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  1. Whoa! Very rubbish compared to Burnout Paradise. Presentation - Worse Graphics - Worse Frame rate - Worse Handling/Gamplay - Worse Music - Worse It's as if Criterion had not part in making it.
  2. Isn't the number one game breaking issue the fact that all the times and cars that you see mean nothing. How anyone can play a game like that is beyond me.. How the hell are they going to fix that? They won't because the AI needs to be programmed from scratch. I await the release of rfactor 2, fed up of all these dire console racers.
  3. The game is a steaming turd and you have all been suckered in by an F1 licence and marketing bullshit. Codemasters is a shameful company. Mario Kart even has proper timing! This is an F1 game for christ sake where timing and precision is everything. AI isn't affected by tyre wear or fuel loads but you are wtf.. The game is a complete con and Codemasters have tried to hide the fact. How they thought no one would notice is beyond me.
  4. Never even played it. I don't buy games blindly like a sheep.
  5. BARGAIN BIN. You suckers got screwed. Operation Flashpoint anyone?
  6. I'm so glad I didn't buy this pile of shite hahaha Fictitious AI times lol..
  7. Why is this thread full for people with such low standards? The game looks bad in my opinion. Handling and physics look 'basic'. 30 fps is a complete joke for a racing game, GT5 manages 60 fps and pumps out graphics three times better than this and will have way better handling. That flat tyre looks ridiculous. Tyres don't last more that 10 seconds before shredding off when in that state. This game might be worth playing PC, but I think this game is way too 'casual' to be taken seriously.
  8. Hamilton is too inconsistent. Button is going to rape him this year..
  9. I'm calling a major slideshow at the start in the wet...makes me shudder just thinking about it! This is going to have to be a PC purchase only I think.
  10. 30 fps Someone pick me up off the floor as I can't stop laughing!
  11. I've sold my copy on Ebay. It's boring beyond level 70. I'm hoping BF:BC2 is going to be a better game and have more substance.
  12. Just completed the main game with my brother. It's actually a good game once you understand it's niggles and how it works. If you are playing coop make sure non-hosts save and quit when you finish playing before the host stops the game or the missions will not be saved.
  13. Where is the skill involved in this game? Me and my brother have just started playing it today and we are not enjoying it at all. It's just tedious mindless grinding. The combat is boring and the game feels rough as hell.
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