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  1. Basically, you can reduce the amount of oversteer/understeer for each car when braking into corners....it's pretty useful! and of course, increase those things to taste.
  2. oh really, i always play with it, makes a big difference to the handling.
  3. I haven't tried the R8 since the update to physics but I found it okay generally. What brake bias are you running with it?
  4. Really enjoyed my first run in the Menagerie. It was really varied and fun. Be interesting to see how it scales as everyone powers up and a meta forms but first impressions were really good.
  5. I’ve joined in on the duking on Brands Hatch. Already duked with Junker last week on Dragons Tail in the group 4s, did a late dive bomb time Sunday night to edge him by a tenth, a move I’m calling doing a Marsh
  6. I took it as a fun community game jam to build a trolling game masterpiece, could be a fun weekend group stream. Each to their own of course. Made me chuckle at least
  7. Aren't they going to do a games jam or something and actually try to build this horrid game? I quite enjoy that segment for what it's worth. Still love EZA and I like FrameTrap being super long. So there.
  8. Thank you for this. The podcast is outstanding.
  9. yeah that's a more than decent time in my book. I'd be delighted with sub-4 minutes. not gonna happen this week though.
  10. After last weeks efforts, I don't think I've managed a clean lap around le Mans and i'm away this weekend. Gonna have to live with a lap about 3 months slower than Marsh.
  11. Time to retire then! only joking. Good battle this week.
  12. well thank you! efinitely one of my better laps, I think the gr4 cars agree with me. Hard to control the gr3 cars on a pad as I'm more often than not too lazy to lug the wheel out.
  13. I fully expect you to post at 11:45pm tonight with a and a 1:37.00. Sundays are so stressful now
  14. Nemesis intensifies.... nah fair enough, don't have time to do multiple tracks each week. I just ended up really enjoying Autopolis, suits my driving style I think.
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