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  1. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Sure but then don't save any of the GT Sport mode stuff locally? no reason to prevent the campaign, driving school stuff being saved.
  2. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    I've been absolutely loving it as well, the best online racing I've ever experienced. That said, no local save for the career stuff is just...baffling. It's so odd. Having a local save that simply syncs up with the online save when possible seems trivial and I can't see how it would affect the game in anyway.
  3. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Totally agree! It's pretty surprising there's no local save mechanism of any kind.
  4. Destiny 2

    the Raid lair looks way more interesting visually than the current Raid. Nice.
  5. Destiny 2

    I thought House of Wolves was the most underwhelming but the signs aren't great so far.
  6. Destiny 2

    I seem to remember reading that apparently the D1 tools at Bungie were a complete nightmare, things like it taking 24 hours to load up one of the zones to work on it for the artists, things like that. Basically, their tech was not scaling well and inhibiting their ability to make new content easily. Perhaps that's partly behind the full sequel decision and they have better tools to work on the sandbox. Citation needed but I can't remember at all where I read/heard that. "People who worked on this project say that one of Bungie’s fundamental issues over the past few years has been the game’s engine, which the studio built from scratch alongside Destiny. Four sources pointed to Destiny’s technology—the tools they use to design levels, render graphics, and create content—as an inhibiting factor in the game’s development. “Let’s say a designer wants to go in and move a resource node two inches,” said one person familiar with the engine. “They go into the editor. First they have to load their map overnight. It takes eight hours to input their map overnight. They get [into the office] in the morning. If their importer didn’t fail, they open the map. It takes about 20 minutes to open. They go in and they move that node two feet. And then they’d do a 15-20 minute compile. Just to do a half-second change.” https://kotaku.com/the-messy-true-story-behind-the-making-of-destiny-1737556731
  7. Destiny 2

  8. Destiny 2

    Ah ok. Is it new? Not seen it before.
  9. Destiny 2

    Was doing a Cabal public event on Io last night, the extraction one where you have to shoot the ship to trigger the heroic when we noticed what looked like the public event markers off to one side during the event. There was four markers in four locations and you could go into each one and inside a marked circle, capture it, fight a yellow bar called resupply legionary or something. Not seen that before. Is it part of the public event?
  10. Late Night Raid Group 10pm start

    Sorry for the slow start last night. Couldn't get in the groove til right at the end. Feel like we could nail both these encounters in under half an hour! I went to the chest on my own and got more tokens and decrypted an exotic engram into my fourth pair of lucky pants. I hope this emperor emissary has decent loot for all the tokens.

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