
  9. With regards DD Pro and Xbox compatibility there’s this tweet reply I just saw from Fanatec
  10. thanks Jonathan, Mexos is right. For some reason, Fanatec have to sell an entirely different version of their wheel bases to have PS compatibility. The DD PS version doesn't have a release date yet.
  11. We should do a Marsh special week where everyone has to use a pad on a Gr3/Gr4 daily.
  12. Based on my previous efforts to 'repair' things I might not have a choice.
  13. Thanks for the tips. It was definitely starting to be a problem last night, the throttle blipping all the time.
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