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  1. From UK Nintendo Twitter- launches 6th rather than today.
  2. How did you find it? I can't see it anywhere.
  3. Watcher Knights are not optional. I came across them last night and like you found them a real struggle. Tips in spoiler for what it's worth. I managed to do them after about an hour of frustration and when I managed it I felt like I just got lucky. It's by far the hardest boss I've faced so far but it is doable!
  4. “Don't put your hands on a forward when he's in the box, don't mess with him, don't touch him, don't push him.” http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/evertons-sam-allardyce-praises-referee-14020025 Genuinely don’t see how the two can be distinguished. Both equally soft. Crazy reaction in the studio.
  5. 01 - Protomartyr - Relatives in descent 02 - Broken social scene - Hug of thunder 03 - Rolling blackouts coastal fever - French press 04 - LCD Soundsystem - American dream 05 - The National - Sleep well beast 06 - Fleet foxes - Crack-up 07 - Slowdive - Slowdive 08 - Mac Demarco - This old dog 09 - Grizzly bear - Painted ruins 10 - The xx - I see you
  6. Keep an eye on this- http://m.stockinformer.co.uk/checker-playstation-vr I managed to bag one myself about a week ago. Places are periodically- and randomly- getting stock in. Never in huge quantities but there is a steady enough supply. Move controllers on the other hand...
  7. Your point was that it was a simple matter of just finding a striker. You've failed to name any that suited your own conditions. Do I want you to name more? Yeah, it you can. My point is that it wasn't an easy task. I was completely against Lambert but thought that he could have offered an alternative if managed properly. Which he hasn't been. He should be moved on. And replaced. With someone suitable. It won't be Benzema though! That's where we are. On Balotelli I was on board for what it was- a calculated gamble in a poor market. I wasn't sure if he would fit us, but at £16m and in the absence of any other options I was willing to see how it went. He could have turned out to be a £35m player or a £5m player. Unfortunately it's been the latter. Benefit of hindsight and all that. I agree that the committee have been poor, but it has to be put in context. We're not a top tier club that can attract those players, pay those fees and sustain that sort of wage. Nor is there an abundance of top talent out there.
  8. Our system isn't just about pressing. In fact, arguably it isn't about that at all anymore given the way we've set up recently! You're not understanding the point anyway. Of course a player can adapt their game, but why not buy players whose strengths fit the way our manager wants us to play? Why neglect a player's strengths to make them play in a different way? For all his detractors Balotelli was working hard at the start of the season and was closing players down...but was utterly ineffective because he wanted to hold the ball up and couldn't be the spearpoint we needed. So far you've named Bony and Benteke and that's it...I'm struggling to see how either would have helped us much this season. Would you genuinely have been happy if our 12 months of planning for post-Suarez was Bony or Benteke?
  9. We can have a fairly good educated guess as to who would come to us. That much is apparent from outcome of the negotiations for players we've been in for recently. There will be an element of fault falling on the club here granted- I agree that more should have been done to get Sanchez. Those are big players and as soon as we're in for them some other club will be and we're frankly not the big draw that some still seem to think we are. However, my point is that it isn't that easy to buy a big name striker that suits our system. That's a reflection of where we are and the state of the market. You implied that you could have found someone and that this person could have come in under £40m and the only example you've found is Bony. Who doesn't fit the system at all. I have reservations about the club, however we need to be realistic.
  10. See, that illustrates the point exactly. That's just a list of strikers, of which only one fits the conditions imposed-Sanchez- and like all of them he wouldn't come to us.
  11. Amoeba is brilliant. There's a cool little second hand shop just down there on the Haight too, called Recycled Records I think. I picked up some absolute bargains including Abbey Road for $3.50- sleeve was tatty but the record itself looked fine and worth a punt and it works perfectly. Definitely worth checking it out.
  12. Where does he blame the owners? Is he not just saying that he would have signed up before he knew what role he would actually be having? He doesn't owe us anything and if he wants to take up the opportunity of playing more and getting a decent payoff playing elsewhere rather than fading out at Liverpool, then fair play to him. He's been an excellent servant to the club and regardless of his reasons for staying throughout the years he's been consistently great and showed that he loves the club. I don't get why there should be any anger towards him at all.
  13. I've started to build up a collection and the next step really is to buy a set up to actually play the things! Only problem is that I'm fairly clueless, ant useful tips/ pointers/ recommended builds? Got a few hundred quid and have speakers but need everything else. The Internet at large is a bit of an information overload!
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